Gender is a Role, not a Biological Sex, and it is Cultural

Definition of gender identity Gender identity differs from person’s sexual orientation or biological sex, it is rather a social role which an individual links himself/herself to. In normal circumstances, the gender identity of an individual i.e. man or woman usually resembles their biological sex, which is male or female. However, this is not the case […]

Looming the Tower: Al Qaeda and the Road to 9/11

The Boy Spies Mubarak was the president of Egypt when the events introduced in the chapter took place. Zawahiri who has been also referred to as the ‘brains of Al Qaeda’ had a plan to kill Mubarak together with the Egyptian radicals during his visit to Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), to the Organization of the African […]

Articles on Gender, its Development, and Cultural Aspects

Definition of gender Unger and Crawford (1993, p. 122) argue that the definition of gender becomes clearer when one makes a distinction between gender and sex. In their article, the authors review about five definitions relative to different female and male traits, which are either sex- or gender-oriented. Here, the authors note that there are […]

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Gender is an Often Culturally-Prescribed Role

Over the years, there were debates about notions of “sex” and “gender”. The recent point of view is that gender roles are not universal for every individual, people regard them as fundamental and build their lives according to rules and standards prescribed by society. The historical background of the gender development theories shows that major […]

Role of Gender in Society

Introduction Gender is a set of unique character traits which create a clear distinction between male and female notions; in most cases, these two concepts are differentiated as man or woman, and boy or girl (Gender roles, 2011). Gender roles refer to a set of socially shared and behavioral patterns which are mostly considered to […]

Gender and Sexuality

Human beings live in a world which is characterized by a variety of preferences and opinions about various facets of life. For instance, people hold different views and opinions about certain aspects of life, such as attitudes towards a given orientation in life. These different opinions impose some limitations to the study beforehand. In order […]

Theoretical Foundation of Gender as a Culturally-Prescribed Role

Vast majority of investigations concerning gender and its characteristics in comparison to biological sex are dated at the beginning of the 1970s, when the necessity to identify the difference between sex and gender turned out to be crucial (Holmes, 2007). Inability to take into consideration all influential factors led to a number of difficulties in […]

Modern Issues of Gender Studies

Background of the Study Public responsibility in society and individual domestic set ups have been raising questions about gender. The general social evolutionary trend that has seen women rise up to take up roles that were previously played by men has also been a debatable issue in society. Arguments over stereotyping with respect to gender […]

Effects of Poverty on College Education in the USA

Introduction Poverty entails a collection of several factors befalling an individual, family or a group of people that lead to impossibility for such a person, family or group of people to afford the basic human needs. Prolongation of such a state for at least three generations leads to a cycle of poverty, and according to […]

Transnational Population of Tamils in Sri Lanka

The Transnational Tamils in Sri Lanka are a section of Tamilians pushing for the creation of an independent Tamil-dominated nation in the north and east of the country. They have been agitating for autonomy and secession since Sri Lanka obtained its independence from The British Empire. Significant part of the ethnic group population also resides […]

Is Gender Natural or Acquired?

Introduction Gender may be categorized as both natural and acquired since one has the ability to transform from one gender to another. There is a myriad of theories that have been put forward to explain the two extremes of the argument (natural and acquired gender) in an attempt to support the divergent views. For instance, […]

Is Gender a Culturally or Biologically Perscribed Role?

Introduction The concept of gender as a product of culture or as a product of biology has been debated and analyzed by various researchers. The result of this debate has further polarized the topic rather than brought logic to it. The topic has generated into a heated debate with two schools of thoughts whose proponents […]

Feminist Theory

The present paper focuses on radical feminism as a significant step in the development of feministic theories. In order to understand the specific ideology of radical feminism, its history is traced as a basis for the peculiar character of this type of feminism. Further on, the key notions of radical feminism are reviewed, and comments […]

On Anarchist Squints and the Sociological Imagination

Introduction At first glance, it might seem that the two concepts – the anarchist squint and the sociological imagination – have almost nothing in common. Although both concepts promise to drive humanity to a better future if implemented by people, there is a distinct difference in the main ideas: where sociological imagination aims to teach […]

