The author develops the societal outcast theme through characterization.


Thomas Wolfe was an American author who lived in the early 20th century. Look Homeward, Angel is one of his most famous works because of its allegedly autobiographical nature.

Thomas Wolfe - an American author who lived in the 20th century.
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Throughout the novel, the writer uses characterization to create the theme of the societal outcast.

Characterization is used in many works of fiction, and it involves the development of a fictional character through physical description, actions, inner thoughts, reactions, and speech. All of these elements used for characterization appear in Wolfe’s work and help to build the character of Eugene Gant, who is the protagonist of the story.

The author could have focused on other themes, but decided to show what makes this character stand out from the rest of the society. Scholars often believe that this is because Wolfe felt like a societal outcast, too, and this allows drawing connections between the protagonist and the writer.