Case Study for Piaget Project

Jean Piaget has been referred to as the greatest psychologist of his time. In the 18th century, Piaget carried out extensive research in the field of child psychology. His findings are still applicable in today’s society. In fact, Piaget’s work has widely been accepted, and his ideas are used in schools and other institutions. Many […]

Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behavior

Introduction The three main components of the memory are sensory, short term, and long term memory. In this essay, I shall concentrate on how the information travels in the three components and how the brain process this information. I will as well discuss the prototype theory of categorization, analyzing some of the limitations that are […]

Teaching Empathy to Pre School Children

The study of children, though less than 200 years old, has been a fascinating one for developmental psychologists. This is because of the many psychological changes that occur in this stage of life, extending towards the onset of adolescence. Researchers believe that these psychological changes culminate in the optimum psychological and mental functioning of early […]

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Parent-Child Relationships

The problem of parent-child relationships is one of the most examined and actual eternal questions. This question concerns the problems of love and hatred, manipulation and resistance, protest and control. This point is often discussed in the works of different writers. But in the context of sexual upbringing and instilling of live value, the most […]

The Impact of Divorce and Separation on Family Relationships

Abstract This research aims at understanding the effect of divorce and separation on family relationships. The researcher will employ a random sampling technique to select the participants of the study, and a qualitative research approach to collect the required data. Six participants, three males and three females, will take part in the study. The participants […]

Psychology: Amyloid Deposition and Alzheimer’s Disease

Introduction This critique examines the research study reported by Hardy and Selkoe (2002). The study explored the relationship between Amyloid concentrations and Alzheimer’s disease (AD) among clinical patients. The purpose of this critique is to re-examine the viability of the hypothesis that links Amyloid with Alzheimer’s disease. The paper examines the weaknesses and strengths of […]

Psychology: Happiness as a Way of Living

While discussing the topic of happiness and people’s attitudes toward this concept, it is possible to speak about many individuals who view the idea of happiness differently. Thus, happiness can be defined by people in the most unexpected terms because of differences in their visions. It is even possible to pay attention to people who […]

Historical Perspectives in Psychology

Introduction Daniel Kahneman analyzes and discusses the contemporary understanding of opinion and decision-making cut from psychological findings. The past recent decades uncovered these psychological findings. The findings answer questions regarding cognitive biases, decision-making outside laboratories, when real incentives were vulnerable, immunity amongst smart people, and the possibilities that biases are mistakes. Kahneman explains the history […]

Personality and Substance Abuse

The topic of this article entitled Personality Characteristics as a function of frequency and type of substance abuse, written by Michael Wolff, and Kathleen Wolff discusses the problem of substance use and abuse and how this tendency could be associated or correlated with types of personalities or possible personality flaws. This article looks at personalities […]

Psychology: Humor Theory Concept

Many people believe that cracking a joke about others provides them a platform to prove themselves as smart. In fact, a good sense of humor is definitely a positive characteristic trait in a human being and people do like to enjoy funny things, no matter how trivial they are. Unfortunately, people sometimes behave in an […]

Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is a renowned professor of psychology and the author of the book “Flow and Psychology of Discovery and Invention” and is the latest book by the professor. In this book, creativity is closely examined by the author and clearly brought out in the chapters though some people believe that Mihaly has relied too […]

Psychology: Deviant Behavior and Control

For ages, scholars have tried hard to identify an explanation for social deviance. While the normalcy and naturalness of things go unnoticed by many, the intricacies involved in the daily conceptualization and attachment of meaning to actions and things remain a controversial issue in the realms of sociological scholarship. For clarity in the conceptualization of […]

Effects of Divorce and Poverty in Families

Introduction In our modern society, divorce has become very wide spread among married couples. Children from poor backgrounds caught in the midst of a divorce lead miserable lives. This can be attributed to a number of factors both economical and social. Society in most cases associate divorce with a rise in depression due to the […]

Gambling in America

It is almost every day that we hear news about some rich and famous person who filed for bankruptcy because of their gambling problem and everyone knows at least one person from their surroundings who is struggling with the gambling addiction. These facts make some people think that gambling is a bad social phenomenon and […]

The Role of the Environment and Genes in Human Development

Introduction Nature or Nurture? This is one of the biggest debates that psychologists have been faced with for a very long time. This is because there is no clear boundary on how each aspect contributes to the development of human beings that is in terms of personality, behaviour, thinking and temperament. This paper will therefore […]

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Cognitive Therapy

Abstract Psychological therapies have been used to offer assistant to psychological patient. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a disorder that is associated with traumatic experience. The paper looks into the therapies that can be used with this disorder. Cognitive and Behavioural therapies are identified as appropriate for PTSD. The paper gives the applicability of each therapy. […]

Concept of Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is an extreme fear of embarrassment or humiliation in human society or performing a work or role in situations and is usually described by avoidance of these situations. The fear is usually connected with marked anxiety and deterioration in several areas, including work, social life, and family life (Herbert, 2005). According […]

Potential of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy in the Treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The article “Potential of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy in the Treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” analyses a recent treatment method that can support the health needs of many patients. Many people will encounter different traumatic or terrifying events in their lives. Such events can trigger a psychological disorder known as Post Traumatic […]

Critical Thinking to Solve Hard Problems

The hard problem is problems without functional explanation as opposed to easy problems, which involve explanation in the form of what mechanism can perform what function. The problem becomes hard when our consciousness can not figure out the mechanism through which we can solve the problem. The problem also becomes hard when the person posing […]

The Stanford Experiment by Philip Zimbardo

Philip Zimbardo’s Stanford Experiment brought him critical acclaim. At the same time, it accorded him a certain level of notoriety; because of the methodologies, he utilized to conduct the said experiment. Nevertheless, his landmark study created shockwaves within the scientific community, when the unexpected results radically altered what people previously believed in the area of […]

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Child Development Theories: Role and Importance

The complexities and challenges of child development cannot, in any way, be wished away. In equal measure, the optimal growth and development of a child are deemed not only important for the parents and family members, but also for the whole society. As such, it is critically important to understand the social, psychological, cognitive, emotional, […]

Bilingualism Effects on Cognitive Development

The 21st Century has been characterised by a multicultural and diverse society (Cavaluzzi, 2010). The proportion of children taking English as a second language is also increasing tremendously. A survey carried out on London schools in 2000 showed that the children spoke more than 300 languages (Edwards, 2004). Statistics show that by 2010, one in […]

Psychology: Personality and Music Preferences

Background information Many researchers and neuroscientists concur that brainwaves have the potential to predict the popularity of hit songs. For example various pieces of equipment that record neurometric and biometric responses can be used to monitor the skin temperature, respiration and heart rate of the listeners of a musical piece. Generally these are the methods […]

Corporal Punishment Argument

The choice between a corporal punishment and the methods of upbringing that do not involve physical aggression towards children has been in existence for decades. Although modern methods of upbringing have been designed and proven to be quite efficient with children of all ages, a range of people still resort to the use of corporal […]

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