Copyright Issues in a Global IT Market

Introduction This proposal is about the study of copyright issues in a global IT market. It proposes to study how these issues limit and affect both hard and software use hence monopoly by developers and exorbitance in pricing and maintenance. Many software companies like Microsoft use the copyright on their software to exploit their clientele. […]

Software Engineering Management

The document is a brief report on Unified Software Development Process (USDP) and Extreme programming (XP) methodologies, critically comparing them to check their suitability to deliver increased efficiency and quality to the software projects and how well they support effective cost estimation, project planning, risk management and testing. Introduction There have been considerable issues in […]

Technologies in Learning

By the moment a school child learns to read and write, tasks should become more and more challenging and engaging. Teachers in contemporary schools often face a problem of involving students in the learning process. The young generation of students was born in a digital world. The Internet and other information technologies are a natural […]

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LED Lighting and the Future of Lighting Technology

Introduction A century has elapsed since electroluminescence was demonstrated in a laboratory and nearly five decades since the invention of the light-emitting diode (LED) by Nick Holonyak, Jr., then of General Electric. Holonyak succeeded in a method of synthesizing gallium arsenide phosphide (GaAsP) crystals that, when switched on, glowed with a faint but “tunable” red […]

What Video Games Have to Teach Us

Living in times of blistering development of computer technologies, we should recognize the fact that they have a great influence on traditional things. Every day we observe more and more changes introduced by digital technologies. These technologies help people in their work and study, providing easy access to information. However, society still does not use […]

Computer Intelligence Tested with Human Tests

Introduction Since 1950, people have tried to compare machine intelligence to human intelligence using cognition. The Stanford Binet test of measuring intelligence utilizes young people in order to assess their ability to understand elements. The elements used in the Stanford test are visual, speech voice, calculable techniques and short-term memory. It also includes the ability […]

Diffusion of Innovations

In the article, Applying Diffusion of Innovation Theory to Intervention Development, Dearing (2009) investigated the diffusion theory by focusing on seven key issues – “intervention attributes, intervention clusters, demonstration projects, societal sectors, reinforcing contextual conditions, opinion leadership, and intervention adaptation” (p. 503). He found out that these issues accelerated the speed of adopting public health […]

Concept of IT Security

Ensuring the security of information does not entail securing the servers and the network only. Physical security of the organization is paramount in ensuring the IT security. When I got to the company, it did not have proper physical security measures for its equipments. Employees could access the server room at their pleasure. This compromised […]

Impact of Nanotechnology

The term nanotechnology pertains to the design and use of extremely small tools that reach the size of a nanometer. This revolutionary tool has been used in both the electronic and medical fields in order to make electronic devices perform faster or to deliver very small particles to specific parts of the human body or […]

Payment Innovations in Modern Life

Introduction Technology goes beyond border. Advances in technological innovations have made things easier including remittance of payments within and outside country and continent borders, in addition to presenting complex challenges in security and issues related to competition amongst the firms or companies venturing in these initiatives. Innovations in most areas are welcome more easily if […]

Law: Digital Rights Management

Introduction We live in a time when exponential progress in the field of IT technologies results in traditional legal notions, concerned with copyright protection, being deprived of any sense, whatsoever. Unfortunately, people who actively strive to slow down the pace of technological progress, in order to be able to continue making millions and millions of […]

The 4G Wireless Network: Redundancy and Fault Recovery

3G wireless networks and 4G networks Both 3rd and 4th generations are mobile communication standards set to define the general airwaves utility. They are both forms of transmissions that carry information in the form of voice and data. The most notable difference between the two transmission networks is the speed and rate at which data […]

Necessity of Internet Censorship

Introduction Technological advancement in the world has made many people adopt the use of computers and internet in their daily lives; this is due to the ease of carrying out tasks enabled by computer technology. Many people have transformed their houses into work stations since they can communicate with their colleagues through internet about their […]

Concept of the iPhone

Introduction The iPhone is a series of smartphones designed by Apple Inc, a US based company that is known for the application of innovative and cutting-edge technology in various products including home and office electronics, music gadgets and computer and phone software. The first iPhone was released on June 2007 (Pogue, 2009). The company has […]

How Hybrid Cars Work

Outline The report discusses the operation models of hybrid vehicles. Various aspects of their operations have been discussed taking into consideration the advantages of these vehicles over the usual conventional vehicles. The gasoline-electric hybrid structure discussed in this paper has illustrations that show how the electric motor and the gasoline engine cooperate in order to […]

Organizational Knowledge Management in KBMS: Challenges and Solutions

Introduction “Database Management System (DBMS) is an analog-based on the idea of Knowledge Base Management System (KBMS) and the Knowledge Warehouse (KW)” (Date, 1981). In determining the differences among data, information, and knowledge, it is important to note that they all are common in the fact that they emerge from the social process of organizations. […]

