Why Are Some Animals So Smart? by Carel Schaik

How does Carel Van Schaik define culture? In reference to Sumartan orangutans Carel Van Schaik makes a conclusion that that the animals that the cultural animals are also intelligent. The scientist explores various opinions considering the forces that serve to stimulate the development and evolution of intelligence among animals. Van Schaik’s idea is that intelligence […]

America and Germany Comparison

This paper is aimed at comparing such countries as the United States and Germany. In particularly, it is necessary to focus on such aspects as employment, education, and medical insurance. This discussion of these aspects is important for understanding the policies of the governments and the experiences of many people living in these countries. On […]

Should Apartments Ban Dogs Based on Breed?

Background For over half a century now, governments around the globe have legislated against specific dog breeds for various reasons, particularly based on the vicious attacks on human beings and other domesticated animals. The increasing dog population up to about 68 million in the United States has escalated the fear of dangerous dog bites amongst […]

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Anthropological Problems: Origin of Human Beings

The article Our True Dawn by Catherine Brahic describes the challenges that appear to modern scientists while trying to trace our relatives. The author also describes the difference in methods used by scientists. For geneticists to determine the period of splitting humans from apes means to specify exactly the time when their DNAs became different. […]

Bonobos and Common Chimps Comparison

Introduction To a large extent, common chimps as well as bonobos tend to display characteristics that are similar to those witnessed in human beings. Despite the fact that the two primates are very much alike, it is assumed that there more similarities between bonobos and human beings. Arguably, bonobos and common chimps exhibit behavioral characteristics […]

Bacterial Pathogenesis – Microbiology

Introduction The development of resistance among pathogens such as bacteria and fungi has challenged the development of safe and effective drugs. Specifically, the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria due to excessive use and abuse of antibiotics in the healthcare settings and agriculture is posing a great danger to the survival of humanity. Alanis asserts that, “indiscriminate […]

Natural Sciences: Development vs. Environment

Studies show that human development activities, which occur in different sectors including agriculture, scientific research, oil drilling and mining, building and construction projects, transportation, industrial manufacturing, fishing, and energy are the major causes of environmental degradation. The activities have led to extreme weather conditions, indoor and outdoor air pollution, and water contamination, extinction of rare […]

Woodbury Unique Geological Features

Woodbury is one of the places that seem quite ordinary at first but discover several unique geological features at second glance. Woodbury is located in the North of Connecticut, in the Litchfield County, and is surrounded by Bethlehem (south), Roxbury (west) and Watertown (east) (see Picture 1). Therefore, Woodbury shares some features with the towns […]

The Nuclear Power Usage in the UAE

Abstract At present nearly 20% of the U.A.E’s entire oil production goes immediately towards supplying its various power plants into order to meet the energy requirements of its populace. The inherent problem with this lies with the fact that the oil reserves in the U.A.E are a finite resource and eventually with the increased demand […]

The Mars Planet Reaching

Introduction Recently, there have been growing interest from astronauts on the whole issue surrounding a manned maiden trip to the planet Mars (Red Planet). Meanwhile, researchers are gathering vital information concerning the planet thanks to robots and satellites that revolve around the planet. Therefore, in order to understand what to expect we take a quick […]

Environmental Studies: the Chernobyl Disaster

The Chernobyl disaster, affecting all of Europe to some extent, was a tragic but perhaps inevitable result of decades of government policies that affected plant design, regulation, transparency, governance, training, operating procedures, and the value placed on human safety, and which all permitted inadequate practices to persist without being challenged. The impact of the 1986 […]

Natural Sciences: Cessna vs. Piper PA-28 Cherokee’s Fuel Systems

Executive Summary The purpose of the report is to compare Cessna 150’s fuel system with that of Piper PA-28 Cherokee in terms of performance, efficiency, and cost. Both systems use the same working principles. Fuel for the flight is initially stored in the tanks located in the right and the left wings of both aircraft. […]

