The Commonly Used Expatriate Compensation Strategies

Introduction Globalization is gaining more and more impact on institutions ranging from small companies to multinational corporations. The shrinking of international boundaries among enterprises and their markets has made it necessary for institutions to come up with the possible strategies for dealing with the demands of such diversification. The element of globalization has necessitated an […]

Internal and External Factors Influencing IKEA

Introduction IKEA is a worldwide recognized home furnishing seller. It has developed quickly since it was started in 1943 by Ingvar Kampard. At present it is the world’s leading furniture retailer, renowned for its Scandinavian mode. The mainstream of IKEA’s products is flat-pack, all set to be accumulated by the consumer. IKEA is offering more […]

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Cover Letter for Job

I would like to apply for a position of assistant/apprentice hairdresser in your salon. I have chosen your salon because I recognize and appreciate the magnificent and trendy hairstyles your company offers to its customers and would be so proud to be part of your zealous team. I have recently completed the hairdressing course in […]

Job Satisfaction and Employee Turnover

Introduction The management topic that has been chosen for this study is the importance of job satisfaction and its influence on the staff turnover. Employee turnover has been a subject of interest for many scholars, managerial practitioners, and organizational managers over the past decade. Employee turnover happens when employees willingly depart from their employments which […]

Financial Reform Ethics

Introduction Passed by the Congress on June 30, 2010, Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform is a landmark legislative alteration to financial supervision which was signed into law by President Barack Obama on the 21st of July, 2010 (Paletta). It is expected to address various system loopholes and weaknesses which have contributed to the recent economic downturn […]

The Role of HRM in Career Management

Introduction Traditional perceptions of careers are slowly being replaced by new views. Career management was once considered as a role for employers. Job security was a reality, and careers were associated with jobs. However, these factors are no longer true today; off-shoring, mergers & acquisitions and downsizing are new buzz words. Employees are well aware […]

The Influence of the Transnational Cooperations and the Rise of the Transnational Corporate Class

TNCs operate in more than one country and manage production in the foreign nations, or host countries, whereas their management headquarters are situated in one country, referred to as the home country. A TNC, however, fails to identify with one home through employing senior executives from varying nations and decides its undertakings from a global […]

Rhetorical Aspects of a Visual Document

Introduction In this paper we will analyze trade mark Michelin, its new product and will talk about the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Michelin is considered to be one of the leading tire manufacturing companies in the world. There is no doubt that this market is quite competitive and in order for a company like […]

Apple Inc. Business Strategy

Introduction Apple Inc has been a landmark computer manufacture for about 30 years. The company has emerged as one of the well established and highly recognized corporations in computer industry and other IT related solutions (Mcgirt, 2011). The giant multinational company is mostly known for its famous iPhones, iPods as well as other products such […]

Issues in Human Resource Management

Introduction The importance of human resources has significantly increased in various organizations, all the more so in the contemporary business world that is characterized by a high level of competition. In every organisation, human resource plays a pivotal role in determining the success of an organisation. For instance, it influences the performance of non human […]

The Organizational Purposes of Businesses

Marks & Spencer Organizational Responsibilities through Its CSR Policy Marks & Spencer has been an ardent supporter of the community events, and it has generously donated financial and material resources to charitable organizations. To remove poverty in the poor countries, it has provided free food packets. Besides, the organization encourages environmental-friendly practices in its business […]

Walmart Company Performance on the Market

Executive Summary Wal-Mart Stores is a multinational company that operates retail stores in different set ups across the world. It operates more than 9667 retail units in 28 countries with an employment of 2.1 million associates. Wal-Mart is a leader in employment opportunities, corporate philanthropy as well as sustainability. Indeed, Fortune Magazine ranked it the […]

Cowgirl Chocolates Case

Introduction Today’s business world is very competitive and dynamic. Companies often end up failing because of the lack of good planning. Many businesses end up making losses not because the business ideas backing up the product are poor or weak but simply because the business planning and strategy formulation process was not the best or […]

Payment Incentives

Introduction Pay incentive is a motivational feature that could be awarded in both monetary and non-monetary form and is used for the purposes of encouraging staff and employees to achieve the targets set in the workplace. As the business environment becomes more and more competitive, higher goals are being set for employees to meet and […]