Racism in American Education

Even though we live in a democratic country free from prejudice, there are a lot of cases of racism expressed via pressure and violence. Racism in American schools is one of the most spread ways of expressing prejudice and dissatisfaction as children can be cruel, and the absence of an appropriate explanation is a reason […]

Buffalo Re Use as a Social Entrepreneurship Endeavour

Social entrepreneurship is an innovative process that responds to market failures through the use of transformations so as to provide solutions to social problems. By use of transformations so as to provide solutions to social problems. This paper focuses on Buffalo Reuse as one of the endeavors in America towards social entrepreneurship. The founder of […]

Understanding Human Rights

Globalization and labor rights Labour rights are human rights that encompass the right to collective bargaining; the elimination of forced and slave labor; the abolition of child labor; and the eradication of any forms of discrimination at the workplace’’ (Mayer et al. 131). Globalization is “the growing interpenetration of states, markets, communications, and ideas across […]

Impacts of Social Theories on Politics as a Social Institution

Introduction Even though there has been consistency in the use of social institutions as a concept by contemporary sociologists, it is not yet clearly defined in either term of common language or philosophical prose. In the contemporary world, sociologists have been using the concept to refer to the complex forms of social relations in the […]

Social Movement Theory

This paper analyzes the class conflict social movement theory and Lenin’s social movement theory. Class conflict refers “to the antagonism that occurs within the society as a result of competing for socioeconomic interests and desires between people of different classes” (Tarrow 23). Class conflict can be manifested in various forms. This can be in the […]

Challenges Facing Women Leaders in Sports

For many years now, women have been pushed to the periphery regarding managerial positions in many institutions. This has been a result of restrictions that were imposed on women, thus hindering their upward mobility. On the same note, there have been different types of discrimination directed towards women. Whenever administrative managers are named, people are […]

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Racism and Discrimination towards African-Americans

Introduction Racism and discrimination of the African-Americans in the United States of America have been a major issue that began way back during the colonial and slavery era. One would think that after such a long period of fighting for human rights and the changes made in the constitution to make life better and equal […]

Theories of Ethnic and Racial Identity Development

Minority identity development theory refers to African-Americans and interprets their self-formation and self-determination. This theory was developed by Cross (1971), Atkinson, Morten and Sue (1983). The minority identity development theory suggests that cultural identity problems faced by many African-Americans and adolescents are exacerbated by social difficulties in their first few years of birth. In genial, […]

Eliminating Healthcare Disparities in the LGBTQI Community

A barrier is anything that will impede progress. Each and every person in society will one day face some type of barrier in their lifetime. It could be inequality, racism or discrimination, which are among every social class, gender, religion, nationality, and sexuality. These barriers are sometimes seen in healthcare. Even with the implementation of […]

Prevalence of Use, Abuse, Addiction to Crack Cocaine in African-American Children Living in Low Income Housing

Introduction The persistent poverty in African-American households became the primary cause of the crack cocaine prevalence, especially in inner cities. During the 1980s-1990s the addiction to crack cocaine involved the majority of the black population of problem neighborhood. The crack obsession controls the life of the drug addicted and influences on the life of the […]

Take a Stand: Underage Drinking

Abstract Despite the actions taken to prevent underage drinking, the specified issue still remains a major problem in the United States. The state law, which prohibits selling alcohol to underage people, does not prevent teenagers from engaging in drinking. However, these are not only the immediate risks such as the threat of an injury in […]

International Relations: Feminism

Introduction When one has to deal with the analysis of gender problems and the inequality of sexes in the society, he or she will inevitably face lots of problems. This is so due to the fact that the gender question has always arisen much controversy, and people have always failed to find the common point […]

Homelessness to Mass Incarceration

Introduction Homelessness and incarceration are two experiences with a two-fold correlation. Not only the conditions of homelessness make people vulnerable to the different societal factors that may lead to imprisonment, but also the experience of the incarceration creates a high possibility that the former inmates of the penitentiary institutions will be homeless after leaving the […]

Women and Sexuality through Naomi Wolf’s Book ‘Promiscuity’