India’s Solar Installations

The Indian solar installation program has slowed down year-after-year according to Mercom Capital Group. The consultancy and communication firm had predicted the installations to reach 1,000 MW by the end of this year. Between 2012 and 2013, solar installations in India increased by 12 MW; so elusive was the growth that the firm’s comprehensive survey […]

Archeological Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls

In 1948, William Albright, who is one of the popular archaeologists claimed that the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls was one of the chief breakthroughs in the 20th century (Berg, 2009). The scrolls were found in a cave in the neighborhood of Khirbet Qumran. There were a number of artifacts in the cave, which […]

Global Warming Causes and Impacts

Introduction A large percentage of people have continuously ignored scientific attests on the severity of global warming. According to research, the large-scale intervention will effectively counteract global warming effects. Environment advocates accentuate public to participate in all initiatives to counteract environmental degradation due to global warming. Dire messages about the impending chaos and unpredictable catastrophe […]

Conventional Farming Vs Hydroponic

Introduction The use of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers for crop production is called conventional farming. Farmers use convectional farming system to grow large quantity crops such as rice, grains, and genetically modified crops. Hydroponic farming utilizes chemicals and liquid fertilizers to facilitate plant growth. While consumers prefer hydroponic vegetables and fruits, food scarcity remains an […]

The Book “How to Lie With The Statistics” by Darrell Huff

The book under analysis is called How to Lie with the Statistics. It is written by Darrel Huff. This book is not his work first work. There were also Career Story of a Young Commercial Photographer and The Dog that Came True. However, only the book under analysis became a real bestseller. Being devoted to […]

Comparison: “Guns, Germs, and Steel” by Jared Diamond and “Culture Sketches” Holly Peters-Golden

Various inequalities existing in the modern world have become a subject of research done by anthropologists, historians, and researchers. The film Guns, Germs, and Steel which is based on Jared Diamond’s book presents a conjecture according to which the inequalities can be attributed to environment differences among regions. This paper is aimed at comparing the […]

Strategic Preparedness for Disasters

Article summary The article reviews the characteristics of the states and the systems of systems. Also, the article seeks to understand the role of shared states when developing systems Precisely, the article is based on a study of how modeling systems of systems is critical in strategic preparedness, response, and recovery from disastrous events. The […]

Biology: Comparison and Contrast of Cats and Dogs

This paper is aimed at discussing the similarities and differences between cats and dogs. These animals are often regarded as bitter antagonists that cannot co-exist. Nevertheless, they can actually bear resemblance to one another. For instance, one should mention their interactions with people and their eating habits. Nevertheless, it is critical to remember important distinctions […]

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Mathematical Induction: Origin, Key People and Usage

Mathematical induction is traditionally defined as a mathematical method, or a type of a mathematical proof, which is used when the necessity to prove that in the following expression: “(fg)’ = f’g + fg’”, “for every integer n >= 1, the derivative of f(x) = xn is f'(x) = nxn – 1’” (The technique of […]

Bottled Water Impact on Environment

Introduction The bottled water industry cannot be stopped today because of the great awareness of people about drinking only bottled water so that they will not be ill. Another reason for the rise of the use of bottled water is because of the convenience that it offers in terms of portability. Unlike tap water, bottled […]

The Paradoxical Effects of Time Travel

The issue of travelling in time is not new because it has interested people for centuries and continues interesting us today. However, in spite of people’s high concern and eagerness to uncover time’s mysteries, it still keeps its secrets as it did centuries ago. Even in our time, when a huge progress in science and […]

Wild Animals of the United States of America

Introduction Wildlife is always deemed to be of great significance economically, ecologically, environmentally as well as culturally. It includes a wide range of species from amphibians, insects, birds to mammals. Thus, there is no doubt that there are some organisms that are native while others were introduced or re-introduced to their current habitant (Day, Klingler […]

The History of European Alchemy

Introduction The magical notion of alchemy is a modern construction. In accordance to this notion, a serious journal of science a completely wrong place for alchemy. But history believes otherwise. It is believed that the history of sciences is strongly interlinked with the scientific disciplines and the concept of “world-view”. This refers to the image […]

