The Nuer people are found in Sudan and parts of Ethiopia. They have no dominant religion but practice traditional rituals. They are set up in tribes and have no overall authority. They are primarily pastoralists and also do very small scale farming. Women tend to the crops as the men go and herd the cattle. The women also milk the cattle and take care of the children. Cattle which is the main property belong to the family as a whole. They consider and use cattle as the core mode of transactions such as dowry payment. The Nuer family structure is mainly the polygamous type. According to the Nuer, incest is considered taboo. Among the Nuer, the main model of conflict resolution e.g. in the case of murder is by taking the life of the murderer. Conversely, it can also be solved by negotiation in cattle using a variety of determinants like weapon of murder, or the reason for committing the murder.