Homeland Security – Immigration Policy

Introduction Every country in the world has immigration laws; they are particularly used to regulate entry of foreign citizens into their respective countries. Moreover, policies are aimed at protecting refugees as well as those seeking for temporary or permanent asylum who may otherwise face abuse in their native countries. Immigration policy has been instrumental in […]

Comparing Homeland Security Research Products

Analysis: NYPD Radicalization Report-Executive Summary The major goal of the research was to examine the al-Qaeda-inspired threat at the point where radicalization begins and to understand the specifics of the process of radicalization in order to prevent future attacks (Silber & Bhatt, 2007). Silber and Bhatt were eager to identify that moment where the potential […]

The Bernie Sanders Phenomenon Among College Students

This year presidential elections unveiled various issues and trends existing in the USA. Major fears, hopes, and concerns of Americans have become clear as the candidates bring those issues to the fore, and the audience responds to them. This year elections are also associated with a number of scandals as well as unexpected figures, controversies, […]

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Roots of the Arab Spring

The Arab Spring has already touched a number of countries around the whole world. Some people, who are not directly involved in the situation, want to know more about the reasons for the events. The native citizens try to understand their possible impact on the development of the events. Academic authors and researchers offer different […]

Globalization and Citizenship in EU

Globalization processes have had a great impact on national ideas and citizenship. Put another way, those propositions of a normative kind that invoke the non-state, be they with regard to global citizenship, conflict and peace studies, or the promotion of human rights, and have to be accompanied by some persuasive argument as to what the […]

Governing at the Grassroots

Democracy The fair and peaceful elections are the pledge of democracy. They are evidence of the high level of civilization, and they play a crucial role in the transfer of power in a peaceful manner. The voting right allows the citizens to elect their leaders and to determine the future of their state. That is […]

Immigrant Children and Poverty

For some considerable time now, the impact poverty has had on the children of immigrant workers, has gone unnoticed. It may look as if immigrant child-poverty does not merit a lot of concern, for the sole reason that they tend to look even better in their new country than in their former countries. For example, […]

Border Control: A Mixed Method Approach to Mexican Immigration to The U.S

Introduction A person can be termed as an illegal immigrant when he/she enters a country without due inspection, approval, or possesses flawed documents such as an expired VISA or a fake VISA. The 2007 Pew Hispanic Center report shows that the people who had migrated to U.S. without the government’s permission were mostly from Mexico […]

Effects of Gun Control Measures in the United States

Introduction Considerable research indicates that consistent gun control measures do not prevent criminals from possessing firearms. Rather, these laws offer the criminals an advantage over the law-abiding citizens, thereby increasing crime. LaRosa indicates that one of the effects of gun control is that the violent and harmful people acquire arms whereas the system disarms peaceful […]

Traditional and Alternative Education in America

Education is considered to be necessary in bringing up an individual, a personality. Alongside with commonly accepted traditional education, there exists nontraditional one. Surely, their conceptions and methods are different. Both are trying to make its system as effective, as possible, but there can be no perfect educational system. One of drawbacks of traditional educational […]

Marijuana Legalization in US

Introduction Also known as cannabis, Marijuana primarily consists of dry leaves of the hemp plant that people chew or smoke in order to experience euphoric effects. Marijuana normally has psychological and physical effects on the users such as visual impairment and mild euphoria, depending on the amount consumed. Although the proponents of marijuana legalization believe […]

The Case for Torture, or the Ways we Lie

One of the reasons why America got involved in WW2, was because Jewish Media magnates had succeeded in convincing the majority of Americans that Germans were nothing but brutes, who took a particular pleasure in torturing innocent civilians. During the course of this historical period, not a single day would go by, without American newspapers […]

Constituents of Security Issue to the American Government

Introduction National security issues were redefined after the September eleven attacks. They were characterised by greater pre-emption rather than deterrence in what is now known as the Bush doctrine, this was done after it had been ascertained that the attacks had been caused by Al Qaeda. A campaign against global terrorism was enacted and reorganisation […]