Introduction A woman’s sexuality is a contentious context. Ms Wolf demystifies women sexuality through this expose. This book is a memoir and expose about the confusion in female sexuality. Wolf reminisces about her sexual escapades with her friends. She projects the escapade as the journey women take to sexually maturity. This draws out a clear […]

Legitimization of Prostitution

Prostitution is the exchange of sexual acts for payment. There are many reasons why people enter prostitution and some of them are age, early home leaving, childhood sexual abuse, drug abuse and poverty (Sullivan, 2001). Prostitution is accompanied by many problems chief among them being physical and sexual abuse, drug addiction, low self-esteem and increased […]

The Effect of Video Game Violence

Video games are electronic devices that require the interaction of a user face. This enables the generation of visual feedback. Video games vary from handheld devices to mainframe computers. Video games started as early as the mid 20th century and today the popularity has grown tremendously and the entertainment industry that produces them has grown […]

Binge Drinking in the United Kingdom

Abstract It is prudent to accept that the role of intoxication in the society has considerably shifted and as such the attitudes towards alcohol consumption and its role with respect to the changing landscape of leisure, work and pleasure. From the eras of carnivalesque excess, to the acceptance of an alcoholic pressure valve to sustain […]

Rhetoric and Stereotypes

Stereotypes are generalizations that people have formed about other people who belong to other groups or class (Grobman, 1990). Stereotyping takes place in people’s lives at one point of their lives concerning people who they view as outsiders. These generalizations maybe reinforced by the society or environment. People stereotype others for example on the basis […]

Why Gun Control Laws Should be Scrapped

Introduction Columbine High School, Westroads Mall in Omaha, Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois University, and Lane Bryant in Tinley Park are places that have more than one thing in common. These places are sites where numerous victims have fallen prey to vicious gunmen who shot them to their untimely demise. Surprisingly, all these places are gun […]

The Danger of Leaving a Child in a Hot Car in Florida

A few parents leave their child in the car. This act may lead to death of the baby. Since the 1990s, many hot car deaths have taken place in Florida. Appropriate precautions should be taken to avoid hot car death. Average temperature in Florida is 80 degree Fahrenheit (F). Between 1998 and 2012, 61 incidents […]

Concept of Social Inequality

Abstract Human society is a phenomenon that has its own advantages and disadvantages, and one of the major disadvantages of it is the eternal division of people into classes, whether they are social or racial. People have always tried to find those who are lower, as they considered, than them in a social status and […]

The World Problem: Famine

Famine is a global problem affected developing countries. The main causes of famine are low income and low developed economies. It is known that among the developed countries, increases in per-capita food production since the 1950s have generally moved upward in tandem with increases in total food production. Among the developing countries, per-capita food production […]

Physical, Emotional and Sexual Abuse of Children

The “Child Abuse” is the term given to the violent actions of adults in or out of a family against children. In such abuse, children may also participate unwillingly or willingly under coercion, force, threat or any other reason to let this act of abuse happen. This sexual abuse can be of physical or mental […]

Problem of World Poverty

The term ‘poverty’ has almost become synonymous in association with the greater population of the third world, that is, countries that are currently considered either developing or under-developed, especially in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Oceania in respect to their economies (Marie, 2002). The term ‘World poverty’ would therefore essentially simply refer to poverty around […]

Hispanic Cuban Americans’ Cultural Heritage and Traditions

Introduction The theme of this paper is about my Hispanic Cuban family. I am a resident of the U.S., and of Antilles descent. I am 41 years old and hail from a middle-class family. I am a Christian, of heterosexual inclinations and without any physical or mental disability. In this paper, I describe my culture, […]

Drug and Alcohol Abuse among Young People

Introduction Alcoholism and drug addiction currently can be considered, not only as purely medical, but also as social problems of a modern society. The alcohol and drug abuse known since the most ancient times has now extended to disturbing limits in the world community. Even when narrowing, from the medical point of view, the limits […]

Family Therapy Techniques

Outline This essay discusses about family therapy. It also goes through the importance of family therapy, its major goals and different theories and assumptions used by the family therapists for the treatment. Introduction Family is the basic factor for the development and existence of a person and a society. Relationship between family members is the […]

Abusive Relationships Experience

It is apparent that the problem of abusive relationships, interfering with the issue of domestic violence, is a widespread problem, which is of high concerns in the contemporary public health. It is also apparent that the people who survived abusive relationships are in need for special treatment; however, little is known about the influence of […]

Should Abortion be Legal or Illegal?

