Social Networking Sites: Companies Fan Pages Popularity

Clients are the biggest asset of social networking sites, thus, efforts should be made not only to acquire new ones, but also to maintain the existing ones by ensuring client satisfaction. Social networking sites ensure that their users stay on board by reassuring them that they are in the best site that is capable of […]

Inside Ayurvedic Medicine: Documentary by T. R. Reid

This documentary film casts a light on the peculiarities of Ayurvedic medicine. One should note that it is a set of techniques which have been practiced in India for more than two millenniums. In turn, the movie explores the experiences of a journalist who wants to undergo this form of treatment. I heard about Ayurvedic […]

Social Media’s Influence in Activism and Revolution

Introduction Across the global village, the introduction of communication via the internet has liberated contact and made it efficient and cost-effective. At present, by a click of the button, an individual is in a position to communicate with the entire world. Social media has become very common among activists across the globe. The most common […]

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Digital Media Theory and the Role of Regulation Online

Introduction Technological developments have been seen by the global society as a solution to many of the socio-economic problems in the world. Technology is supposed to make human life enjoyable by addressing issues that limited the ability to do some specific things. The invention of digital technologies has widely been considered a breakthrough in addressing […]

Influence of Social Media in Activism and Revolt

Introduction Relationships between individuals have been greatly changed since the introduction of social media. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have made it easy for people to pass information across the globe. Therefore, this has been made possible by considerably reducing the obstacles of communication. By just clicking a button, an individual is able to get information […]

How Television Producers Engage Viewers?

Introduction The goal of this paper is to demonstrate that television producers are successfully engaging viewers in program-related second screen activities. In the past, viewers played a passive role when it came to watching television programs. They had to know the right time for their favorite programs and watch them without having any active input […]

Emotional Branding in Advertising

Introduction Many organizations have embraced the art of advertising to capture the attention of consumers. Emotions account for more than half of the extent to which consumers are satisfied with various products. Trend assumed by firms is dependent on the emotional involvement of consumers. With current escalation in the adoption of the advertising strategy, uniqueness […]

The Computer-Mediated and Face-to-Face Communications

The rapid development of technologies led to significant changes in the manner of people’s interactions because of the necessity to respond to the tendencies of the constantly changing world. The progress of Instant Messaging technologies, social media, and Skype means the beginning of the digital era in which the computer-mediated communication plays the more important […]

Social Networking Benefits in Social Life

Issues in Social Networking In recent years, it is becoming increasingly clear that social networking applications such as Facebook and Twitter provide users with numerous new and exciting opportunities for establishing relationships across the geographic landscape (Rodricks, 2009), but also with concerns that increase the likelihood of new risks to the established relationships (Goessl, 2010). […]

Mass Media Impacts on Personal Socialization

In the 21st century, the mass media has become an integral part of the day-to-day activities for human beings. Over the years, this sector has undergone considerable transformation to incorporate almost all aspects that people consider as important in their lives. The mass media has become a tool that defines how people eat, dress and […]

Social Media Influence on the Lives Today

Computerization of various spheres of human has started decades ago. Computerized data started to be used in engineering, mathematics, machine building, banking and economics, medicine. Over the last decade this process has penetrated the sphere of interpersonal communication, both private and professional. The older generation was a bit redundant towards this happening, while the young […]

The Masculine Role in Advertisement

Introduction The global advertising industry is growing rapidly with advertisers adopting new phenomenon in the advertising of either goods or services. Primarily, advertising sought to create awareness of certain products or new services initiated by companies, thus performing an imperative role as a marketing strategy of great competitive advantage. Internationally, several decades ago, the advertising […]

Criminality Development in the Documentary A Life of Crime

Introduction The paper introduces the conception of getting involved in criminal activities as well as estimates the social influences on criminology development, in America. The analysis refers to the first part of the documentary A Life of Crime, which embraces the description of criminal stories of three men. The action takes place in 1989, in […]

“Violent Media is Good for Kids” by Gerard Jones

The past few decades have been characterized by an increase in the media content available to the public. Some of this media is of a violent nature and questions have been raised as to the effect of exposing children to violent media. Parents, teachers and psychological health professionals all express concern about the effect that […]

