A person’s background can influence how they think. The background reflects on a person’s personality and thinking. The twelve angry men in the jury think differently depending on their background. Some are sympathetic towards the defendant while others do not care. For instance Juror No. 7 a businessman comes out as an uncaring person who is only concerned about himself. He thinks as a businessperson does about closing a deal and he is tired of sitting in the jury room for long. Thus, the changes his verdict from guilty to not guilty because he cannot wait to go and watch baseball. He wants the jury to conclude fast. He plays with the life of a person as if it is a business deal. Juror No. 1 a foreman takes charge of the jury and brings order in the deliberations. Concisely, all the Jurors come from different backgrounds for instance Juror. No 11 is an immigrant, Juror. No. 9 a man who is an old man, each has different reasons for their verdict on the fate of the defendant.