Impact of Chlorine

Introduction Chlorine is element number 17 and is found in group 17 and period 3 of the periodic table. It is a greenish-yellow pungent, poisonous gas, and is very reactive. It has two isotopes, one with a mass number of 35 and an abundance of 75.75% and the other one with a mass number of […]

The Cloning of a DNA Fragment, and a Southern Blot

Southern blotting can either be used in the determination of small fragment of a single gene or a large DNA sequence such as part of the genome of an organism. Therefore southern blotting is an invaluable tool in DNA technology. This method was discovered in the 1970s by Edward Southern in Edinburg University and since […]

What is Happening to the Honey Bees

Introduction It has been reported lately that more than a third of the entire population of bees in the United States died out this summer of 2009. Christian Science monitor reports, “Suddenly, the bees farmers and growers rely on are vanishing. Researchers are scrambling to find out why”. (Velasquez-Manoff, 1) It has been estimated that […]

Is Cloning “Playing God”?

Cloning is the “manufacture” of an organism identical to one that already exists. Several types of cloning are practiced among human beings: these are reproductive cloning, therapeutic cloning, and replacement cloning (Playing God?, par 2). Although Cloning has given rise to several social-ethical implications, especially in the matters concerning family, there are still many reasons […]

Genetic Engineering: Gene Therapy

Stem cell research is a subject that has generally been absent from the current public and political debates recently. The issue has been pushed aside by more immediate issues such as the economy, war on two fronts and healthcare. However, it wasn’t long ago that headlines were concerned with the ethical issues of using embryonic […]

Bio Ethics and Stem Cell Research

The advancement in technology and science has helped man over the years to come up with miraculous cures and inventions; profitable to the mankind in all ways possible. One of the major reasons of the exponential growth in population is the sharp decrease in mortality rates all over the world; due to the improved medical […]

Renewable Energy Usage: Advantages and Disadvantages

Introduction Today’s world is dependent on electricity, which is supplied from many different sources such as fossils fuels which emit harmful gases that pollute the environment and contribute to global warming by producing large quantities of CO2. However, with recent improvements in technology, renewable energy has been introduced in our daily lives in the form […]

Mars in Comparison to Earth

Introduction Mars is the most similar to earth planet ever discovered. It measures 4,222 miles which is approximately 6794 kilometers in diameter as compared to earth which measures 7926 miles which is approximately 12756 kilometers. In comparison this translates to about 53% of the earth size. In terms of distance from the sun, the earth […]

Moral Grounds of the Cloning

Modern society has been equipped with the technology that has revolutionized almost every aspect of life. In Science and Medicine, latest advancements have become a remedial source for various health related problems. However, it is well known that controversy exists or surrounds science through several forms. Due to this, new debates have invaded the society […]

Natural History of Peace by Robert Sapolsky

According to Robert M. Sapolsky, human beings feel that they are unique, unlike other species. This has been questioned by studies that have been done on other primates. Theodosius Dobzhansky, an evolutionary biologist, viewed that all species are unique. According to him, humans are unique; thus, they feel more proud of their specialty. Robert Sapolsky’s […]

Fire in Terms of Chemistry and Thermodynamics

A fire has formed an important ingredient of societal cultures and religions, from historic times to our present world, and has played a key role in the advancement towards civilization. The fire has taken different trends all through the history of our world. For thousands of years, people have used fire in several ways, such […]

Teleportation: Physics of the Impossible

Introduction Teleportation is described as the action or capability of transferring matter instantly from one point in time and space to another point of the same nature. As much as it was first conjured by fiction writers, Teleportation has been the subject of wide discussions all over. It is generally assumed that during the process […]

The Milky Way and the Expanding Universe

A spiral galaxy is one of three types of galaxies studied and documented by Edwin Hubble. Spiral galaxies are apparently the most common in the universe and have a characteristic spiral contour; that is also the characteristic feature referred to in their name. The spiral shape is usually constituted of arms enfolded around a dense […]