The Old Age: Description on TV Programs

Old age is an issue that almost every person eventually has to face in their life. Even though sometimes the aged are depicted as senile and debilitated by the media, many of them still retain much energy. To find out how elderly people are depicted on TV, we viewed three different TV shows (two American […]

Social Media’s Influence on the Children and Teens Lives

Social media platforms have influenced the lives of children and young teens in many ways. These platforms are associated with negative and positive aspects. Owing to this fact, there is the need for people to appreciate the impact of social media so that they can caution children and young teens against the dangers of the […]

5 Unexpected Ways to Find Content Ideas

The wonderful thing about writing a regular blog post is that you have a steady writing assignment. The challenging thing about such a gig is that you need constant streams of fresh content. How can you generate endless new ideas – ideas that seize reader attention, reel them back in for more, while, oh by […]

Intercultural Communication in TV Shows

Human beings are usually “attached” to specific cultural or racial groups. Every country or society has different cultural groups. Some of these cultural groups encounter various challenges, such as discrimination, prejudice, and “communication barriers.” However, it is mandatory for individuals in a society to communicate with one another. This explains why the question of intercultural […]

Social Media’s Influence Importance

Introduction Social media (for instance, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube) has played a key role in the way human beings communicate by enhancing data sharing through considerably trimming barricades of communication. Through social media, persons from diverse areas of the globe are able to note any developments of occasions or events. Activists are using social media […]

Social Media’s Influence on Children and Teenagers

Social media is perhaps the most recent technological advancement in the world today. Applications that are internet based have made transfer of information fast and efficient. This has in turn made communication between people as well as organizations easy and reliable. However, given the fact that a big percentage of the global population comprises of […]

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The Role of Social Media’s Influence on Revolution

The impact social media make on modern society is obvious and impossible to underestimate. It is a well-known fact that today the internet is much more popular and widely used than television. Many people spend hours browsing the net and visiting social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. The content placed on these websites […]

Dallas Farmer’s Market Advertisement

Introduction The advertisement of Dallas Farmer’s market conveys a message that people should purchase healthy food provided by this market rather than fast food. The advertisement uses a recognizable object (French fries pack from McDonald’s) and fills it with a new sense. To reach out to a diverse audience, the advertisement represents the following universally […]

XXI Century Technology and Its Toll on Communication Skills

Introduction: Technology in the XXI Century The pace of the progress that the humankind has made in the XXI century is truly unbelievable. Known as “accelerating change” (Brown 24), the given phenomenon has created the environment in which lifelong learning has become possible. However, the sharp increase in technological progress comes at a price. Thesis […]

Social Networking Media and the Revolution

Introduction In the 21 century, internet technology gave entrance to various internet tools. These tools have incorporated in bringing the world together through fast and efficient global communication. Acuff provides that the creation of internet tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube made information distribution from one to many, many to nationality; hence, global sharing […]

Social Media Usage and Impact

Dissemination of information has been made simple and faster since the discovery and creation of social media. The most popular social networking sites include Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These social networking sites are very effective in the mass distribution of information due to their affordability and accessibility. The number of people using the internet across […]

Online Versus Face-to-Face Communication

Today, there are many opportunities to communicate with friends and relatives with the help of modern technologies. Online communication becomes more popular with the youth because there is no necessity to go out in order to learn the friends’ latest news. From this point, the popularity of online communication grows at the expense of personal […]

Social Media Effects: Problems Understanding

Technology has become a part of people’s lives and many individuals cannot imagine a day without their cell phone or computer. I also tend to use technology extensively. For me, a cell phone is a great helper as well as the squeezed world in my hand. I can reach anyone I need within seconds and […]

Modern Technologies Role in Communication

Today, whenever we are in a public place such as a bus stop, a metro or a café we can notice many people preoccupied using various devices such as tablets, smart phones or laptops to browse the Internet. All of these people are regularly connected with others by means of the contemporary technologies; all of […]