Growth of Nuclear Weapons

Introduction Since the end of the Second World War, countries have become concerned on how they can manage the use of nuclear weapons however, some countries that have nuclear weapons in their military bases and are continuing to develop other. During this period, the United States and Soviet Union had the largest reserves and potential […]

The Afghanistan Strategy

The afghan strategy is a United States’ strategy of sending American troops to fight the Taliban and al-Qaeda in order to make a safer world. Obama has started implementing the Afghan strategy by ordering 30000 troops to be sent to there, because America’s security is at stake. He has promised that the troops will take […]

War on Terrorism

War on terrorism is the one of the most notable phenomena observed in the world today. The roots of this war lie, allegedly, in the severe threat to the security and lives of civil citizens of numerous countries of the world. The war itself started as the reaction of the Bush Administration and American Government […]

“Brexit” from the European Union

Introduction The possibility of the UK leaving the European Union or the so-called Brexit is a key source of concern for the major part of the British business world. It is assumed that the potential changes in the trade relations with the EU, as well as the uncertainty associated with investments, can have a negative […]

Counter-Terrorism: Constitutional and Legislative Issues

Abstract This paper provides a brief synopsis of the article Should the ticking bomb terrorist be tortured? A case study in how democracy should make tragic choices by Alan Dershowitz and identifies what can be considered this article’s main discursive deficiencies. Introduction One of the main aspects of a contemporary living in America is the […]

Decision Making in Human and Social Services

The presented case explores how a human service professional finds himself in a precarious situation. According to the case, the professional realizes that the targeted community engages in specific rituals such as smoking marijuana. This kind of ritual is a critical attribute of their meditation processes (Diller, 2015). The professional report the community members to […]

Abortion: Women’s Health as Their Integral Right

Introduction The discussion about abortion is one of the most intensive and debatable topics in the modern world. The supporters of the right to abortion adhering to a pro-choicer approach claim that a woman should have the right to independently make decisions concerning her body and the artificial termination of pregnancy. In their turn, the […]

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Political Science: Authoritarianism vs. Totalitarianism

Difference between nation, state, country, political system and government A nation state is a defined territory occupied by people of a given cultural background. An example of a modern nation state is Portugal. Portugal is a nation state because the Portuguese; which is a distinct cultural group has occupied the defined territory over a long […]

Government: Transportation Policy

Introduction A realistic and practical transport policy paper must take cognizance of key factors that have the potential to significantly enlarge or limit its scope (IPCC, 2007 and DoE/DoT (Department of Transport) (1994). The introduction of 2002 transport policy that in UK that seeks to tax car drivers according to their vehicle’s CO2 emissions and […]

How Wealth Inequality Affects Democracy in America

Abstract Democracy has always been associated with social inclusion and a closing gap between the rich and the poor. However, theory and reality change in the historical perspective – so does the situation with inequality. Undoubtedly, a deeper insight is needed to study the relations between democracy and inequality. The purpose of this study is […]

American Presidents: John F. Kennedy’s Biography

Outline This paper discusses about the life of John F Kennedy, from his childhood till his assassination. This includes his educational background, interested activities he had done and more overly about the Peace Corps, one of the important successful missions John F Kennedy had made while he was president. Introduction John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the […]

International Response: The US Role in Darfur

Summary of US role in Darfur The Janjaweed, a group of government backed Arab militia has been setting villages ablaze and carrying out massacres in the Darfur region of Sudan. Three years later and there seems that no lasting solution is forthcoming. The Sudanese government and the rebel forces seem not to be keen to […]

Psycho-Political Terrorism

Abreact Political terrorism nowadays is an evil that need much attention. Police officers in their work shall avoid cultural conflicts and differences, misunderstandings of communication, and create more channels for mutual understanding among peoples of different cultures and beliefs. Law enforcement shall be aimed to protect all the rights of people notwithstanding their belonging to […]

