When small companies start to expand, the issue of logistics becomes as topical as it has never been before. The routes that once seemed perfect suddenly become useless and new methods of transportation have to be chosen. However, by far, the most complicated logistics issue concerns the choice of intermodal transport. The change of transportation types of the process of goods delivery must be based on several factors. The most important aspects involve the following:

  • Initial location and the location of the target company;
  • Geographical and geological specifics of the route chosen for goods transportation;
  • Distance between the initial location and the location of the target company;
  • Maximum time allowed to be spent on the transportation process;
  • Possible obstacles that could slacken the transportation process;
  • Type of products transported;
  • Weight of the products transported;
  • Number of the products transported;
  • Weather conditions that will presumably be observed in the process of transportation.

Depending on the type of a company, the specifics of the product, the details of the arrangements with the target company, more factors will be added to the list above. For example, such factors as the lifespan of the transported goods can be added if the journey will take more than a week, and the products are edible.