The Effects of Social Media on Today’s Society

The contemporary society is closing to the state of total digital inclusion, which means that soon the vast majority of people will become the constant users of various digital technologies. The use of devices such as tablets, cell phones and computers is getting more and more popular, and it starts to penetrate every aspect of […]

International Tourism: France’ and England’ Differences

Introduction About this research project, I would be interested in examining differences in international tourism between France and England. Specifically, this report highlights variations in the number of tourists in 5 years, i.e., 2009-2013. The secondary data that are used in calculations and conclusions were obtained via the following link. It is pertinent to note […]

Role of Social Media’s Influence on the World Stage

Introduction Activism is an act of pressing and advocating for certain changes in society. It can be carried out in many ways such as writing emails to the targeted groups or posting reports in newspapers. There are several forms of activism, which include political activism, judicial activism, student activism, and environmental activism. On the other […]

The Role of Social Media’s Influence

Introduction Social media is an internet-based application that builds on some technological and ideological web-based foundations. This permits for creation and exchange of contents that are generated from the user. Three tools mainly used are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Facebook is a social site that helps people communicate and interact more efficiently. Twitter is a […]

Format Television Advances: Key Specifics’ Understanding

Despite the fact that the innovations of the 21st century have shifted the role of TV in people’s lives into the background, many still find the traditional media appealing. As a result, people are affected by the phenomena of translation and circulation, which are an integral part of television. According to Wagman and Urquhart (2012), […]

Personal Networks and Communication System

Introduction Technology has shaped the life of a contemporary individual. People find their live much easier than it used to be as technology enables them to do more within less time. Communication has also become affected. Many people are even worried that they have become “too immersed in the digital world and not present enough […]

Inside Ayurvedic Medicine

Throughout all the history of development of society people have always suffered from different diseases. These illnesses made the life of people miserable and unhappy. That is why, people tried to find some way in which they could avert illness or cure a person. Great number of efforts were devoted to this question in order […]

People’s Attitude toward Social Networking Services

Social networks became the people’s everyday reality, and today the public is divided into the proponents of using these services and opponents who focus on the advantages of the face-to-face interaction. Furthermore, the users of social networking services can also be divided into groups according to their attitude to this popular online activity. From this […]

The Role of Online Communication

The intensive development of information and communication technologies leads today to changes in the character of interpersonal contacts. The researchers pay much attention to the discussion of online communication’s effects on the progress and effectiveness of face-to-face communication. Online communication with the help of new technologies, devices, and gadgets is effective to support not only […]

Public Relations and Photography

Contemporary public relations specialists are opposed to more problems and encounter material rapidity, and globalization modifies the stride and scenery of the occupation. The contemporary industry, categorized by globalization, entails administrations to comprehend the intercultural and intercontinental features of public relations during the operation in a worldwide marketplace. The internationalization of public relations is not […]

Social Networking: Privacy and Surveillance

Internet sites and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, among others, have created new revolutionary ways to communicate, socialize, and interact. Other powerful mobile and web-based applications have also been developed for almost every social aspect of human life: From Uber, which helps users to get a taxi and commute hustle […]

Social Media Role: Activism and Revolution

The nature and lifestyle of people in the world have been influenced by social networks. Recent developments in social networks include Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Communication of people has been made easy through the removal of communication barriers by social networks. According to Strain, information from any corner of the world can be found by […]

The Role of Social Media on Activism and Revolution

Introduction The recent technological advancement has made communication a lot easier. More than 50% of the world population are now using cell phones and other wireless devices to transmit voice and text messages across the globe (Howard 6). According to Howard (7), social media makes it possible to transmit information targeting a large audience that […]

Social Media’s Role in Activism and Revolution

Introduction Social media has developed over the years to present a platform in which interaction has increasingly been made easier. The interaction that arises from the use of social media has made the sharing and access to information easier every waking day (Porter par. 3). A Facebook post shared by one person can quickly go […]