Over twenty-five years ago the Supreme Court ruled that an anti-abortion law violated a woman’s constitutional right to privacy. The right to privacy and the choice for abortion is solely dependent on the person(s) involved and should not be rescinded by a superior authority. The two following articles highlights the basic points οf each oppositions […]

Causes of Violence in Society

Abstract There are many factors that can cause people into violent acts. Acts of violence in humans can be caused by triggers to violent acts and propensity to be violent. The propensity to be violent depends on the personal character of the one committing the acts of violence (Haggård‐Grann et al., 2006). The trigger represents […]

Women’s Influence in Russian History

“Behind every successful man is a hard working woman.” This cliché could not be scientifically proved but the contribution of women in all aspects of life has had a great impact on the platform of the world history. Leaders have come and left memorable marks receiving credit for their exploits forgetting the silent role that […]

The Effects of Overpopulation

Global problems affect the life not only of certain individuals but the society in general. One of the global dilemmas that can consequently lead to the severe outcome is overpopulation. The major purpose of the paper is to discuss the problem of overpopulation, highlight the risks and environmental problems, as well as make an accent […]

Endangered Species- Polar Bear

The flora and fauna of the nature get always confronted with the ever changing climactic challenges that vary from region to region. There may be many possible reasons like depletion of natural resources, global warming, natural calamities etc. But, together these changes may also lead to species extinction. There is a need for early intervention […]

World’s Famine and Virtue

In his article called “Famine Relief: The Duties We Have to Others”, Christopher Heath Wellman focuses on the subject of ethics in the act of helping other people. His major statement is that if one has the resources and an ability to help someone who is in need of help without having to make a […]

Concept of Juvenile Crime

Introduction There has been a considerable rise in juvenile crime arrest and this is causing alarm to parents and the society at large. Sadly, parents no longer have control over their own children who continue to disappoint them. In the world we are living today, many juvenile have completely deviated from the guidance of their […]

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Concept of Same-sex Marriage

Introduction Same sex marriage is a controversial practice in any society. The so called more advanced societies are now recognizing it as a social need to appease the increasingly demanding people who are inclined towards partnering with another of the same sex. Many countries/states have legalized same sex marriage while some others have found alternative […]

International Development, Colonialism, Social Inequality and Class Stratification

Colonialism This is the situation where a country extends its national sovereignty over land beyond its borders. This is by establishment of settler colonies or administrative representatives in which the native populations are ruled directly or relocated. The country that colonizes usually controls the resources, work force, and markets of the colonized country. Language, social-cultural, […]

The Social Construction of Gender Roles

Gender is an underlying characteristic all societies and the social construction of gender roles, behaviors and expectations is an importance aspect of modern society. Seeking to understand how gender is constructed and how gender expectations influence our lives, this essay will provide an in-depth analysis of how gender is constructed. Furthermore, we will discuss sex […]

Abortion: An Ethical Dilemma

There are many reasons as to why abortion poses an ethical dilemma for most women. Reasons such as religious beliefs, medical concerns are easily resolved by reason and need. While other cases, such as pregnancies resulting from criminal acts, are more often debated and considered an ethical dilemma. It is not difficult to see why […]

Abortion as a Controversy

Introduction Debate on abortion has been in the public domain for quite some time. On one side is a group opposed to legalizing abortion, arguing that legalization of abortion would make people more irresponsible. Irresponsibility would lead to more unwanted pregnancies, and the rate of abortion would soar up. Proponents of a legal abortion feel […]

Possible Effects After Abortion

There have always been some disputable questions and issues in the history of humanity. The reason for it lies in the nature of human beings. Tastes differ, and there is always a great number of different approaches to the same issue. Some people condemn the disputable phenomenon, considering it to be inappropriate, while other people […]

