Lincoln is arguably the most popular president of the United States of America. Other presidents had more power, more skill and more experience in leadership who still do not come close to the influential Lincoln.

One of the reasons why Lincoln gained the respect of many citizens and scholars is his prowess in communication. Lincoln used words to make people feel empowered. In addition to this, Lincoln wrote letters to newspapers to criticize his opponents. Seeing that he was already good with words, he depicted his opponents as greedy and bad leaders.

Lincoln was very popular because he related to all generations. Lincoln did not just talk to the voters, but he also took the time to talk to the young people. Similarly, his influence on the black community when he saw through the abolition of slavery made him more popular than other presidents. He had moved the black community to his corner, while at the same time, moved the military into his corner.

Furthermore, Lincoln made history by encouraging the community to vote. In fact, in 1864, his campaign theme was free elections. He had predicted that he would lose the elections as it was right in the middle of the Civil War. However, he won by a landslide, making him the only US president to hold an election during times of war. He also ensured a legacy by being the second president of the US to get a second term in office.