Halloween, Its History and Celebration

There are quite a number of holidays in the world, each having different reasons for being observed, different degrees of significance, and different levels of popularity, depending on where one is located. Among the holidays, I am most fascinated with that which features a pumpkin lantern, scary costumes and decorations, and kids shouting “trick or […]

Popular Culture: Introductory Perspectives

Introduction Population culture includes all the aspects of life that we live by. It is the manner in which we socialize and the basis that helps in decision making (Danesi, 2008). It is the laid out set of laws by the society at any given time, which defines changes in the society, as we approach […]

The Canadian Myth of Multiculturalism

Modern-day Canada has become an amalgamation of different cultures, religions, and races. Like other first world countries, Canada is a land of immigrants from all over the world. Similar to countries such as the United States, Canada’s early immigrants were from France and England (Bibby, 2000). Around the 1960s, Canada experienced a shift from the […]

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