Astronomy: the Theory of the Universe

Introduction Astronomy is the most ancient science in the world. People of the ancient civilizations depended on changes in stars, the moon, and the sun to conduct most of their activities, including important activities such as navigation. Several developments have taken place to arrive at our current understanding of the physics behind astronomy. These include […]

Astronomy: International Space Station

The space station operating at an international level, known as ISS, is a partnership operation comprised of several countries with a common objective of conducting space explorations that take place within the Station. ISS mainly focuses on laboratory research which is regarded as among the challenging political as well as technological tasks that has ever […]

The Potential Benefits of Genetic Engineering

Nowadays, people strive to improve the quality of life, focus on higher accomplishments, and try to find new ways to overcome such social problems as diseases and hunger. In this context, genetic engineering seems to be the potential to improve the quality of life because of creating new and improved organisms. The term “genetic engineering” […]

Genetic Engineering: Dangers and Opportunities

Introduction As of today, the practice of genetic engineering continues to remain highly controversial. In its turn, this can be explained by the fact that there are a number of the clearly defined ethical undertones to the very idea of inducing ‘beneficial’ genetic mutations to a living organism. After all, this idea presupposes the eventual […]

Gas Price Increasing and Alternative Energy Sources

The usage of gas in our everyday life is inevitable. Natural gas is one of the best alternatives to oil. It is also very much convenient for the environment. Natural gas is given the status of the cleanest of the fossil fuel (Eric & Smith 39). The united states have an ample reserve of natural […]

Solar System Geology, Climate, and Composition

Introduction Luckily, the naturally occurring processes of geology concentrate on the minerals and metals that become valuable in daily human activities and convert them into forms that are useful to us. These processes enable people to take these minerals and metals out of the ground using fewer efforts, and this is caused by the manner […]

Space Exploration: India Space Mission

Abstract The following paper will discuss the topic of ISRO to launch India’s first spacecraft to Mars. Even though primarily it might seem as a sensation with positive factors, there are some concerns that have been voiced by the people of India, as well as other countries. Some of the benefits attributed to the mission […]

Solar System: the Weather on Other Planets

Introduction All planets in the solar system experience are varying weather conditions and seasons. However, the occurrence of seasons on other planets is distinct from the conventional system of winter, autumn, summer, and spring that is experienced on earth (Carson, 11). It may seem hat the weather system is different across various parts of the […]

Space Exploration: UAE and INDIA Space Cooperation

The space sector is one of the most critical and prospective branches of any economic development. Nowadays, world governments perform significant contributions to the development of innovative programs in the relevant sphere. One would hardly argue with the fact that the successful performance within the space industry might assist considerably in the improvement of the […]

The International Space Station: Building for the Future

The International space station is a globally established exploration facility constructed in a low- world orbit. It is the biggest space station ever assembled. Construction of the ISS began in the year 1994. The station will be completed by the year 2012. It is expected that this station will be operational up to the year […]

Astronomy: Planets and Solar System

This reflective treatise attempts to explain the stellar nebular theory and evidence to support the same. Besides, the paper explores the unique feature of terrestrial planets of Earth, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. The same explores these features in the Jovian planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. In addition, the treatise discusses minor members of […]

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Countries Studies: Canada and the USA Comparison

Canada and the US are countries that are located in the American continent. Both countries are relatively large, and they occupy a large part of the North American region (Reynolds 7). Canada and the US are countries that have many similarities, although they are slightly different in terms of resources, environment, demography, infrastructure, and economy, […]

Isaac Newton Scientific Contributions

Isaac Newton is considered a champion of scientific modernity in several aspects. His inventions have not only been historical but have influenced the development in modern life. The historical introductions of scientific methodologies have been used to transform ancient methodology to a new phase of natural intellectual development. Scholars attribute the recent intellectual capital trading […]

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