Important Issues in the Feminism

Regarding the important issues in the feminism, it is necessary to refer to the term of socialist feminism, to examine the issues of the dualistic typification, beauty ideals and the beauty industry in the context of the feminism. It is also important to suggest some solutions and criteria in order to stabilize newly appeared tense […]

Sexual Identity: Attributions and Meaning-making

Identity forms an integral part of the very human existence. The term is often used in social sciences to refer to an individual’s understanding of himself or herself in relation to other people, ideas and nature. Of late, the sexual identity of an individual has become an increasingly important concept in the study of human […]

Major Themes of Social Studies

Themes According to national social studies, standards, culture, global connections, time continuity, and change are considered as major themes. Other major themes include individual development and identity, people, places and environments, individuals, groups and institutions and science, technology, and society. Finally, civic ideals and practices, production, distribution, and consumption, as well as power, authority, and […]

Gender Identity: Promotion of Equality for Sexual Orientation

Introduction Marginalization can be referred to as a situation where a certain community has been abandoned and no one cares about what it needs or what it should have for it to cope-up with the challenges that it might be going through. Marginalization can be based on various ways: race, region, ethnicity and social classes […]

National and the New York State Social Studies Standards

Introduction Social sciences are the study that encompasses geography with significant emphasis in the manner in which people live and plan themselves in the community. The sociological study usually takes place in the secondary and elementary institutions with a view of integrating the economics and geographical aspects of history and the world. Again, learning on […]

What Is the Social Study?

A skill is a practical ability to succeed in something. The inquiry is learning through interaction that actively engages students in meaningful ways. The inquiry has the following characteristics; interactive student-centered activities focused on questioning, exploring, and posing explanations. The objective of inquiry is to assist learners in getting a better understanding of what surrounds […]

Social Studies: Teaching Civic Values

Introduction Social Studies refer to “the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities in order to promote civic competence” (Waring, 2011, p. 43). Social Studies curriculum provides a coordinated and a systemized study drawing upon various fields of humanities such as Anthropology, Geography, History, Sociology, Political Science, and Religion (Waring, 2011, p. 44). The […]

Sex, Gender, and Inequalities

Abstract The main aim of this paper was to analyze the distinction between gender and sex. The author started by introducing the two concepts. In addition, the impacts of the two on social structures were highlighted. It is important to evaluate the level of gender and sex structures in society. Such structures were of theoretical […]

Global Inequality: Gender, Racial and Ethnic Inequality

Introduction Sociology refers to the study of the relations between people, the statutes, and procedures that govern these interactions by either binding or separating persons, organizations, or societies (Oesamn 45). Some of the basic sociological concepts that are looked at in the study of sociology include culture, deviance and social control, socialization, bureaucracy and formal […]

Gender Dynamics in Development

Draft Gender issues must be understood if development goals are to be realized. This is not a requirement for just one region of the world or a certain group of people. It is a universal requirement because gender issues are the same for all people and for all places. The difference may be in progress […]

Animal Testing: Use of Animal in Biomedical Research

Introduction For over 100 years, animal testing in biomedical research played an important key role in many of the medical and scientific studies. Thanks to advances in animal research, people across the globe are now in a position to access better quality life. On the other hand, animal testing for purposes of facilitating medical and […]

Domestic Violence with Disabilities

Introduction It is always good to understand the meaning of what one wants to discus. It will be impossible for one to critically discuss what he or she does not understand. The key word in this discussion is domestic violence but before I get into that I will first explain or rather define violence. In […]

Should Illegal Immigrants be Made Legal Citizens?

Introduction The term or phrase illegal immigrant is used to describe people who enter a country without government’s legal permission. On the other hand, the term illegal immigrant can be used to describe people who have lived in a country beyond the period indicated in their visa. The term can also be used to describe […]

Media’s Influence on Body Image and the Affect it has on Girls/Woman

Introduction Role models portrayed in the media are revealed to be all appearance and too often, no substance. Girls are very slim and tall with flawless complexions. The idea of the ‘Barbie complex’ is not new, but the importance placed on being blonde, slim and young has created a culture that is inordinately focused upon […]

Should Same-Sex Marriages be Legalized?

