Allstate insurance company is one of the companies in the world that are enjoying the benefits of having set diversity management as one of its strategic goals. One of the competitive advantages of this approach is better customer care, which leads to increased sales revenue. Since 1996, Allstate has been focusing on diversity as one of its core corporate objectives. The main focus behind this approach is to ensure that customers and employees are satisfied. According to the senior vice president for human resources, the diversity initiative is not an easy strategy nor is it a nice one but it is a mandatory obligation for its entire staff. This is one of the few companies that treat diversity as a corporate issue rather than a business issue and the results are worth taking the risk. From this strategy, Allstate has been able to compete favorably in the highly competitive insurance business and boasts of a competitive advantage that enables it to mirror its clients. It has also been able to integrate differences in the company into business processes to product improvement and decision making. As a result, it has seen an increase in the number of customers as well as customer satisfaction.

The concept of diversity as integrated into Allstate’s daily operations and other processes has been recognized to keep this corporate strategy alive. One of these processes is to recruitment and employee retention strategies. The company employs employees from a diverse geographic as well as ethnic background and through this the company enjoys a large pool of recruits from whom it chooses the best who can run the company effectively. These employees go through rigorous periods of training and retraining as a way of career development and for upgrading their skills.