Evidence-Based Model and Solving Problems with School Funding

The epic with the Ohio school funding system has been lasting about 20 years. At first, to make the Ohio school funding system constitutional, the cost-based model was offered: it implied calculating an average per-pupil amount and providing schools with corresponding funding (Endicott). Thus, funding was supposed to be equal to spending. After the Court […]

Personal Lecture Results

The main topic of the lecture is the definition and all the aspects of personality as of the complex concept. The first part of the lecture and its purpose were dedicated to different concepts of personality and their description. I found out that we all have our individual differences and behave differently in similar situations. […]

Data-Based Decision Making in Assessment

Introduction The IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004) and NCLB (No Child Left Behind of 2001) have been added to the US Federal Laws to provide ample support to schoolchildren through evidence-based general and special education (VanDerHeyden and Burns, 2010). General education is sufficient for most of the children. However at-risk children like […]

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Gerald Graff and Michiko Kakutani

It does not present a particular challenge to outline the main idea, promoted in Gerald Graff’s article. According to Graff, it is methodologically inappropriate to refer to what he defines as ‘street-smart’ activities (sports, games, fights, dating) and intellectual activities as conceptually incompatible, because just as it is the case with the sports, the metaphysical […]

Strategies for Addressing Individual Needs in Special Education

Risk Factors Alice is a four-year-old girl. She has appeared in a risky position, and the symptoms of intellectual disability may be developed for a number of reasons. Alice is raised in a family with two parents. From the very beginning, she was in a risky group. Alice’s mother is 45 years old; that means […]

Teaching Literacy

Education is an important part of a human’s life. People want to get a good education in order to get a good job in the future. It is not a secret today that the earlier people start their learning, the bigger account of knowledge they can get. From the very childhood, children start to get […]

Inquiry in the Field of Education: Critical and Historical Analysis of Inclusion of Students with Disabilities

Introduction One critical shift in the developments that have been taking place in the field of education is the movement from special education for students with disabilities to the emphasis on the creation of inclusive learning environments. Special education emphasizes the fact that students with disabilities possess physical, psychological, mental, or sociological attributes that are […]

Children’s Bullying in School

Child bullying is a problem that has affected many young children and adolescents. It can be done physically or verbally. It may also take the form of cyberbullying in the case of those who use social networks (Kowalski & Limber, 2007) or threatening. A child can be bullied by their mates, or they can be […]

Gamification in Education Practice

Abstract Gamification is actively used today in the area of corporate training because this approach leads to high results, and it is associated with the employees’ increased motivation to acquire the new knowledge. Gamification related to the corporate training and learning can be discussed as a process advantageous for organizations because learners receive the opportunity […]

Common Core State Standards Mathematics

Common Core State Standards Mathematics-Grade 4 Learning Trajectories The learning trajectories for this Grade in reference to algebraic and mathematical calculations require that the student understands some basic rules regarding mathematics. There has been intensive input into this area from the state and as a standard requirement. Some of them include the need to understand […]

Perceptions about Relationships around Schooling

Schooling is the time when every student acquires precious learning and life experience. Thus, it is important to understand the impact teachers have throughout the formation of students’ personalities. The essential factors of forming mature personalities are relationships between teachers and administrators, teachers and students, and students and other students at the school. The teachers’ […]

Distance Learning and Social Change

Abstract Distance learning can be defined as a form of education where learners can learn wherever they are through the use of technology. Distance learning faces some challenges. The main issue is the quality of the instruction. The instructions which reach the students attending distant learning classes really matters. It sometimes depends on the attitude […]

Educational Experiences And Significant Career Goals

Here’s an invitation to my world; as a child, l grew up in a free environment where one could discover and let themselves loose. One day, as we were with my playmates sprinkling water at each other from a nearby stream, one of us saw a frog. I wanted to see what was beneath its […]

The Most Advanced Best Practices in Adult ESL Instruction

Overview of practices in adult ESL instruction Language teaching has emerged as an independent professional discipline in recent times with unique concept methods that outline a systematic teaching methodology for acquisition of language theories and practices. Language learning constitutes the concept of applied linguistics with relevant formulation and methodologies. Methods applied in language teaching exemplify […]