Today the issue of same-sex marriages is widely discussed in the legal and social spheres in the USA. Every day the situation becomes more and more controversial because this problem involves the questions of the equality of civil rights for all people in the country and the role of states in solving this problem. In […]

Positive & Negative Role Models in Sports

Introduction The recent focus of the American media on role models, especially in sports has raised eyebrows with many role models being caught on the wrong. Under these circumstances, it is imperative that people who are positive role models are identified (McClellan par. 1-10). In this paper, I explore two players, Tim Tebow (a Positive […]

Ethical Problems of Animal Testing

An Introduction Inflicting pain upon others has become a source of deriving pleasure for many people; animals have their feelings, and they too feel the pain as the human beings do, but this has been consistently ignored by the human beings and especially the scientists who conduct numerous researches on weak and helpless animals. There […]

Glass Ceiling for Women in Today’s Society

Introduction Glass ceiling is a term that describes invisible obstacles on a woman’s way to a leadership position. The circumstances have improved over the past decade, and now there are more female leaders. However, the situation still needs more improvement, and a number of ways exist to provide it. What Is Glass Ceiling “Glass ceiling” […]

Human Trafficking – Modern-Day Slavery

Abstract Modern-day slavery is one of the outcomes of globalization; it affects millions of people and brings immense revenue to the criminals. This paper explores various kinds of human trafficking, such as workplace exploitation, forced labor of immigrants, child labor and pornography, and sex tourism, explains their specificities and assesses the level of harm they […]

Problems of Spanking Children

Introduction Parents should not employ spanking as a disciplinary technique for shaping a child’s behavior. Some studies indicate that spanking is a futile technique for disciplining children. However, none of these studies show its benefits or usefulness. In reality, spanking estranges children from their parents, instead of promoting good behavior. In short, this disciplinary technique […]

Concept of Racial Profiling

Racial profiling occurs when the law enforcement base their criminal investigations on race, ethnicity, or religion, which in the process undermines human rights and freedom. Although some people consider racial profiling as a means of improving security, it must be stopped at all cost because it is discriminatory. In the U.S.A., racial profiling dates back […]

Masculinity and Femininity in the Work Place

The effect of psychology of the feminine and masculine gender on work, performance and productivity is a paradigm of the most controversial issues subject to debate. Femininity is a physical and psychological state that is often associated with tenderness, care, patience, and submission. On the other hand, masculinity is associated with roughness, responsibility and strength. […]

Confident Body Language

Since the days of Martin Luther King Jr., the world was yet to experience the magic power of speech. Few celebrities and politician had given a moving speech that could send the crowd into frenzy. This was until the run off to the US presidential elections of 2008 where another orator came up. This was […]

Animals Should Have the Same Rights as Humans

Introduction Concern over the indiscriminate use of animals by humans has gained prominence since the latter half of the twentieth century, with the increase in the insensitive use of animals for scientific research and the increased availability of literature raising moral concerns over this insensitive use of animals. The issue of animal rights is a […]

Should Abortions be Legal?

Introduction Abortion has been one of the contentious issues in most nations of the world, especially in the United States of America. Abortion should be recognized as a right in the United States of America, this statement is supported by the arguments of Roemer (1993, pp. 23-25). Many citizens who contemplate abortion have experienced the […]

Fears of Public Speaking

Introduction It is important to note that fear of public speaking is an interesting topic for discussion. One of the most significant aspects that should not be disregarded is that numerous factors affect an ability of an individual to communicate with others. The assessment of self-esteem is critical most of the time because it can […]

Projects or Stop Violence Programs: Domestic Violence

Introduction The manner or behaviour that entails one party abusing the other denotes domestic violence. The violence mainly happens between the families, dating, cohabitation, marriages, as well as intimate relationship. Domestic violence may come I form of intimate partner violence, dating abuse, family violence, battering, spousal abuse, and domestic abuse. Different kinds of domestic violence […]

Ethical Issues in Animal Research

Animal research has always been a topic of ethical consideration in the scientific community. With experiments on humans being largely barred by numerous ethical and legal rulings put into place, using animals for potentially dangerous and invasive experiments remained the only way of testing various medical and chemical components that had the potential of improving […]