Terrorism: Understanding of USC Definitions

Today, terrorism is a topic that bothers many people globally. Though the word “terrorism” was on all lips, its definitions and impact remain unclear from different perspectives (Whittaker, 2013). In this paper, special attention to the statutory definitions of international and domestic terrorism, criminal penalties, and the essence of terroristic organizations will be paid. Statutory […]

Right and Left Wing Terrorist Groups

Introduction There mainly exists two terrorist or extremist sets of groups; the right-leaning and left-leaning ones. They mainly differ from their root ideologies and from the basis where they draw their inspiration. Right-leaning extremism takes up its inspiration from a multiplicity of beliefs and convictions, together with modern authoritarian hierarchical government, modern National Socialism, racial […]

Terrorism in Perspective: Characteristics, Causes, Control

Introduction The term terrorism comes from the word terror, which is a Latin word that means to scare or to frighten. Over the years, there have been disagreements on the actual definition of the word Terrorism. However, there are various definitions that have been accepted, and these include: “every criminal activity that is set against […]

Customs and Courtesies in the Military: Survey Feedback

The survey feedback system has been defined by Wilson (2008) as a potentially powerful tool in improving and transformation of the organization. Feedback can be observed in both physical and social system perspectives and includes such concepts as collecting data, assessment, and implementations of action plans. The use of survey feedback as a means of […]

Government Regulations and Business

State regulation is one of the key factors determining the investment climate and macroeconomic indicators in general. As practice shows, for the normal functioning of a market economy with its inherent variety of forms of ownership, the system of state regulation of the financial sector as a whole, as well as its separate branches, is […]

How Do Transnational Organizations Affect The Sovereignty of States?

Introduction The problem of sovereignty is closely associated with the study of international relations and politics. In particular, the globalization process makes the issue even more critical as far as transnational organized crime is concerned. Considering organized crime beyond the state system inevitably leads to the discussion of the sovereignty crisis among modern states and […]

The Right of Habeas Corpus in the Context of the War on Terror

Habeas corpus is associated with the Americans’ main civil rights and liberties because this writ protects US citizens from illegal detention. The right of habeas corpus has a long history, and it serves to support the liberties promoted with the US Constitution. However, the war on terror developed in the United States during many years […]

Dallas County Homeland Security and Emergency Management

The major question that will be answered in the proposal can be formulated as “Why did the tragedy with shooting policemen take place in Dallas in 2016? What were the gaps in Dallas County homeland security and emergency management? What changes both regionally and nationally did take place after the accident and why?”. This topic […]

Whether Death Penalty Can Be Applied Fairly?

The death penalty is also known as corporal punishment and is a mode of punishment for convicts who have committed capital offenses. It is documented that 58 countries still practice it, including China, India, Indonesia, and the United States. Ninety-five countries in the world are doing away with the law, some having not practiced it […]

Political Culture: Failure of Democracy in Iraq

After the removal of Saddam Hussein as the leader of Iraq, Western strategists had calculated that with American help, democracy would spread quickly in Iraq and would lead to a stable democratic country. However, these predictions have gone horribly wrong, pointing to a certain lack of understanding of Middle Eastern culture and history. This essay […]

Why Should Marijuana be Legalized and Crack/Cocaine Remain Illegal

Legal use of marijuana Marijuana (cannabis) has varied medicinal uses, and many States in the Americas have allowed the possession and use of small quantities of marijuana for medicinal purposes only. This is consistent with the fact that “Eleven states in the United States passed laws allowing cannabis possession and consumption for medical purposes; However, […]

Consequences of Religious Freedom in America

Since 9/11 the most contentious issue pertains to whether or not religious freedom should be granted in America and whether granted or not, what would be the appropriate means of interpreting and applying the First Amendment’s clause. The answer takes us back to 1791, when Congress enacted the First Amendment to elucidate the American experiment […]

Ronald Reagan and What it Means to lead a Nation

The President of the United States of America has two primary responsibilities aside from the usual routine of governing a country. The first one is to develop and execute domestic policies. The second one is to develop and execute foreign policies. The domestic policies that will come out of the White House will determine the […]

Why Say “No” to Capital Punishment?

