D (chronic use of alcohol) is the correct answer to the question.


Continued alcohol consumption is known to cause a variety of health concerns that are less immediately harmful than ones stemming from alcohol poisoning, but also more challenging to address. It is defined as the drinking of liquids that contain ethanol in significant quantities frequently over an extended time period. It may lead to adverse outcomes such as alcoholism, liver and kidney illnesses, and damage to the nervous system.

Moderate Drinker and Alcoholic brain differences.
Differences between the Brains of Moderate and Chronic Drinkers (Source: https://sukreespeaks.files.wordpress.com)

The frontal lobes of the brain can serve as an example, as they are known to erode from extended alcohol consumption. The injuries are dangerous, and recovery may take a long time or be impossible. Short-term use generally does not lead to the same outcomes, regardless of its severity. Nevertheless, there are dangers associated with all forms of alcohol abuse.