Advertising and Promotion Analysis

  The above is an advertisement for the Evian drink, which shows a man whose midsection resembles a child. The advertisement illustrates that the drink helps people feel young and forget their worries. It further has a writing that shows that no one deserves to feel like a grown-up inside, as this is filled with […]

Technical Communication Problems

Overall, the development of information technologies can significantly facilitate the communication between people who no longer have to be separated from each other. For example, they can better overcome such an obstacle as long distances which created many problems several decades ago. To some degree, these information tools can transform the planet into a global […]

Social Media Role in Activism and Revolution

Introduction In the era of information technology, social media has reached a new stage of its development, where the speed of message delivery and the possibility to reach even remote corners of the Earth created a platform for global communication with no limits whatsoever. The fact that major political changes started occurring at a slightly […]

The Changing Media Industry in Bahrain

Executive Summary Changes in media presentation and information delivery is a 21st-century issue that people embrace from different parts of the world. Pitiably, some parts of the world still strive to integrate such structures into existing systems. Besides giving an overview of the ethnic and socio-political environment of Bahrain, the paper provides an opportunity to […]

Media Power and Post Modernity

Analysis of print advertisements for similar products using semiotic methods This is a semiotic analysis of two print advertisements whose similarity lies in the fact that all of them refer to fragrance, but of different sexes. Semiotics study focuses on signs, sign systems, and their resultant meanings. People use this technique to decode images. The […]

Journalism in the UAE

Introduction The government of UAE has over the years employed fear crusades against mass communication organizations. Journalists have often been detained, jailed, or fined and at times interrogating editors as well as reporters for allegedly contravening media laws that are ambiguous. At one moment, it would be tolerable for mass media journalist to engage in […]

Media Impacts on Peoples’ Thinking

The world we live today is very distinct from the one man lived many centuries ago. A lot of changes have taken place almost in all facets of human existence such as social, economic, and political hence influencing peoples’ way of life to a greater degree. In the ancient days, man used crude weapons and […]

How Technology Has Changed Communication?

Introduction Social networks have made communication simpler, faster and better by enhancing accessibility in both social and business fields. Millions of people use social network sites to carry out financial transactions surf the net as well as carry out financial banking. Unlike use of hi-tech computer programs, social networks require minimal internet knowledge. Such networks […]

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Al-Jazeera International and Arabic television

Introduction Arabs started to pay attention to media in the Middle East after the establishment of Al-Jazeera. Prior to this, they considered the information they got from the media in their own nations biased as it only provided speeches of their prominent leaders as well as the reports of their activities. Consequently, they turned to […]

Gestures and Signs in Communication

Introduction The development of spoken language is arguably one of the greatest achievements of mankind and it has enabled people to communicate effectively and therefore develop great civilizations. Owing to the importance with which spoken language is regarded, psychologists and linguists have extensively studied spoken language and aided in its further advancement. However, spoken language […]

Abuse and Neglect in Media

The media today pays a lot of attention to issues that are related to child abuse and neglect. This is because incidences of child abuse and neglect have been on the rise in recent years. This role of the media has been effective in notifying the public of the various forms of abuse that their […]

Has Technology Killed Personal Contact?

Technology which has been experienced in almost all sectors has greatly changed our lifestyles in many ways. The benefits of technology to human life are immense, as it is evident in the modern society where everything has become more convenient and easily accessible, due to advances in the trend. However, regardless of the many benefits […]

The Role of Social Media’s Influence

It is generally agreed upon that the social media, in contrast to the mass communication industry, reaches a large number of audiences and thus is to a greater extent, democratic. With the use of social media such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, news, and information spread fast thus, they have been more and more used […]

Technology and Interpersonal Communication

People have adopted various ways of doing things in order to satisfy their needs in the modern world. This has led to the adoption of modern technology in the process of production in various activities. Human beings continue to invent and innovate various ways of doing things to ensure they arrive at the most suitable […]

Technology and Communication in Today’s World

Introduction Technology is making communication easier in today’s world, but at the expense of personal contact. More and more people choose to interact from home in front of a computer screen as this type of communication allows them deal with their own business, stay at home, and talk to people who are in thousand of […]