The death penalty debates have led to the abolition of capital punishment in numerous countries all over the world. The most important arguments against capital punishment include the inappropriateness of violation of the right to live, the possibility of executing innocent people, and the high cost of procedures required for this type of penalties. Death […]

Leaders Traits and the US Elections

Both great man and trait theories agree that leaders are naturally raised to ascend to authority based on the same criteria. For example, conventional Western Europeans believed that a person born in a royal family or in a military background had high chances of leading the concern community. Similar views emerged in the US concerning […]

Police Brutality in the United States

Introduction Police officers are allowed to use “non-negotiable coercive force” to maintain public order and control the behavior of citizens. This provides a loophole for use of brutal force according to Bittner (1970; cited in Cao, 1999). The central problem or area of concern appears to be the proper application of use of this force […]

Comparison between Florida and Maryland’s Legislative Frameworks

Introduction The US constitution acknowledges 50 states, which are regarded as entities independent from the federal government. Each of the states has its constitution, which is different from the others, implying that none of the states is identical to any other. However, as much as the states are different from each other in terms of […]

The Rise of Police Brutality against African-American Males

Introduction The problem of police brutality against minorities is actively discussed in the modern American society because of the public’s attention to each case when police officers demonstrate the excessive use of force. In most cases, those situations in which victims of police brutality are African-American males attract more public’s attention, and this fact requires […]

Support Capital Punishment

‘Capital Punishment’ means the obligation to death as a punishment for doing a crime. In the US, many states follow the system of capital punishment is strictly and most of the people support it even though some feel that it is not justifiable to terminate life of a human being as a mode of punishment. […]

Inmate Medical Transport System in Arizona

The case of Arizona inmate medical transport system suggests that planning and effective strategic management is the core of any organizational processes. The evaluator of the case will develop various instruments designed for the change program under study. It is important to recognize that the medical care problem is one of the most important ones […]

Rural Public Transport System: Reasons and Ways of Implementation

Introduction Public transport is a very important factor in the development of any country. Every government should ensure that it has a well developed public transport system. This is due to the fact that public transportation helps in solving some of the challenges facing society today. For instance, it contributes to the creation of jobs […]

Involuntary Resettlement in Urban Transportation Projects

ESIA in Public Transportation Developments in public transportation projects such as rapid mass transit as it is in the Dhaka Urban Transport Network Development Project have played an important role in the country’s economy. Many cities, when faced with a threat of ever-increasing traffic-generated pollution and congestion, tend to adopt policies and strategies that would […]

Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure Systems

Introduction Motor vehicle user in the United Kingdom or any other part of the continent knows the magnitude of problem caused by diversions and other traffic-related issues. “According to a study by the European Commission, the external cost of congestion already amounts to 0.5% of the gross national product (GNP)” (Olariu & Weigle p. 2). […]

International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and World Trade Organization

The rapid development of international institutions was initiated after the end of World War II. The primary objective for founding global organizations was seen in preventing military conflicts of similar scale in the future, building up channels for international communication, and establishing the foundation for worldwide cooperation. This paper aims at studying three international organizations: […]

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Personal and Political Pacifism

Personal pacifism as stated by Reitan refers “to that personal commitment to non violence, essentially not construed under the general obligation to abstain from violence and …not to express the belief that all persons ought to oppose violence under every circumstance indented to”. Going per the above definition it appears that personal pacifism denounces all […]

United States Invasion in Afghanistan: Arguments For and Against

Introduction The launching of Operation Enduring Freedom by the United States military on October 7th, 2001, marked the beginning of the US-led war on terror in Afghanistan. The response came as a response to the devastating terror attack on September 11th, 2001, which the terrorist group al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for. The group and its leader, […]

