American Ex-Presidents: the Election of Barack Obama

Introduction Many Americans from different cultural backgrounds celebrated after they elected Barack Obama to become the 44th president of the United States. This victory had both social and political implications. It was impossible for scholars to predict this victory several decades ago. Many African Americans believed strongly that the event marked new era. After the […]

The Arab Defeat Reasons in the 1967 War

Introduction Since its formation in 1948, the State of Israel has faced opposition from its Arab neighbors. This hostility comes from the perception that the Jews settled on land that historically belonged to the Palestinians. During the early years of Israel’s existence, the Arabs States made clear their intentions to destroy the Jewish State. One […]

The Stamp Act Resolutions and the Declaratory Act

During the second half of the eighteenth century, the tensions between American colonists and the British government intensified because the Parliament did not want to delegate some of its authorities to the local people who believed that they had been excluded from the political life. Overall, the nature of this conflict can be better explained […]

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“The Origins of the Modern World” by Robert Marks

Introduction The history of the world has never been an easy thing to understand due to an enormous variety of interpretations and contradictory facts. However, the greatest amount of historical literature describes the world history from a rather limited and sometimes biased Western point of view. There is no doubt that Europe is the cradle […]

The Attack on the Pearl Harbor

Causal chain of the events The attack on the Pearl Harbor is attributed with the United States involvement in the World War II. The devastating event that lasted for 2 hours is perceived to have created a great loss in terms of the army vessels and soldiers (Davenport 42). The following discussion focuses on the […]

Protests Theatre Role in Apartheid South Africa

Introduction It has often been argued that theatre is political in nature because it is a part of all human activities, which are political in nature (Schumann, 2008). Apart from entertaining the society, theatres perform significant roles in any society. For instance, they contribute to the processes of educating, informing, creating awareness and addressing the […]

Why Templars Attract Much Suspicion?

Introduction Medieval scandals can be defined as the issues that arose during the middle ages, i.e., from the beginning of the 5th century toward the end of the 15th century in Europe (Barber 42). The scandals investigate European politics and their way of lives, such as the persecution of Templars, who later emerged as the […]

The Olmec and Rapa Nui Civilizations

Introduction The Southern Gulf Coast of Mexico is believed to have been home to the ancient Olmec culture (Diehl 93). Olmec civilization emerged around 1200BC and it developed distinct and complex structures, which have had impact to the people of Mexico up to date. In addition, the civilization instilled a culture, which is recognized by […]

Inventing the American Constitution

The process of adopting the Constitution was one of the most significant events in the history of the American nation. The Constitution was adopted by the Founding Fathers who are discussed as the most influential figures in the history of the United States. In her book A Brilliant Solution: Inventing the American Constitution, Carol Berkin […]

“The Fire Next Time” a Book by James Baldwin

Introduction “The Fire Next Time” is a book written by James Baldwin. It is a collection of two essays “Down at The Cross: Letter from a Region of My Mind” and “My Dungeon Shook: Letter to my Nephew on the One Hundredth Anniversary of Emancipation”. The first letter discusses the issues between religion and race, […]

The Cold War and Decolonisation History

The Cold War and decolonisation were global occurrences, and even though each event occurred independently, they ended up overlapping with time. In this context, the Cold War underscores the underlying conflict and tension between the United States and the Soviet Union starting from 1947. On the other side, decolonisation denotes the back down of the […]

American History: Eleanor Roosevelt

Women have always been in the sidelines of men. Throughout the history of our world, men have been playing a key role in society. There is a great number of famous men whose names are familiar to every person. However, very often these men have a woman, who is not so famous though, she does […]

World History: Rise of the Islamic Empire

There was a great number of different interesting and bright moments in history of our world. Rise and fall of the Roman Empire, Napoleonic Wars and great tragedy of the WWII. Each event changed greatly development of our word and society. Moreover, these events left a great landmark in culture of peoples which were related […]

Neo-realism and African Diaspora

Neo-realist literature represents some significant changes in the consciousness of African diaspora. The literature of this period gives a realistic portrayal of those difficulties that African people can face. It explores such themes as oppression, lack of opportunities, and injustice. The language is also important for the poets, who worked in the neo-realist tradition. They […]

