Media Exposure and Its Influence on Adolescents

One of the most critical and vulnerable stages of human development is adolescence. This period is true for any boy or girl and, factually, is the most susceptible to changes, broadly affecting the psychological level of the human being (Craig & Baucum, 2001). In the modern culture, both audio and visual media exercise a great […]

Promotion and Advertising Strategies Used by Apple and Samsung

Introduction One of the major objectives of the firm is to create and sustain the competitiveness of its products and services in the market (Cole, 2013). In fact, becoming a leader in the market niche requires ingenuity in the tactical approaches the firm applies. In most cases, firms utilize various marketing mix approaches to penetrate […]

Government Must Control TV Shows Contents

Research conducted by various scholars show that media and television serve as the most significant influence on adolescents and children. In fact, television is seen to affect several aspects of behavior and health. Television apparently has both negative and positive sides. The positive aspect of television is that it might be educational and entertaining. It […]

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Why Reality Shows are So Popular

Introduction A reality show is a section of television programs, which comprise of situations of humor or drama. Usually, the host is an ordinary individual interviewing ordinary people who are presented with a present afterwards. Reality shows have almost become part of the popular culture due to its humorous nature. Realty television shows present a […]

The Impact that Mass Media have had on Your Own Personal Socialization

In the 21st century, the mass media has become an integral part of the day-to-day activities for human beings. Over the years, this sector has undergone considerable transformation to incorporate almost all aspects that people consider as important in the lives. The mass media has become a tool that defines how people eat, dress and […]

Media Censorship and Its Impact

The freedom of information, the press and free speech is arguably an important human rights deeply rooted in the structures of democracy. Democracy, which largely derives its origin from the US, is one of the legal rights that should be provided and protected in the modern context (Goldberg, Verhulst and Prosser 207). Under the UN […]

Auto Magazine Advertisement Analysis

Introduction There is a well known marketing cliché that even if you have invented the best mouse trap in the world, people will not beat a path to your house to buy it. In other words, the product has to be marketed well for it to be successful. This paper discusses some relevant points with […]

Power of Advertising: Importance of Balance between Good and Bad

Introduction People like to use advertising as a way to communicate with the public and sell various products and services (“Advertising” par.1). Regarding the methods and spheres of advertising, it is hard to understand if it has only positive or negative effects on people. There is one definite thought that proves that advertising has an […]

Introduction to Communication: Advertising

After the influence of salesmanship became publicly noticed in the 18th cent., the present complex form of advertising began to evolve. Nowadays, one cannot imagine his/her life without openly sponsored offering of goods, services, or ideas through a variety of media of public communication. On the one hand, advertising convince people to buy goods and […]

Human Trafficking and Public Service Announcements

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are powerful social issue ads targeting a great variety of problems, including human trafficking. To increase the effectiveness of an advertisement campaign and address the issues more efficiently, it is important to understand what the project’s target audience is and select the appropriate communication means which will support the ad’s effectiveness. […]

Internet and Interactive Media as an Advertising Tool

Introduction The Internet has replaced traditional methods of carrying out the business long ago. People started using it as a primary source of information, which is why it became an integral part of their marketing activities (Alonzo 2006). Internet and interactive media are now especially frequently used in e-commerce: “Consumers can now research, compare products, […]

Watching Movies in Cinemas and at Home

Introduction It does not matter whether a person likes action, drama, comedy, or another genre of films and movies. Almost everyone loves watching video materials. There are many reasons for people’s desire to watch video films and movies. While most people watch videos to release stress or for recreation purposes, others watch films for the […]

Value of Advertising and Branding

Introduction Marketing, advertising, branding, and marketing directors play a significant role in a business. These departments influence a business’s image to the public, accessibility of its products, brand image, customer loyalty, sales volumes, and the products’ strength against competition. Depending on the size of a business and its budget, these roles can be assigned to […]

Television Shows Classification

In the United States, television shows are extremely common. Many people spend a lot of time watching television to keep them informed about the situation in the world, for entertainment purposes, or for children to watch educational programs. On the other hand, not everyone is using television to watch the program. With the appearance of […]

Music Marketing in a Digital World

Introduction Television’s ability to present a video, audio, and motion is proving to be one of the most common and modern powerful means of delivering information to a larger audience or mass audience today (Ofcom, 2008). Davis (2007) describes it as a “Trojan Horse that surprises many audiences.” On the other hand, some people would […]

The Functions of Film Music

Introduction Music plays an important role in films. Music helps the audience to be able to capture the atmosphere of various scenes, and this enables the audience to understand the plot better. By incorporating music in film, it is possible to arouse emotions through the characters in the movie or film so that the audience […]

Advertising to Children and Social Responsibility

Advertising is a device by which “artificial” tastes are created. Advertising is one of numerous elements that influence a consumer’s spending decisions. Because advertising is available to all who would sell a product or service, no single message can possibly dominate our attention. This applies as much to decisions between kinds of products as to […]

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