The US Subprime Mortgage Crisis

The US subprime mortgage has not only had an affect in the USA but also has spread across the globe. Thus, the direct risk exposure has spread well beyond the USA to Asian and European market. It has become essential to adapt a dynamic risk management tool to contain credit risk from a global viewpoint. […]

The Budget of Saudi Arabia and the USA

The comparison of budgets of the two super states may be essential for further evaluation of financial potentials of both countries. The paper is claimed to evaluate and compare the budgets of Saudi Arabia and the United States of America. In the year 2007, Saudi Arabia anticipated a budget shortage. It was grounded on a […]

Marxist and Liberal Theories on Property

Introduction Property can be largely termed as any physical or intangible asset owned by an individual in solitude or in a collective manner (Kilcullen 1). Considering current systems in the society, a property owner virtually has all the rights to a property including selling, renting, exchanging and such like privileges without having to consult anybody. […]

Strategies for Growth and Managing and Going Global

Starting new business ventures is not always problematic. Nevertheless, new enterprises present challenges that are significantly different from those of established corporations (Longenecker, Petty & Palich, 2011, p. 31). The complexity of a new venture and the entrepreneur’s preparedness to meet the demands of the new business determine the severity of the challenges encountered. One […]

Seven Ways to Find Help in Starting a Business

Most small business directors tend to believe that the best way to generate their business is to find help from the Government. It is true that this structure should be responsible for finding innovative and effective ways of making small businesses in the UK competitive and able to live among large enterprises with good and […]

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Employee Motivational Techniques

Motivation refers to a condition that energizes and directs towards goal-oriented behavior (Baldwin & Migneate, 1996). Motivation is used at the workplace to attract individuals to the company as well as retain them there. This is done by applying principles such as total quality management, meritocracy, team building, performance contracting, and reward systems (Baldwin & […]

Leadership Styles in Business

Good Leaders The World’s history has seen a number of great leaders; Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King were a few of the impressive leaders. Each leader had his own style of leading and acquired loyal followers based on his qualities, both innate and acquired. Such were the leaders of countries. […]

Analysis of the Relationship between Strategy and Implementation of Change

Introduction In the 21st century, the global environment is characterized by a high rate of dynamism, which affects the operation of organizations. The sources of change are either internal or external. Organizations are affected by the changes since the factors that result in change are closely interrelated. For instance, amongst the forces of change in […]

Business Management: Cross-Training Theory

Introduction To optimize productivity benefits, businesses today are cross-training their employees to leap the economies of scale that come with such strategies. Cross-training refers to the coaching of employees in a variety of skills and responsibilities in various tasks so as to improve their effectiveness in the performance of their tasks (Entrepreneur 1). Application of […]

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility: When Corporate Values Must Be Upgraded a Few Notches

The business realm has always been famous for its competitive and uncompromising environment, as well as the unethical avenues that some businessmen undertake in order to profit within the shortest amount of time. However, in the XXI century, with the advent of corporate social responsibility (Hanson, 2010, October 1), the emphasis seems to have been […]

The Regulatory Framework in United States: Historical Developments and Present Position

Introduction The development of accounting frameworks in any country is part of its evolution process over the years. New vistas of development bring in mandatory modifications into the existing framework. As the entire economic process of a country is dependent upon its financial regulatory structures, the accounting framework is bound to be affected by such […]

Maximizing Profits in Market Structures

Introduction A market structure is the number and size of buyers and sellers who are interested in a product or service. Apart from buyers and sellers involved in the market, market structures for a commodity also include the likely entrants. Because of the differing level of competition within the market, different market structures emerge with […]

Overcoming Change at Workplace

Introduction Change is a fundamental factor in every organization. This is because it allows the employees to handle competition and technological developments in the workplace. However, most employees oppose the change in their organizations; thus, negatively affecting the productivity of such organizations. According to Leahy (2003), it is vital for organizations to embrace change for […]

Monetary and Fiscal Policy in US

Introduction The government of the US plays a significant role in the American economy, which is the backbone of the country’s success and also has a role in the control of firms in the industry so as to check on the supply and pricing of commodities. It is responsible for the management of all the […]

Marketing: Social Responsibility and the Law

The new deodorant product that our company intends to introduce into the retail chain could present great opportunities for our company. This calls for proper and effective marketing of the deodorant. While doing this, we need to consider ethical and legal issues that may arise of which I have researched and considered carefully. I have […]