Social Welfare History in the USA

History of Social Welfare The establishment of social welfare, in the USA, was one of the most critical undertakings in the history of the country. In essence, the true definition and perspective of looking at social welfare have undergone profound evolution. Authors have come up with new and better ways of defining this term. In […]

Baghdad as the Islamic World in 8th-11th centuries

Islam, which emerged in the 622 Current Era when Prophet Muhammad and his disciples migrated from Mecca to Medina is the youngest religion in the world. Later, the Islamic Empire extended its territory from northern Spain to the Pyrenees, Northern Africa to western parts of Egypt, and Syria to the Euphrates valley in former Mesopotamia. […]

Democracy in America Between 1780 and 1830

Democracy refers to a form of government in which the public is involved in governance either through involvement in the election of political representatives or through the exercise of control over governance by conducting referendums. The United States has always prioritized democracy since its inception as a nation. There is a lot of evidence of […]

History of the Industrial Revolution in Europe

Introduction The European industrial revolution occurred between the eighteenth century and nineteenth centuries. During this time, the European and American pastoral populations that appeared to be mainly agricultural turned into urbanized and industrialized populations. However, in the late 1700s, British communities were the first to experience the Industrial Revolution, but before this period, industrial production […]

Langston Hughes’ Biography

Introduction Langston Hughes was a Black American born in 1901. He was popularly known for his art that incorporated poetry, prose, autobiography, drama and essay writing. Hughes focused on highlighting existing stereotypes, which rendered Blacks vulnerable to discrimination. Even though he had the political inclination, he failed to publicly declare his position. The works of […]

Mercantile System

Introduction Mercantilism is a system that allows countries to control others. In this case, governments partner with the merchant from their country to suppress the foreign countries. This ensured that the countries maintained their military power. Also, it ensured that the country had a favorable balance of trade over the colonized country. The system revolved […]

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Women in Ancient Greece

Function of women in Greece Classic Greece refers to the period from fifth to forth century before Christ. During this period, the Roman Empire witnessed prosperity that had a potent impact on the development of the Western Civilization. In ancient Greece, women performed three main functions – childbearing, fabric weaving, and managing household. They have […]

James Horn’s “A Land as God Made It”

Introduction The book A Land as God Made It: Jamestown and the Birth of America written by James Horn, relate to the hardships that the early European colonizers faced in their pursuit of rich and flourishing civilizations.[1] The Europeans had traversed across the Pacific in search of wealth and new land to settle down. Expansionism […]

Mississippi Freedom Summer in 1964: Whites in the Movement

This was a civil rights movement in the southern parts of the United States. It was a very interesting move since the whites were involved in the struggle for African American liberation (American Experience, 2009). The movement involved over 1000 white college students who decided to involve themselves in educating the blacks and also advocating […]

Food in the 20th Centure

Factors That Limited the Food Choices Turner (2014) tells the story of the life of working-class Americans and their diets at the turn of the century. It is noted that money was one of the crucial factors affecting food choices working-class people made. At the same time, there were other aspects that shaped their choices. […]

United States and Expanding to Westward

As the United States began to expand westward, people considered themselves as liberators. The government believed that this expansion would make the territory secure and free from violence. This would in turn lead to civilization of the Indian populations thereby minimizing the Apache threat. During the early years that the U.S was in control, it […]

The Founding of the Caliphate

The foundation of the Caliphate, one of the most important features of Islam religious and political powers, remains an important topic of debate in the history of religion. Over the years, scholars have attempted to develop a number of theories to explain the actual foundation of the Caliphate. One of the major questions is whether […]

Claude McKay’s Biography

Claude McKay was one of the most influential figures during the Harlem Renaissance period of the 1900s. Born and educated in his native Jamaica, McKay ventured out to the United States in 1912 to pursue further education (McKay). While in the US he discovered the cruelties suffered by the African Americans. McKay was shocked with […]

Battle of AlQadisiyyah

Introduction The battle of AlQadisiyyah is considered to be one of the most important events in the history of the Middle East of the VII century. The battle of AlQadisiyyah represented the decisive battle in the military expansion of the Arabians. It had taken place nearby Qadisiyyah, the medieval city in Mesopotamia. As the result […]