Family`s Factors Shaping Children`s Behavior

During the lifespan, an individual passes through several stages of his/her development characterized by different processes. These phases of the evolution are critical for the formation of a person and his/her becoming a personality with all qualities needed for the efficient functioning within the contemporary society. The period of childhood is one of these stages. […]

Information Technology Enabled Online Learning

Introduction Technology advancement and application has been in application in almost all fields of the economy. Technology is associated with both positive and negative effects according to a specific situation and what it is able to achieve. Information Technology – enabled online learning is utilized in learning institutions. It entails the use of different technologies […]

Course Evaluation Methods

Introduction According to Redman, Lenburg and Walker (1999), nurse educators face several challenges. For instance, nursing students have the assumption that nurse educators will teach them essential knowledge and skills to gain competency in nursing. Nurse graduate employers presume that qualifications and subsequent state licenses are granted because they meet competency requirements. These assumptions have […]

Assessing Students with Learning Problems

1. Bennie earned a stanine of 3 on an intelligence test. To what standard score (on an IQ scale) and percentile score would that stanine correspond? A stanine of 3 represents one of the lowest scores at the scale of 9 that is below average. This test score can be discussed as corresponding to the […]

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Education: Qualitative Research Study Roles

Steps Involved in Conducting a Qualitative Research Study The first step is to identify the topic of interest. This is then followed by developing a research problem that will be investigated through the research and to state the purpose of investigating that particular problem. In order to carry out the study, the researcher would then […]

Education: Peer Evaluation System

Introduction Teamwork is an imperative practice that establishes strong strategies for decision-making and development of ideas. In this regard, the assessment of the performances and directions taken by group members as well as their cooperation and participation when reaching a mutual target is critical. The aims of creating a peer evaluation system to monitor the […]

College Student Life: Participation, Perceptions and Satisfaction

Introduction Global technological development increases the acceptability of education. Education significantly contributes to the growth of human capital and is directly related to the general comfort of individuals (Barfield 281). Education guarantees the achievement of information and expertise that helps people to become more productive. People’s productivity consequently has a positive effect on economic and […]

Impacts of Teaching Detective Stories to ESL Students

Abstract for teaching detective stories to ESL students The purpose of the research is to examine the impact of including detective stories in teaching ESL students. Detective stories are part of literature that is imaginative and creative. It has been put into writing by acknowledging previous articles already developed in the intelligence and security departments […]

Liberal Arts: Otis College of Arts and Design

Private school education has been one of the major topics for serious discussions these days. There are many significant issues concerning private education that deserve close scrutiny today. Otis College of Arts and Design, the most distinguished institutes of the kind in the state, has involved in one such discussion of prime interest. The specific […]

Where and How Sex Education Should Be Conducted Among the Young People?

Introduction The early sexual participation of young people increases the risk of jeopardizing their education by dropping out of school. In addition, early sexual debut puts the health of teenagers at risk, particularly through sexually transmitted infections and teen pregnancy. In spite of the eminent consequences of early sexual acts, statistics show that about 95% […]

Homeschooling: Argumentation For and Against

Introduction The popularity of homeschooling seems on the increase, although some people are convinced that homeschoolers are not going to amount to anything valuable in the long run. In this speech, I am going to outline the strong points and drawbacks of homeschooling. It is believed that homeschooled children lack social skills, and their parents […]

School Sex Education and Teenage Pregnancy in the United States

Abstract This essay provides an overview of school sex education and teenage pregnancy in the United States. The United States government has heavily invested in the abstinence-only education program in a bid to alleviate teenage pregnancy. Nonetheless, United States is one of the leading countries in the developed world that experience high rates of teenage […]

School Uniform in Learning Institutions

Most learning institutions in areas like the United Kingdom, South America, and Africa have endorsed uniforms or specified attires, which is mandatory to all students. School uniforms identify pupils with a given institution. On the other hand, institutions in countries like France and USA rarely endorse the use of school uniforms among the students. While […]

New Experiences for a Future International Journalist

Studying abroad is an eye opening and life changing experience that will help a person achieve numerous goals. For instance, I will be able to achieve a manifold aim, which means I will pursue my academic goals, become proficient in Italian and learn about the country as well as my own self. Most importantly, I […]

Religion in Schools: Is there a Place for It? Pros and Cons

The discussion of religious studies in schools is a subject that has elicited contention in the academic circles. Scholars are divided on whether or not religious studies should be taught in schools. The subject matter has also brought out controversy among curriculum developers. The main issue of contention revolves around establishing the boundary between religion […]

