There are two points of view which have been developed during various periods of time. On the one hand, there is the superiority of languages as one language, such as Latin, has been used by the vast majority of people and this language was used for a long period of time being considered as the main language which gave birth to many other languages. On the other hand, many contemporary scholars do not consider any of the languages or superior, but they dwell upon the superior dialects. It has already been mentioned that language is changing. There are a lot of factors that impact the language change and the superior dialect (if it may be called in such a way) is one of the causes.

The reasons for the language change are numerous, the whole world is changing and the adding of the new words and new expressions in some dialects become the reason for using those words in the language. Thus, one dialect becomes dominant and the words, expressions, grammar and stylistics of this language dominate over another, becomes visible and the language changes under the influence of the dialect. Therefore, it may be concluded that some of the dialects are superior, while others are inferior just because the languages are changed on the basis of the more powerful aspects.