History: the Decline of Rome in the 3rd Century

Introduction The Roman Empire was formed in the 1st century by Emperor Augustus, and it enjoyed a brief period of economic and political prosperity before experiencing a decline that led to its eventual demise. The third-century crisis is considered by many historians to be a decisive period in the history of the Roman Empire. During […]

The Cold War History

Introduction Many historians believe that the Cold War was a major conflict between the two nations. The Cold War emerged after the end of the Second World War. The Post-War Tension between the United States and the Soviet Union lasted for several decades. This tension resulted in numerous rivalries and incidents. A new wave of […]

Views on Slavery by F.Douglass and B.Washington

The institution of slavery is presented in both accounts as based on a range of typical features and behaviors which are experienced by all slaves. Thus, Frederick Douglass and Booker Washington draw the readers’ attention to the fact that their situations and descriptions of slave life are the reflections of the conditions typical for the […]

History: Malcolm X as Civil Rights Activist

Abstract Malcolm X was a renowned African American nationalist who contributed heavily to the final freedom of blacks from discrimination and racism. He demonstrated that freedom and inclusivity are the gifts that mankind must realize to enjoy life. Despite the troubled youth, Malcolm X’s contribution as an adult climaxed in the achievement of freedom among […]

Historiography: Primary Sources

The study of primary and secondary sources enables a person to achieve several important objectives. At first, one can understand the general tendencies that characterize a certain historical period. Yet, this approach is helpful for examining the opinion of separate individuals and their responses to changing lifestyles or values. This issue can be illustrated by […]

Ancient History: Bastet the Goddess

Having been the subject of a major cult following in 2890 BC, i.e., the era of the Second Dynasty in Ancient Egypt, Bastet remains one of the most famous Egyptian goddesses. The name of the goddess may vary; she is often called Bast, Bastet, Beast and Ubaste as well, though “Bastet” is the most common […]

The Issue of Class Oppression Among African Americans

The years of slavery in the USA provoked a lot of social problems and contradictions which were not resolved even after the years of the Civil War. During the period of slavery, it was typical to speak about the opposition between ‘whites’ and ‘blacks.’ The end of slavery resulted in revealing a new conflict which […]

The Impact of the American Revolution on the French

Introduction The American Revolution erupted during the 18th century. The revolution was a political uprising, which brought together thirteen colonies in North America with the aim of fighting for liberation from the British who had colonized them. The American colonies were against the British authority over them especially British overseas rule, which denied them any […]

Science and Technology in Shaping of the Modern World

Introduction The impact of science and technology in the modern world can be viewed from two perspectives. Firstly, the world has largely benefited in various ways through advancements that have added value to life. On the other hand, advancements in science and technology have negative the y affected the world by promoting terrorism, which has […]

Industrial Revolution Affects on British Workers Lives

In 1833, a law was passed in Britain limiting working hours about women and children working in textile mills; this came as a result of a parliamentary investigation into the conditions of working in the textile industry. In the course of the investigations, several people were called up to give evidence before the saddler committee […]

American Political and Economic History

President Wilson and the First World War The Great Wars that existed between nations before the emergence of the First World War ensured that America protected its territories from external attacks. It has to form diplomatic relations with countries that share with its international waters to ensure its navy and merchant ships were protected. The […]

The Reaction of the American Citizens to the US Entry into World War I

Being the first global international conflict in the twentieth century, World War I challenged the European countries as well as the USA to mobilize their military forces to oppose German aggression. In spite of the fact the USA insisted on the state’s neutrality about the conflict to protect the interests of the citizens and preserve […]

Ysujiro Ozu’s Biography: Japanese Director Life and Career

Background Yasuhiro Ozu was born on 12 December 1903 in the Fukagawa district of Tokyo where his parents were residing. His father provided for the family by selling fertilizer, and he was forced to send his children to his rural home in Matsusaka because the urban life was very expensive. Ozu attended Meiji Nursery and […]