Concept of Lifelong Learning

Introduction Teenagers share many things in common in their learning experiences as they grow up. Among this, is the long school life in which they are taught many life’s lessons on how to react to different situations that confront them at later stages of life. They are forced to read different books from various writers […]

Addressing Bullying in Elementary and Middle School Classrooms

Nature of Study The study mainly focuses on teachers’ lack of knowledge on how to deal with the issue of bullying in the classroom in an effective manner; it also suggests some of the effective ways that they can rely on to address this problem. There will be a total of 20 participants who will […]

Technical Writing on Ethics

Introduction Ethical considerations in writings are of great importance as they determine the popularity of such writings and their significance to the society or the intended audience. In this regard therefore, writers should always be sensitive on what they portray in their works so as impact positively on the target audience for such writings. More […]

Importance of Sex Education

Sex education is one of the main preventive forms aimed to protect children from undesirable pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Thus, critics admit that sex education promotes sexual practices and informs children about sex. The impulse to regulate sex venues under the sign of HIV prevention has serious political implications for the future of AIDS […]

School Communication

Background The involvement of parents in the school activities of their children is an important to investigate. Although such involvement might present many challenges, there are many aspects the school can focus on in order to engage parents in the school experiences of their children; communication is one of such aspects. Different families have different […]

The Role of Textbooks in Education

The Pros and Cons of Using Etextbooks for College Students A number of college students buy or rent the e-textbooks they require for their courses as opposes to traditional paper textbooks. E-Textbooks have become very common and very handy for college students, since they are light and take up no space, they do not need […]

College Education: Arguments For and Against

A college education is important, yet its cost has become an issue. Some feel that the cost is too high, and the returns very low. Many people from parents, students, the press, and the public have all voiced their concern over the cost of a college education. Due to the high cost charged in tuition, […]

Continuing Nursing Education: A 3-5 Year Plan

I am a licensed Registered Nurse who has been practicing for the last three years. I consider myself a lifelong learner who grabs every available opportunity to develop professionally and acquire new competencies in my specialty. Currently, I am a graduate student pursuing a Master of Nursing Science in Administration. I will complete this program […]

Adult Education: Reasons to Continue Studying

There are numerous reasons that are compelling me to return to school. These reasons include the desire to improve my career skills so as to be competitive in the job market. I feel that my education level is not enough, and it is limiting me from achieving what I am aspiring for. When I was […]

Online Education and E-Learning: Potential and Benefits

Outline The world of Computer technology has experienced advanced growth. This technology has, therefore, been applied in each and every aspect of our lives. The internet, which has improved the communication network, has also led to the invention of other facilities. One of these improvements is in the education sector. Learning is being made more […]

Online Courses Interaction: Types and Effects

Introduction Introduction to the Problem Online course offerings at community colleges are growing at a rapid rate. By 2008, an estimated 4.6 million students in the United States alone had already enrolled in higher education through online learning programs (Allen & Seaman, 2010). This constituted a 17% increase over 2007. A Chronicle of Higher Education […]

Education for Students with Autism in Saudi Arabia

Introduction to Autism among Students in Saudi Arabia Students who suffer from autism in Saudi Arabia are secluded from the mainstream learning institutions because teachers and staff members in the institutions lack the knowledge, awareness, and understanding of matters related to the condition. They fail to understand the kind of support that students with autism […]

Education: Financial Aid for College Students

Education is probably one of the most significant things in the life of every person. Without proper education, it is not easy to find a good job and earn enough for living. It is known that money is “social embodiment of both form and the content of value” (Smithin, 200), and nowadays, education costs much […]

Learning Methods: Online Learning

Introduction At present, there has been a drastic and dramatic change in the overall procedure and system of education. This has been brought by several factors such as advancement in technology as well as improved infrastructure and communication means. Due to technology, online learning has been possible. Online learning takes place without the physical presence […]

Improving Oral Reading Skills to Enhance Reading Comprehension

Abstract Background. The significance of oral skills in acquiring the corresponding reading abilities can hardly be overrated. Because of the need to identify the aural signals with the visual ones and at the same time connect them to the connotation of a word, students need the teacher’s support as far as the enhancement of their […]

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