Hurricane Katrina and the US Emergency Management

Hurricane Katrina was a storm that struck the Gulf Coast of the United States in 2005, and that caused massive damages that affected the social and economic lifestyles of the affected areas extensively. Government statistics indicate that the Hurricane caused more than 1,836 deaths, displacement of hundreds of thousands of people, and massive destruction of […]

Nuclear Reprocessing, Waste Disposal and Transportation

Introduction Nuclear science has proved to be of great importance in contemporary society as far as energy is concerned. Nuclear is regarded as a clean source of energy. The source finds relevance in a world faced with increasing demands for power. However, nuclear processing is faced with a number of challenges. One of the biggest […]

Natural Disasters and Disaster Management in Katmandu

Introduction Kathmandu experienced a sequence of earthquakes in the 20th century. More than eleven thousand people died during an earthquake that occurred in Nepal. Apart from the loss of lives of thousands of people, the government of Nepal was also shaken, and its political and economic positions affected. It is estimated that about 40% of […]

Computers in Education, Their Role and Importance

Importance of Computers in Education Since the advent of computer technology, the world has undergone a revolutionary change because computers perform most of the tasks that were hard to perform; for example, storage of volumes of information or took a lot of time to finish. In addition, computer technology has also contributed greatly to the […]

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The Internet of Things: Perspectives and Challenges

The Internet of Things (IoT) implies the increasing people-people, people-devices, and devices-devices interconnectedness that is facilitated by the Internet (Gubbi, Buyya, Marusic, & Palaniswami, 2013). According to Jing, Vasilakos, Wan, and Qiu (2014), while IoT is an emerging issue, it is going to have a major impact on how people and devices access, share and […]

Computers History, Classification and Development

Discussion In history, computers were only used as machines that performed calculations. These changed over time with more supplicated machines which were being developed to perform more general tasks (Null L.& Lobur J., P. 34) Modern computer is a result of advances in technologies and the need to quantify record numbers and language. Papyrus was […]

Will Computers Take Over The Society In The Future?

Abstract Since the introduction of modern Computers, computer technology comes a long way. With a fantastic increase in the capabilities of the computers each year, it has now become possible for researchers as well a common man to think if computer technology will become so advance in the future to enable computers to think independently. […]

Japan as a Technological Leader of the World

The technological integration of the world is changing, and different countries are adopting new and modernized methods of adapting to these changing scenarios. The past depicts that countries like United States, United Kingdom, and certain European countries were considered as the technological giants, but in the current scenario, countries like Japan, China, and India are […]

The Role of Computers in Our Life

Introduction It is true that computers have created a revolution in the life of human beings and have simplified the way in which we live. But is the computer really helping humans or just adding more work? Are humans becoming more addicted to computers? The aim of this paper is to investigate the role of […]

Whether Robots are Conscious or Not?

Introduction The robot is defined as a man-made electromechanical machine that works on a set of pre-programmed instructions from humans or computers to do some specific job or a variety of jobs on its own. Robots are devices that mimic human or animal characteristics in performing the specified jobs and are considered to possess virtual […]

Virtual Reality Technology: Theory, Practice and Research

Introduction Virtual reality involves use of senses to interact with and manipulation of a computer based external environment. Magnetic tracking is used to measure the movement in the environment. In future developments, ultrasonic waves will be used to measure the movements. Currently, the technology has been used widely in a myriad of fields. In the […]

Technologies: the Role of Drones in the Modern World

Introduction The present era is characterized by rapid technological changes and advancements. Globalization has made it possible for many companies and individuals to engage in continuous research and development (R&D). One of the current technological trends that have redefined human activities is the drone. Grant indicates that a trend is a powerful process usually driven […]

The Internet’s Effects on Students Lives

Technology, particularly the Internet, has changed the lives of students who have access in various ways. The effects of technology ripple out and reach even those students who may not have direct access to Internet but whose professors have the privilege of accessing and utilizing it. Students with direct access to the Internet have wider […]

Cyber Security: Policy, Processes and Practices

Introduction to the Global Threat Landscape The global society faces several security threats. Technological development has compromised the state of global security. With globalization, most states have become insecure. A perfect example is the United States. An analysis of the global threat landscape depicts a pattern of evolution. Particularly, this trend is notable since the […]

People’s Attitude toward Social Networking Services

Social networks became the people’s everyday reality, and today the public is divided into the proponents of using these services and opponents who focus on the advantages of the face-to-face interaction. Furthermore, the users of social networking services can also be divided into groups according to their attitude to this popular online activity. From this […]

Role of Internet in Internet Addiction

The concern that individuals may become obsessed with medium pre-dates the Internet. The use of the term “addiction,” particularly when referring to heavy internet users, is controversial (Kuss et al. 1989). It has drawn the attention of social scientists, medical professionals, and American Psychiatric Association (APA). At one point, APA argued that excessive use of […]

Technical Communication: Social Networking

Social networking can be defined as a virtual environment in which individuals form groups for a common goal of socializing. Traditionally, social networking is mostly done offline by groups of friends or people sharing a common interest. Technological advances have, however, changed the social networking concept to the point where it mainly implies online social […]

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