The Cold War and Its Effects on American Policies

Introduction The end of the Second World War led to the rise of two major global powers, namely, the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R., who emerged victoriously. The two nations had different political and economic ideologies, which made them suspicious of each other. America’s economic and political system was capitalistic in nature, and it favored liberal […]

Benjamin Franklin’s Biography

One of the people who cannot be easily forgotten as far as the history of America is concerned is Benjamin Franklin. Franklin is regarded as one of the main founders of the United States because of his active participation in the development of different fields. This paper presents the biography of Benjamin Franklin. The paper […]

Aviation Enters the Free Market

Introduction Since its development, the aviation industry continues to play a major role in the world economy. It is considered as an economic pillar especially in cases where a country invests in and streamlines it. Unlike other sectors of the economy, aviation mainly deals with international events and tours as it connects different destinations across […]

Missouri Compromise Role in American History

Introduction The Missouri compromise refers to an agreement passed in 1820 as a solution to the differences in government over slavery (Forbes 19). Before the agreement was passed, numerous member of the United States Congress disagreed on the way to incorporate both western and southern states in the government without creating a problem. Some factions […]

The Colonization Process of New France

In the 17th century, France attempted to colonize new regions in the world in order to expand their influence. Jacques Cartier was the force behind the expeditions in 1534; he claimed the Chaleur Bay for his country, France. Further, the prominent sailor in his several trips conquered St. Lawrence River. In these new regions, France […]

Women’ Role in United Arabs Emirates in the Past 20 Years

Introduction There has been a continuous change in the role of women in the United Arabs Emirates (UAE) in the past 20 years. In essence, the UAE has developed its women to the point of becoming the leading nation in women empowerment across the Arab countries. Although the UAE was trailing in women empowerment in […]

American History: U.S. Civil War

Name and describe three (3) instances during the Civil War where Confederate troops utilized the Jomini theories of “Interior Lines” and “Concentration of Forces? The campaign of First Manassas is a good example of the use of “interior lines” and “concentration of forces” during the Civil War. There were four groups of military men. The […]

The Amazing Life of Telemachus

Introduction Many people in the world value their lives, and they cannot sacrifice it for any reason. However, Telemachus sacrificed his life for the sake of the helpless slaves and political prisoners. He found a crowd in Rome being entertained by the gladiator fights. He could not find it logical for people to cheer up […]

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Analysis of the Book “The History” by the Venerable Bede

An Overview History is one of the most popular books written by the Venerable Bede. The text is known to different people by several titles. It is known as Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum, The Ecclesiastical History of the English People, and Bede’s History. The book not only explores the religious history associated with the Anglo- […]

War and Social Development

The period between 1500 and 1815 marked a significant history in the development of modern Europe. This period was characterized by great developments in science and technology, secularized politics and the nation-state. Behind these positive developments, there was an important historical phenomenon; the many wars including the 30 years dest the active conflicts that lasted […]

“The Space Traders” by Derrick Bell

In his short story The Space Traders, Derrick Bell puts forward a very disconcerting argument about American society. In particular, he constructs a hypothetical situation in which American community is asked to hand over every black person living in the country in return for gold and technologies that can help the country overcome its economic […]

World History: Golden Age

Human existence in this world has undergone a series of ages. As one of the greatest ages of human, the golden age represents the first period of human existence, when humans flourished in various aspects. During the golden age, humans lived superb lives because they coexisted peacefully, lived in a clean environment, obtained enough resources […]

The Persian War and Athenian Progress – Ancient History

Athens, is one of the Greek cities, had importance just as others such as Sparta had. It had a very successful naval power but was behind in other sectors, including arts. All this came to change after the Persian war. This paper will analyze the Athenian progress of attaining democracy and economic variations that resulted […]

French Intervention in the American Revolution

Introduction The American Revolution happened between the years 1775 and 1783. The Revolution involved the United States, France, Great Britain, Spain, and the Netherlands. However, the countries that played a major role in the Revolution were France, Great Britain, and the United States. Initially, the insurgency involved the Americans who were fighting Great Britain in […]

Racism in America between 1783 and 1836

The question that needs to be asked in this instance is whether the concept of the ace existed ninety years ago or still exists in America. Is it a cultural issue or a scientific fact? And lastly, have racial issues been conformed to the historical notions or should be abandoned for some kind of ignorance? […]

