A senatorial courtesy definition example is a political custom that is frequently used by the US President in the intention to consult a Senator while nominating a person for a federal position within a particular state.


The United States of America is a country with a strong political system that is explained by a number of credible and long-standing traditions and norms. Although some constitutional customs and practices remain unofficial, many political leaders, including the President, try to follow them to motivate, support, and improve each other.

The decision of President George Washington in the end of the 18th century was introduced as the first senatorial courtesy definition in history. During that period, the Senate had to support and share the experience with each other to make correct and effective decisions in the country. The rejection of Benjamin Fishbourne for the position of a naval officer was explained by some personal misunderstandings.

Regarding this case, a senatorial courtesy political definition implies the agreement between senators and the President about the main official nominees, which enhances the role of the Senate in the US federal system. The promotion of correct people on federal jobs is one of the goals the US government has to achieve.

There are many senatorial courtesy problems and concerns that cannot be neglected in the system. Society wants to know more about this type of political courtesy and its actual impact on people. As a result, multiple investigations and public debates emerge today.