Benefits of Being and Staying Positive

The secret of character and leadership It is commonplace that character forms the basis on which all pertinent decisions that influence leadership can be made. It should also be noted that a leader’s behavior is the best indicator of his or her character. As a result, scholars have argued that wise leaders tend to succeed […]

The Benefits of Raising the Minimum Wage

The minimum wage law was intended as a humanitarian act which would stimulate the economy as well. Most agree that employees who work full-time hours should be paid a wage sufficient so as to allow them to provide for their most essential needs which current minimum wage does not accomplish. For workers in Mississippi, for […]

Apples approach to “Marketing Planning”

Market plan Innovative contemporary technology has brought about a remarkable transformation in the mold of the modern day society. The spectacular and radical transformations that have occurred in the past few decades is indicative of the consequences of human endeavor to embark on countless new inventions and incessant search and quest for new things. With […]

Brainstorm for Final Project Details Memo

Research-based report Formal reports are very important for the successful communication of the information. They are usually used instead of formal meetings or other ways of information promotion. Research-based reports are generally created in order to demonstrate business ideas to the necessary audience. Their main aim is to present the information in a concise and […]

How Instagram affects People’s Lives Nowadays

Introduction Instagram’s main line of business focuses on sharing photos and videos. While operating in this line of business, the organisation has immensely altered the manner in which people perceive the world. Kelvin Systrom who is the company’s co-founder maintains that Instagram constitutes a key element of the lives of all people across the globe. […]

Theories of Effective Leadership

Insights Gained into Organisational Dynamics Organisations should implement powerful models and behaviours depending on the targeted goals. The term “organisational dynamics” is widely used to examine how human capital in a company can be managed to improve the level of business performance (Mastrangelo, Eddy, & Lorenzet, 2014). In order to manage and guide people to […]

The Importance of Time Management among Students and Employees in Bahrain Financial Sector

Abstract Time management has been a very important skill since the dawn of time. Many students and employees need to learn time management skills in order to effectively balance their studies, work, social life, and various day-to-day activities. Studies show that in most cases, both understand the importance of time management and have basic time […]

Diversity in the Workplace: Bridging the Gap

Diversity management is an important aspect in organizational culture. The present study attempts to identify the relation between diversity and the management perception and satisfaction in the organization. The study used a mixed method approach to measure the satisfaction of the top management of a major Korean company, and indicate the methods that respondents deemed […]

Planning and Controlling the Supply Chain of Wal-Mart

Introduction Wal-Mart is considered as the king in American retail market and is a total solution for the shopping needs of the people in America. It also operates in some other countries. There is a full fledged operation management system in Wal-Mart which contributes much to the success of different stores under Wal-Mart. Sam Walton, […]

Problems and Policies of International Economy

Although multinational corporations bring a number of advantages to developing countries, they pose various challenges and problems. Although they provide jobs to populations, these are low-skilled and poorly paid. There is repatriation of the profits earned from the businesses they operate. Because most of the companies are concerned with more business activities and less in […]

Current Events on Economics and Politics in the USA

Alan Brinkley, in his book The Unfinished Nation, develops on new insights as of the history of the United States. In this respect, the author underlines the provocative idea of his book, starting with its title. In fact, one of the richest economies of the world, the United States, as a country, is based on […]

Economics: Unemployment, Its Causes and Types

Introduction Unemployment has become a major problem in almost every society. The challenges posed by unemployment are both social and economical in nature. Under normal circumstances, unemployment leads to despondency since a section of society lacks ways of earning a living. This affects not only the economic status of the society but also the political […]

Sustainable Solutions: Stakeholder Identification and Value Analysis

Enterprise Level Strategy Costco is a leading American wholesale corporation. It operates as a warehouse club that offers a variety of goods and services to its members. The organization’s mission is to offer high quality goods and services to its members on a continuous basis. To achieve this objective, the corporation seeks to offer its […]

Cultural Diversity in the Workforce

Introduction With the global boundaries becoming more and more irrelevant owing to increasing international migration, the United States is gradually becoming multicultural. Individuals from all over the world have over time appreciated the United States as the land of opportunity. Hence, many persons ranging from professionals to unskilled individuals are looking for ways to gain […]

Personal and Professional Commitments

Professional commitment of a person who is involved in working for various social services has to correspond to one’s personal commitment for a higher quality of his or her professional activity and to have an adequate assurance of compliance with the obligations assumed. These two factors have to be identified by a human services professional […]