Effects of Cell Phone on Society

Introduction: Background Telecommunication industry takes a considerable place in modern life of the society. The purpose of cell phone usage can vary in accordance with needs and expectations of the users. Different features of mobile phones enable marketers to position them according to the desired segments in the market, making their services helpful for human […]

Problems of the Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is gaining notoriety each passing day. More and more women are falling victims to this social ill at an alarming rate. Research, by Yehuda, shows that an estimated 1.8 to 3.6 women are suffering under abusive violence from their intimate partners each passing year. Male partners are the most likely assailants to cause […]

Impact of Globalization on Norms and Experiences around Gender

Introduction Inequality is one of the most prolonged global debates that have refused to go away despite the great strides made through globalization (Alexander 29). The contemporary world is characterized by economic, social, cultural, and political integration of both men and women across all spheres. This has resulted in increased empowerment, especially for women who […]

Sustainable Human Development

According World on Environment and Development (1987), sustainable development is “development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Beckerman (1994) asserted that sustainability is interdisciplinary in nature and can be explored from three broad aspects namely: economic, social and environment sustainability. This paper […]

Gay Marriage Should not be Legal

Introduction While marriage has traditionally been prescribed as a union between heterosexuals, there has been a shift towards giving marriage rights to homosexual couples. This change has been brought about by the prevalence of homosexuality in the society and the widespread acceptance of gay relations. While at the onset of the last century homosexuality was […]

Gender Discrimination and Performance in the Workplace

Introduction Gender discrimination today happens to be a great hindrance to optimal performance at the work place. This could be looked at from various perspectives more so on innovativeness and the quality of work. For developed countries for example where the economy is driven by service based industries the impact is high. While talking about […]

Argument Against Physician – Assisted Suicide

All physicians swear by the Hippocratic oath before they start practicing medicine. The oath includes a strong admonition against the issuing of harmful and in fact deadly drugs to a patient. When it was being crafted, it did not consider that a physician would want to do anything other than help those who are sick […]

Infidelity and Societal Impact on Family Values

Introduction Infidelity is the main cause of divorce in America today. Infidelity is a vice that is causing stains in families, among many other ills that come with it. It has been shown many times that groups of people sharing common beliefs and attitudes tend to behave in the same manner. Infidelity behavior is no […]

Compromise and Collaboration in Conflict Resolution

Introduction Conflicts are inevitable in the lives of people. A person can be involved in a conflict situation with family members and friends as well as colleagues or even strangers. Conflicts are usually caused by the incompatibility of principles, aims, interests, or experiences. In every case, the success of conflict resolution depends on the selected […]

Communications: Facebook Social Media Platform

Introduction Facebook refers to a social network that allows people to share information online. One becomes a user after he or she signs up and adds a personal profile, which shows an individual’s gender, photo, and contacts. One can choose to belong to a group of persons, such as colleagues in an organization, and collegemates, […]

Responsibility: Definition and Classification

The term of responsibility basically means duty or obligation to carry out or complete a purpose or task adequately. The task to be completed is either allocated by someone else or created by an individual’s own pledge to fulfill. In addition to this, the task usually carries with it a consequent punishment in case of […]

Human Trafficking: Current State and Counteracts

Outline One of the emerging issues regarding criminology is human trafficking that is conducted through organized crime. It involves transportation of people from their mother country across interstate borders as well as within their mother countries to be sexually exploited as well as a become source of cheap unskilled labor in the developed states. Most […]

Human Trafficking from Perspectives of Deontology, Utilitarianism and Egoism

Introduction Human trafficking is a modern practice of oppression characterised by heinous acts such as recruiting, transferring, and harbouring a person using coercion, kidnapping, and trickery, among other intimidating means. This practice has grown into an international problem. About two centuries ago, slavery was an everyday business in many countries, especially in the western world […]

Child Exploitation as a Form of Human Trafficking

Introduction and Overview Human trafficking is a modern concern in sociology and social work. Many individuals are affected by the problem. However, the groups that are mostly affected include women and children. Many theories exist as to why they are affected, including the perception that they are the weakest members of society. Global organizations have […]

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