“Masters of Command” by Strauss Barry

Strauss’ book ‘Masters of Command’ revolves around three war leaders Alexander the Great, Hannibal and Caesar. They stand out as leaders of their time as they ruled effectively and won their battles. Strauss strives to bring out lessons concerning good leadership, which is mostly characterized by good strategy formulation and implementation, all of which are […]

Nazi Propaganda Movies

Introduction If ever a man was master of propaganda and political rhetoric, it was Adolf Hitler of Nazi German. Adolf Hitler was able to prove to the entire world that power is wielded by propaganda when utilized as an instrument of political force. The role that the Germany nation played in the Second World War […]

Colonial Unrest in Virginia, New York and Massachusetts

Introduction Colonial unrest is a state of total dissatisfaction or disturbances to colonies during the colonial era. The study explores the disturbances or dissatisfactions experienced by colonies such as New York, Virginia, and Massachusetts under the control of the colonial states such as British, Europeans and Britain. The factors that led to these disturbances and […]

The Age of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent

Introduction Sultan Suleiman is one of the greatest leaders in history. Sultan was the leader of the Ottoman Empire was born in the year 1494 on the 6th of November. He was in the reign for the longest time beginning in the year 1520 until 1566 when he died. He was born by Sultan Selim […]

Ancient History: Mesopotamian Empire Achievements

The Mesopotamian Empire had several achievements throughout its existence. The achievements ranged from powerful kingdoms to trade and agriculture. It is worth to mention that this empire spanned over several centuries. This essay explores the achievements of the Mesopotamian Empire. King Sargon created the world’s largest first empire. The Akkadian dynasty was founded by Sargon. […]

Momigliano’s Contribution to Historiography Development

Brief Summary Momigliano is one of the most prominent historians of the twentieth century. He wrote numerous essays on the history of Christianity. One of these works is his essay “Pagan and Christian Historiography in the Fourth Century AD” (Momigliano 1963). In this essay, the author focuses on the way historians tried to highlight the […]

The Civil War. The Letters From the Soldiers

The Civil War of America lasted between the years 1861-1865. One of the causes of the war was Abraham Lincoln’s decision to abolish slavery in America, in particular, in the South (Mcpherson 90). The essay under consideration represents the analysis of the soldiers’ letters within the larger sequence of historical events. Before America joined the […]

Articles of Confederation

Introduction Events rarely take place in space and only few ideas just get into the scene without prior preparation. Using various ideas here and there, major ideas can be realized and lead to great success. James Madison is one of the people who managed to get ideas from taking notes in the Congress and Constitutional […]

Political Influence of William Shakespeare in XVI Century in England

William Shakespeare (1564 – 1616) is the most famous English writer, poet, playwright, and theatre actor of all time. This talented author is nowadays admired by millions of people as a genius of literature and theatre, and this title is a deserved one. The heritage of William Shakespeare, consisting of over 30 plays, hundred of […]

Why Should We Look at Race When Trying to Understand Fascism?

Fascism is traditionally defined as a method of radical authoritarian nationalism, which achieved great eminence in Europe at the beginning of the 1900s. It originally was established in Italy in the course of World War I as an antagonistic form of organizing a nation to liberalism. Moreover, it is a political ideology, campaign, or leadership […]

Zionism and anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany

Introduction Before and during the Nazi regime in Germany headed by Adolf Hitler, there was a systematic- state-sponsored persecution that led to the murder of many Jews. This occurred at the beginning of the year 1933 when the Nazi regime came to power and progressively propagated the belief among the German citizenry that Germans were […]

Biography of Charles Augustus Lindbergh

Charles Augustus Lindbergh is an American pilot, has made the first non-single transatlantic flight. He was born on Feb. 4, 1902, in Detroit. He received primary education in the Little Falls (Minnesota pieces), in 1920-1922 he studied at the University of Wisconsin, where the passion for aviation. In 1924 the school became a cadet in […]