Human Interactions in the Form of Communication

Introduction Human interactions appear in the form of communication, and this communication can either be in terms of spoken or written discourse. Discourse is a word derived from a Latin word, discursus, and it means conversation or speech. Therefore, in any communicative event, discourse is the dominant feature. In fact, when people are conversing, it […]

The Effects of Mass Media on Sexuality

The presentation of women’s bodies with sexual overtones in the media has risen tremendously over the recent past invoking myriad debates. In the United States alone, teenagers spend more than six hours watching television and movies with several instances of sexual images and discussions. Most young people have television sets in their sleeping rooms, exposing […]

Mitsubishi Motors’ Automobile Advertising

The goal of captivating the readers’ attention was successfully achieved by the designers of an advertisement for Mitsubishi Motors auto which was printed in MensHealth in February, 2011. Appealing to the viewers’ desire to feel safety through protection from the surrounding, on the one hand, and the audience’s fear of losing the link with the […]

Social Media’s Influence Role in Activism

Introduction The so-called Arab Spring has shown that people are ready to struggle for their rights and seek for a better life without resorting to violence. For instance, people in the Arab region found ways to organize a variety of demonstrations and other gatherings to make a difference. Notably, there are different views on the […]

Tourism: City Bio of Santa Clarita, California

Historic Overview of the City The foundation of the City The City of Santa Clarita is one of the largest cities in California that is considered to be a bright example of edge city due to its rich history and favorable conditions for living. Although Santa Clarita was incorporated only in 1987, its foundation dates […]

Anti-Smoking Poster Visual Analysis in Advertising

Introduction Advertisements and posters can deliver powerful messages to different individuals. Many advertisers and campaigners can achieve their goals using the best visual elements. For instance, the anti-smoking poster presented below encourages more people to quit smoking. This anti-smoking poster explores how designers can use of words, images, colors, settings, and layout to deliver the […]

“Solitary Nation” – Documentary Film Analysis

Introduction This paper is aimed at discussing the documentary film called Solitary Nation which throws light on the way in which segregation and isolation can affect convicted people. The central purpose of this movie is to increase viewers’ awareness about the use of solitary confinement in prisons and demonstrate that this practice produces very adverse […]

Social Networking Site Facebook

Introduction With the world becoming one global village courtesy of the radical revolution in information technology, people are virtually exploring all corners of the world within minutes. Facebook, the second largest social networking after MySpace, is one of the forces behind this drastic revolution. One just needs to create an account containing a profile, request […]

Michael Reagan’s Role in Social Media

Politics, business, and media are the connected spheres, and the life of Michael Reagan supports this idea, serving as an effective illustration. Michael Reagan is a famous American author, columnist, political consultant and strategist, and the former American radio host. Reagan became known in the United States because of his “The Michael Reagan Talk Show” […]

Ecological Problems in “the Human Footprint” Documentary

The Main Problem The main problem the filmmaker addresses is the impact of human activities on their environment. The environment includes the external physical environment and the internal environment: the human body. The various parts of the movie show how different actions that human beings do on daily basis impact the environment. Some of the […]

British Society and the Media

Introduction The media has significantly influenced the lives of the British people. On the average, Britons spend over 5 hours each day on media services such as the internet, television, and/or the mobile phone. The European Union was established in 1973 through the interventions of Edward Heath who was a prime minister at that time. […]

Revolutionary Press

The press involves various materials that include the media, machines and other printed items. The main aim of the press is ideally to inform the masses. History has it because most of the information we get is from the press. The press has undergone a revolution which in many aspects has been beneficial to many. […]

Advertising Impact on Children

Introduction In 2004, Melissa Dittmann found out that advertisers spend at least $12 billion annually on messages that target children. Consequently, the media was flooded with messages that bombarded young audiences with messages that intended to persuade them along with a certain desirable behavior as orchestrated by the advertisers. Since 2004 to date, the situation […]

The Folgers Commercial Narrative

Summary of the source text In his essay “On reading video text,” Robert Scholes explains how videos use the visual sense to relay powerful messages to us. As a significant segment of multimedia, video texts are constantly running on television sets and currently, account for a significant part of the American culture. According to Scholes, […]

