The Meaning of Life: A Discussion

Introduction In philosophy, it is a good tradition (if it might be said so) to look for answers to very general questions, such as questions about the origin of the universe, human nature, good and evil, and so on. One of these is the question of the meaning of life. While it is relatively new […]

The Problem of Free Will

John Searle and Rene Descartes on Dualism Descartes’ philosophy can be represented as an extreme manifestation of dualism since the philosopher believed that a mind does not have any physical properties and, thus, is related directly to consciousness. Searle, on the other hand, believed that there is a strong biological connection between the functions of […]

Karl Marx Views on History

Introduction Marxism perspective is concerned with the ways in which the production of space and place is implicated in the reproduction of specific social reforms that happen in history. Marx believed that the present order must first be destroyed by revolution before a truly socialist could evolve. Marxist Theories of History Economic determinism- the idea […]

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Freudian Perspective on Dreams

Abstract The progress of systematic knowledge has tried to touch on the analysis of dreams. By the time Freud inscribed about dream in the recent periods, the scrutiny of more complex kinds of psycho-neuroses as well as the sexual philosophy was in the initial stages. The understanding of dreams was envisioned as a practical that […]

Taylor’s View of Cruelty and Compassion

The purpose of this work is to consider the prominent philosopher Richard Taylor’s work ‘Cruelty and Compassion.’ In this respect, firstly, it is necessary to discuss the definitions of both phenomena. Secondly, it will be discussed if they are arbitrary or not, and sufficient proof will be presented. The third issue under consideration will concern […]

What are the Main Features of the Homeric Worldview?

The Homeric worldview resembles the orthodox Greek perspective (Cunningham & Reich 39). Homeric conception of the world characterized a flat and rounded disk of land enclosed by an endless ocean stream. Based on the above representation, it was believed that the earth’s plateau was amid Oceanus. The sun, the moon, and the stars were thought […]

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