Effects of French Revolution on European Peasantry

French revolution (1789) is one of the greatest events not only in the history of France and Europe but also in the history of the world at large. It gave humanity the message of freedom, equality, and social justice and paved new roads leading towards the protection of human rights and self-respect of all individuals […]

English Colonization

During the year 1754 – 1765, many significant changes took place, which is important in the history of the British Empire. A vast expansion of the Empire was witnessed by the people during this time. The Empire was made up of various heterogeneous colonies with different economic institutions etc. The British government failed to adopt […]

The Industrial Revolution in Europe

Introduction The European industrial revolution occurred between the eighteenth century and nineteenth centuries. During this time, the European and American pastoral populations that appeared to be mainly agricultural turned into urbanized and industrialized populations. However, in the late 1700s, British communities were the first to experience the Industrial Revolution, but before this period, industrial production […]

The Civil Rights Movement in USA

Introduction Civil rights are normally grouped together with political rights. These are categories of freedom and rights that are recognized by a constitution and are meant to protect citizens, both at individual and group level, against unjustifiable actions undertaken by the government, individuals, and private organizations. Civil rights also ensure citizens do not experience any […]

The French Revolution and the Rights of Men

Introduction Before the French revolution, there were only two nations that acknowledged the concept of human right, which are the Great Britain and the USA, its former colony. Despite the interpretative differences in the national history of the French revolution, the country embraced only civil and political rights. However, the complicated selection of delegates that […]

History of American Revolution

After the conclusion (end) of the Seven Years War in 1763, British, facing no immediate threat from the French turned her interest to the colonies (Pauline 16). British had accumulated enormous defence expenses during the wars and as such needed to collect revenue from the colonies in order to offset them (Pauline 43). As a […]

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) Biography

One of the people who cannot be easily forgotten as far as the history of America is concerned is Benjamin Franklin. Franklin is regarded as one of the main founders of the United States because of his active participation in the development of different fields. This paper presents the biography of Benjamin Franklin. The paper […]

“The War of 1812”

United States and Great Britain engaged in war in 1812, hence named “The War of 1812”. This war lasted for three years, that is, from 1812 to 1815. It resulted from the cropping anger of the Americans over trade issues, impressments of American sailors, and British aid of the Indian attacks on the front line […]

American Foreign Policy

Impact of presidents on American foreign policy and Obama’s influence and change in the international agenda Presidents in the United States often affect foreign policy by deciding whether the country will employ diplomatic means to deal with an international relations issue or whether they will use war. History shows that through approval of congress, American […]

History of Crusades

Introduction The crusades that were carried out in medieval times left long lasting effects that are still being felt today in both the Christian and Muslim world. Crusades played a significant part in defining the kind of relations that exist between the West and Islam at the present time. This paper will examine how the […]

Mona Lisa and Renaissance Humanism

The word ‘Renaissance’ literally means ‘rebirth’, but most people today associate the term with a specific time period in Western European culture. Many of these go even further to think specifically of Italy, or perhaps more specifically still, of Florence. This is because this cultural revival, which happened roughly between the years 1400 and 1600, […]

Defending Slavery

Introduction Slave trade was a booming business in America before it was abolished in the eighteenth century. Many contemporary historians claim that the slave trade lasted for more than 2000 years. During the slavery period, people were illegally enslaved and transported under unkind conditions. Slaves who were majorly obtained from the African continent were exchanged […]

Humanities and Justice in Britain during 18th Century

India was a simple subcontinent before its introduction to the West. On the eve of the British conquest of India, it was characterized by lot of disruption and economic fragmentation. The gradual downfall of the Mughal Empire during the 18th century had led to economic disintegration and the constant bouts of conflict amongst the Indian […]

History of Nazi Propaganda Movies

Introduction If ever a man was master of propaganda and political rhetoric, it was Adolf Hitler of Nazi German. Adolf Hitler was able to prove to the entire world that power is wielded by propaganda when utilized as an instrument of political force. The role that the Germany nation played in the Second World War […]

Why and How did the US get Involved in the Korean War?