Communication Networks

Communication networks within a firm include wheel network, chain network, circle network, and all-channel network. Wheel network is a form of communication network where information is acquired from one central point to the rest of the employees. There is minimal involvement of employees in the decision-making process as the source is the final decision maker. […]

Women and Men TV Roles

The roles of men and women in society have always been different to a large degree, and it would seem that women’s movement would change the way women were treated in society, but television and media brought about new problems that are evident in the modern day and age. For the longest time, women were […]

Five Words For Easier Communication

It is very difficult to become acquainted with new people. The problem is that a person knows nothing about you. That is why it is possible to create the list of five words which can give at least a vague idea of your character. Of course, these five words cannot show all peculiarities of your […]

Oprah Winfrey and Network TV

Introduction Modern technology has enabled people to communicate effectively and this aspect has revolutionized how they conduct their daily activities. The entertainment industry has benefited from improved technology and television stations have earned public recognition through their programs. Media personalities have advanced their careers and this move has created room for them to expand their […]

The Impact of Social Media on Super Bowl Ads

Introduction This paper will delve into the changes that the social media landscape has brought upon Super Bowl ads and how this has translated into the present day brand awareness strategy that various companies have been utilizing. The Super Bowl is one of the most watched events in the U.S. and, as such, companies often […]

Effective Business Communication

Effective communication is one of the most important prerequisites for business success. This is because, not only does it help to pass on important messages from top organs in an organization, but also in some instances, it can help to solve organizational problems, which may arise because of ineffective communication between the customer and management. […]

Modern Communication Technologies

Introduction Ongoing developments in new technologies, particularly smart technologies, have brought about significant changes in personal interaction and society. Modern communication technologies have introduced devices with high capabilities and speed, which have facilitated communications between people (Kwon et al. 1). While these advantages have enhanced efficiency and convenience in modern society, they have also resulted […]

Advertising Impact on Children

Introduction In 2004, Melissa Dittmann found out that advertisers spend at least $12 billion annually on messages that target children. Consequently, the media channels were flooded with messages that bombarded young audiences with messages that intended to persuade them along with a particular desirable behavior as orchestrated by the advertisers. Since 2004 to date, the […]

Communications: Technology and Personal Contact

The process of globalization has affected many areas of people’s life. It has changed our economy, business, and finances; it resulted in the high rate of migrations and traveling; it made an impact on education and interactions in the society of the world. Communication has become a crucial part of people’s lives ever since mail […]

New Content Marketing Ideas

Content marketing is a booming activity right now, with thousands of websites and blogs posting tens of thousands of pieces of new content daily. This competitive market of ideas can challenge a business/website owner seeking novel content to attract and retain customers. This task is complicated by rapid changes in Google policies that affect how […]

TV Script: Populist Movement and Its Relation to The Wizard Oz

My greetings to everyone, who decide to spend some time near own TV-sets and watch our program! Today, we will talk about our history, our past that has an unbelievable impact on our present and certainly on our future. At the end of the 19th century, lots of American farmers faced numerous financial problems. Poor […]

Media Exposure and Its Influence on Adolescents

One of the most critical and vulnerable stages of human development is adolescence. This period is true for any boy or girl and, factually, is the most susceptible to changes, broadly affecting the psychological level of the human being (Craig & Baucum, 2001). In the modern culture, both audio and visual media exercise a great […]

Promotion and Advertising Strategies Used by Apple and Samsung

Introduction One of the major objectives of the firm is to create and sustain the competitiveness of its products and services in the market (Cole, 2013). In fact, becoming a leader in the market niche requires ingenuity in the tactical approaches the firm applies. In most cases, firms utilize various marketing mix approaches to penetrate […]

Government Must Control TV Shows Contents

Research conducted by various scholars show that media and television serve as the most significant influence on adolescents and children. In fact, television is seen to affect several aspects of behavior and health. Television apparently has both negative and positive sides. The positive aspect of television is that it might be educational and entertaining. It […]