Peacekeeping by Global Powers and Organizations

Power, international law, and peacekeeping form a major aspect of the global talk, forums, and discussions; as a threat to global security, stability, and understanding, especially from the rise in the terrorist attacks; and the armed conflicts witnessed in today’s political global affairs. This work is an analysis of the efforts to enforce global power, […]

Red Cross as an International Organization

Abstract The following document will look at Red Cross as an international body, its date of formation as well as the requirements that one has to have before joining. The purpose and the organization will also be discussed in this document. Structure and achievements will also be looked at in this document. The contacts that […]

Terrorism: Definition, History, Countermeasures

Introduction Terrorism has been of social life since the early history of humankind. Nevertheless, the concept of terrorism gained new meaning after the mass-destruction attack on the United States on September 11, 2001. The terrorist attack was carefully planned and resulted in thousands of deaths of civilian people. Terrorism is a war in essence; however, […]

Blair Doctrine from Moral Perspective

Most wars involve land interests. The idea of war as a rescue of people in danger of a humanitarian catastrophe might seem noble. However, what are the criteria that allow one nation to interfere with another hiding behind the idea to help? In the middle of the Kosovo conflict, the British Prime Minister Tony Blair […]

Habitat for Humanity and Its Activities

Introduction Habitat for Humanity refers to a nonprofit organization that is devoted to building simple, decent, and affordable housing affordable for homeless individuals. Most of the homes are built by volunteers and are then sold at no profit, where no interest is charged on them. This organization was founded in 1976. The vision of this […]

US International Trade and Economic Nationalism

The economic success of each country can be seen through its international economic relations as far as the exports and imports are a concern. Being a global enterprise, the various economies of the world have developed as a result of diversifying its markets and an effective imposition of policies, which will ultimately benefit the country […]

Representative Democracy and Its Crisis in Europe

Introduction In the contemporary world, representative democracy is believed to be an elementary principal. In fact, the ideal of democracy in Europe, for instance, is based on the representative democracy. The model of democracy is designed in line with reverence to human civil liberties and the tenets of a bylaw. In essence, the European Council […]

Political Parties in the Democratic World

Lipset and Rokkan argued that Western European party systems had enjoyed relative stability since competitive electoral politics was incepted. However, modern scholars claim that party systems that were established after 1978 have been characterized by a lot of volatility, and stability is almost absent. Lipset and Rokkan (1976) had argued that party systems have an […]

Do Electronic Voting Machines Improve the Voting Process?

Electronic voting machines comprise of a variety of gadgets used to facilitate the actual voting process and counting of votes. In order to assess whether electronic voting machines really improve the voting process, there is a need to examine the advantages, disadvantages, and impacts of the electronic voting system. In this respect, the discussion section […]

Government: Parliamentary vs. Presidential Systems

Introduction Government types are determined and defined by the way the state’s executive, judicial, and legislative institutions are organized. In present times, the majority of governments are democratic, which means that they “permit nation’s citizens to manage their government either directly or through elected representatives” (Faraji, 2015, p. 269). There are two main types of […]

Life Insurance: Theory and Practice

Life insurance can be defined as the contract between the insurer and the person who owns the policy. Some countries include some events like bills and death expenses are included in the premium policy. The insurer is bound to pay some money in case an event happens to occur. If the insurer enters the contract, […]

Communism: Theory and Reality

Abstract The ideas of Communism appeared in the middle of the nineteenth century and were expressed in the works of Carl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Communism presupposes the economic equality of all members of a classless society. Marx developed a three-step algorithm of the establishment of Communism. First, revolution removes all class distinctions, forming a […]

Obama’s Citizenship, Religion, and His Political Ideology

Introduction If there was one president whose life and leadership has been most controversial is that of the U.S president Barrack Obama. The accusations, rumors, and fallacies leveled against him range from not only his country of birth, but they stroll down to even his presidency. Skeptics of his administration, the republicans and other citizens […]

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