Society values people when they are famous or have value. Once the fame is gone, the society becomes indifferent and forgets their former stars. The forgotten stars are often unable to come to terms with their new reality as they were used to fame and all the things that accompany famous people. In the film, Sunset Boulevard Joe, a once-famous scriptwriter, cannot afford to pay his bills because he no longer has money. When he tries to sell his script it is rejected because it cannot appeal to the current audience. Another character Norma used to be a famous actress in the silver screen fans wrote her fun mail in thousands and it is said that some people would bribe her hairdressers to get a lock of her hair. However, her days in fame are gone and time has passed her by. Nobody bothers about her and she is unable to accept her heydays are over. She hopes to make a return to her career. Sadly, society does not care about people who have passed in time; they can languish in depression about their lost glory.