Why Reality Shows are So Popular

Introduction A reality show is a section of television programs, which comprise of situations of humor or drama. Usually, the host is an ordinary individual interviewing ordinary people who are presented with a present afterwards. Reality shows have almost become part of the popular culture due to its humorous nature. Realty television shows present a […]

The Impact that Mass Media have had on Your Own Personal Socialization

In the 21st century, the mass media has become an integral part of the day-to-day activities for human beings. Over the years, this sector has undergone considerable transformation to incorporate almost all aspects that people consider as important in the lives. The mass media has become a tool that defines how people eat, dress and […]

Media Censorship and Its Impact

The freedom of information, the press and free speech is arguably an important human rights deeply rooted in the structures of democracy. Democracy, which largely derives its origin from the US, is one of the legal rights that should be provided and protected in the modern context (Goldberg, Verhulst and Prosser 207). Under the UN […]

Auto Magazine Advertisement Analysis

Introduction There is a well known marketing cliché that even if you have invented the best mouse trap in the world, people will not beat a path to your house to buy it. In other words, the product has to be marketed well for it to be successful. This paper discusses some relevant points with […]

Power of Advertising: Importance of Balance between Good and Bad

Introduction People like to use advertising as a way to communicate with the public and sell various products and services (“Advertising” par.1). Regarding the methods and spheres of advertising, it is hard to understand if it has only positive or negative effects on people. There is one definite thought that proves that advertising has an […]

Introduction to Communication: Advertising

After the influence of salesmanship became publicly noticed in the 18th cent., the present complex form of advertising began to evolve. Nowadays, one cannot imagine his/her life without openly sponsored offering of goods, services, or ideas through a variety of media of public communication. On the one hand, advertising convince people to buy goods and […]

Human Trafficking and Public Service Announcements

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are powerful social issue ads targeting a great variety of problems, including human trafficking. To increase the effectiveness of an advertisement campaign and address the issues more efficiently, it is important to understand what the project’s target audience is and select the appropriate communication means which will support the ad’s effectiveness. […]

Internet and Interactive Media as an Advertising Tool

Introduction The Internet has replaced traditional methods of carrying out the business long ago. People started using it as a primary source of information, which is why it became an integral part of their marketing activities (Alonzo 2006). Internet and interactive media are now especially frequently used in e-commerce: “Consumers can now research, compare products, […]

Watching Movies in Cinemas and at Home

Introduction It does not matter whether a person likes action, drama, comedy, or another genre of films and movies. Almost everyone loves watching video materials. There are many reasons for people’s desire to watch video films and movies. While most people watch videos to release stress or for recreation purposes, others watch films for the […]

Value of Advertising and Branding

Introduction Marketing, advertising, branding, and marketing directors play a significant role in a business. These departments influence a business’s image to the public, accessibility of its products, brand image, customer loyalty, sales volumes, and the products’ strength against competition. Depending on the size of a business and its budget, these roles can be assigned to […]

Television Shows Classification

In the United States, television shows are extremely common. Many people spend a lot of time watching television to keep them informed about the situation in the world, for entertainment purposes, or for children to watch educational programs. On the other hand, not everyone is using television to watch the program. With the appearance of […]

Music Marketing in a Digital World

Introduction Television’s ability to present a video, audio, and motion is proving to be one of the most common and modern powerful means of delivering information to a larger audience or mass audience today (Ofcom, 2008). Davis (2007) describes it as a “Trojan Horse that surprises many audiences.” On the other hand, some people would […]

The Functions of Film Music

Introduction Music plays an important role in films. Music helps the audience to be able to capture the atmosphere of various scenes, and this enables the audience to understand the plot better. By incorporating music in film, it is possible to arouse emotions through the characters in the movie or film so that the audience […]

Advertising to Children and Social Responsibility

Advertising is a device by which “artificial” tastes are created. Advertising is one of numerous elements that influence a consumer’s spending decisions. Because advertising is available to all who would sell a product or service, no single message can possibly dominate our attention. This applies as much to decisions between kinds of products as to […]

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