Introduction The Korean War has been labeled as one of the most significant occurrences after the end of the Second World War. In fact, some political analysts referred to it as a direct replacement of the Second World War. It had an indelible impact on the Cold War that followed immediately after. The Koreans however […]

Women in Ancient Greek Society

Ancient Greek society was one of the most highly developed communities of its time. Science thrived, and so did the economy, architecture, literature, art, and many other components of any culture. On the other hand, however developed the ancient Greek society may seem, there was indeed place for certain shortcomings. They came in the form […]

History of post WWII

Introduction The post WWII years turned to be rather challenging for the world. It became the beginning of the new era of global development, including the escalating confrontation between Soviet and Imperialistic blocks, the beginning of the Cold War with its détentes and escalations. The invention of missile weapons led to the escalating of Cuban […]

History of Aztec Music

The Aztec people are originally from the central part of Mexico. They were most known for their political power and the use of the war drums in battle they posed the Mesoamerica in the 15th and 16th centuries (Skidmore & Smith pp 28). Today they are found in the island of Lake Tex coco and […]

History of Manifest Destiny in US

The middle of the 19th century was an expansive time in the United States, a period when appropriate actions would result in significant benefits. According to these principles, John O’Sullivan was unsuccessful. His risky investments were never fruitful. His political allies never paid him well for his publishing work. His scheme to seize Cuba was […]

Rome from 140 BCE to the Reign of Octavian

Numerous events took place in Rome between 140 BCE and the time Octavian. These events are political, social, economical and cultural. The leaders who ruled Rome during this period are mainly responsible for the changes that took place during this time. The most outstanding personalities in this period include Tiberius Gracchus, Gaius Gracchus, Marius, Sulla, […]

History and Role of the Money

Introduction Money is any commodity or token that serves as a medium of exchange that is legally and socially acknowledged in payment for services and goods and in the disbursement of debts. Money serves as a store of value and as a standard of value for determining the comparative worth of different services and goods. […]

The History of Gold Rush

The Gold Rush was a massive event, triggered by the discovery of gold in Coloma, California. James W. Marshall found the gold, while he was inspecting the river’s channel. This discovery led to the development of California as a state. The city of San Francisco had grown from a mere settlement to a mighty city. […]

War and Diplomacy

War and Diplomacy, the two tactics of different nations through the ages have been used very effectively throughout history. While some people felt that Diplomacy was the best means to avoid war, some statesmen felt that was war was the only solution to settling disputes with other countries. Otto Von Bismarck – 1815 – 1898, […]

“The Cold War: A New History” a Book by John Lewis Gaddis

In the book The Cold War: A New History, John Lewis Gaddis proposes a unique vision of the Cold War and its impact on the world and relations between the USSR and America. The book consists of seven chapters devoted to different aspects of the Cold War and relations between the world states. The caution […]

American Revolutions in Early 19th Century

One of the defining moments in American history is the industrial revolution, a term used to refer to a period in early 19th century whereby production shifted from hand and home based to machine and factory based. The period was characterized by introduction of changes in agriculture, manufacturing as well as transportation. The first industrial […]

The Trial of Joan of Arc

Have you ever wondered exactly who this Joan of Arc was and what she did so that she became so famous? You hear people mention her name but have you really ever read her story? Some people say that Joan of arc was killed unfairly and claim that she was a martyr. It is said […]

Women Empowerment: Role of Women in Chinese Society

The role of women in Modern Chinese Society contrasts greatly from traditional Chinese society. There are more equality and fairness, and most Chinese people back in China and abroad regard their women with respect. “Chinese women are now entitled to occupational and educational opportunities” (e How inc). It is important though to look at the […]

Concepts of American Dreams

Each one of us dreams of having a successful life. Historically Americans have been seeking to achieve the American dream of fame, success and immense wealth through changes and much effort. Achieving American dream depends on one’s understanding of the dream and there have been many dreams in history. Martin Luther, Jr. and Langston Hughes […]

The Lost City of Atlantis

The existence of the Lost City of Atlantis has been written about by several authors ranging from psychics {such as Edgar Cayce and Rudolph Steiner} and historians {like Lewis Spence and Diodorus Siculus} to treasure-hunters {such as Mannannan Osin and Cuchulain Fionn} and scholars {like David Zink and Ignatius Donelly}. All these writings have one […]

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