Organization Conflicts and Bullying

A Study Of The Individual Who Bully’s In The Work Place Bullying at workplaces has received increased attention from the media (Beckford, 2008; Parker-Pope, 2008; Klein, 2008; Said, 2007). A recent survey in the UK showed that 56 percent of employees believe that they face serious problems in the workplace due to bullying (Beckford, 2008). […]

Stakeholders Views on the Success of Social Marketing Campaigns

Abstract The marketing environment keeps on changing, just like the consumers. Marketing as a discipline and style also changes so as to be in touch with emerging trends. The dynamism of the marketing styles has seen the discipline evolve over the years, from the traditional product marketing concept to societal marketing. The latest development however, […]

Small Business Planning and Strategy: Stable Diet

Stable Diet’s Marketing Strategy and Target Market Stable Diet is a small business enterprise based in Ireland. Essentially a baking business with products like cakes, breakfast cereals, and flapjacks (, Stable Diet tries and caters to the traditional whole food sub-category of natural foods. The emphasis of the company is on producing tasty yet healthy […]

Art Gallery Centre Business Plan

Executive Summary Art Gallery Centre, a gallery that is planned to be opened on the 1st of January, 2010. In a business plan presented on the main aspects of the venture, the conclusion was that there is a high level of profitability that the business will be successful. As requested, we evaluated the business plan […]

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Ethics of Working Environment

The study of ethics also referred to as moral philosophy, is a subdivision of philosophy that tackles and deeply addresses the morality and principles that are put in place in the business workplace. This is good, and the evil, the dos, and the don’ts meant to be observed in the working environment. These ethics are […]

Difficulties Management Faces with the Millennial Generation

Abstract As a rule, management prefers hiring experienced employees who have already worked in the sphere for many years. Still, any organization also needs to work with the most junior population of millennials who have different values, experiences, and educations. Professionals tend to notice that they are more entitled and career-oriented. They are also looking […]

Improving Customer Loyalty And Patronage By Implementing Textmining Solutions

This research looks into the text mining activities of several companies on the aspect of text mining, which forms an integral part of improving customer loyalty and patronage. The research hypothesizes that the failure of text mining projects is specifically linked to improving customer loyalty and patronage. In turn, the creation of the text mining […]

The Financial Crisis in the USA in 2007

Introduction The phrase financial crisis has been applied in wider aspects in recent days with an array of state of affairs is where some financial organizations or assets unexpectedly go down of a large portion of their value. Throughout the centuries, civilization has evidenced financial crises coupled with banking panics as well as numerous recessions, […]

Leadership Elements of the California State Library

Abstract Leadership is a crucial component of the operations of any given organization. It is a process of social influence in which an individual should be able to enlist the support and assistance of others so as to achieve a common goal. The focus of this paper is on the leadership of the California State […]

Globalization and Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

Introduction Today globalization has become one of the most discussed notions both in theoretical findings of scholars and in the everyday practice of decision-makers. Progress and technology have been rapidly turning our planet into a “global village” where one can cross the ocean in several hours, talk virtually with strangers from different corners of the […]

Challenges in Planning and Managerial Decision-Making of Google

Introduction Every company or any institution has certain objectives for a fixed period to retain its competitive edge in the market. In order to attain those objectives, there must be some planning on how it is going to operate. This planning does not come handy unless and until it is built on a sound managerial […]

Legalisation of Gambling is not an Effective Means to Improve the Economic State of Georgia

The aspects of gambling are actively discussed by politicians, economists, sociologists, and psychologists. The discussion usually depends on determining the negative impacts of gambling on the people’s life and welfare. Nevertheless, some economists and politicians claim that legalisation of gambling in definite states can contribute to raising revenues. Some US states have legalised gambling, but […]

The Evolution of Business Ethics

Abstract The case study contains the answers to the questions based on the book of Daniel Terris. In his book, Terris deliberates the history of commercial ethics in the United States since the late 1800s with admiration “to anti-competitive practices, seeking unfair advantage through immoral arrangements with suppliers and public officials, failing to adhere to […]

The European Debt Crisis

Introduction In 2011, Europe faced one of the worst debt crises. Countries such as Greece and Portugal were heavily indebted and required the other countries in the bloc to bail them out. The only country that was not affected by the crises was Germany and this made her the “savior” of the region. France lost […]

Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Every organization has a need to formally coordinate the pattern of interaction between the organizational members. Thus organizational structure can be defined as the process of allocating tasks, coordinating between organizational members, and formalizing the ‘who reports to whom’ concept. Strategy is the long term goal and the objectives of the company which helps in […]

Current Macroeconomic Situation in the US

The US has the largest economy across the globe. However, it has been experiencing challenges that are associated with recession following the 2008 economic crisis. Unemployment constitutes one of the biggest problems in the US. As Rothstein and Valletta (2014) confirm, after the recession, unemployment has been one of the major challenges that are facing […]

Blue Ocean Strategy Canvas for Game Zone

Please identify at least 6 competitive factors (factors that consumers consider in making their buying decision) Add-on from multi-media is a major competitive factor that enables game console to perform varied functions like an entertainment box. It can act as Mp3 player, plays high definition (HD) video disks, CD player, as well as ripping and […]

Political Ecologies of Electronic Waste by Graham Pickren

The ultimate aim of many works on e-waste recycling has been to try and find the answer to the question whether recycling matters at all even though it is mandated. With the techniques so seemingly effective and politics nominally having recycling issues under strict control, Graham Pickren asserts that recycling electronic waste does not really […]

Concept of Outsourcing

Outsourcing arises when a company or organization purchases services or products from an outside supplier or a vendor, rather than performing the same tasks or work within its own facilities. The main reason why companies engage in outsourcing is to reduce capital expenditure over a business process and to allow the managerial team to have […]

The Culture of Work Organizations

Every organization is unique. This is because the organizations have different ways of doing things. They have a culture that is unique to that organization. Some scholars say the corporate culture is to an organization what personality is to an individual Different organizations give different levels of job satisfaction to their employees. Job satisfaction is […]

Importance of Post-Program Evaluation

Abstract The assessment paper reveals that post-evaluation of the training programs is critical, as it contributes to the continuous improvement and increases the efficiency of the subsequent training programs. This aspect is crucial, as the training advances the competences of the workforce while driving the development of creative ideas. As for the solutions to improve […]

E-Marketing Strategies Proposal

Introduction Background E-marketing is a part of e-business that makes use of electronic medium in the promotion of products and services using age-old marketing principles to meet the marketing objectives of the organization. According to Marketing Teacher (2000, 2005), e-marketing is by its very nature an aspect of an organizational function and a set of […]

Leadership at the Workplace

Leadership is a very important skill that is not possessed by all; hardly very few people are blessed with this skill. Being a leader is not easy; it poses many challenges, and the person who overcomes these challenges make a successful leader. A leader instills confidence and provides motivation to the employees, motivation is an […]

Leadership and Followership

The test score that I obtained from the Followership Style Test was 4.25 which was arrived by dividing number 68 by 16; based on the test score my leadership style was determined to be very democratic with a personality of a self starter person (Sheila and Theresa, 2008). Democratic leadership style which is also referred […]

Entering and Operating in the Global Market

Executive Summary In order to conduct the operations of a business in an efficient and effective manner in a foreign country, it is necessary to take into account the benefits the country in question offers as well as the challenges a business is most likely to experience. This paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of […]

Concept and Role of Corporate Social Responsibility

Introduction De George, R. T. (2006) addressed that corporate social responsibility is the awareness of business organisation that their accomplishments have not at all kept any negative impact on the society as well as on the social advancement and welfare activities like consciousness on environment pollution, infrastructural advancement like repairing roads, beautification of the towns […]

The Balanced Scorecard: Measures That Drive Performance

One of the main problems of managers in the business world is how to evaluate the company’s achievements fast and effectively. The main factor that influences the job performance is the employees’ behavior. There is the traditional approach which does not give qualitative results. The business research conducted by Kaplan and Norton (1992) made it […]

Decision Traps in Decision Making

Decision making is an integral part of management. On many occasions managers are not conscious of the decisions they make every day. Whether decisions are made consciously or unconsciously, they have direct or indirect effect on an organization (Russo & Schoemaker, 1990, p.23). To be good decision makers, managers have to make high quality decisions […]

Deputy Sheriff Profession: Reasons for Choosing

We live in uncertain times. Gone are the days when one could walk the streets any time of the day or night with the confidence that no harm would be put upon your person or belongings. These days, we look at each other with anxiety because of the continuing rise in the crime rate of […]

Conflict Management and Leadership Skills

Introduction A conflict is a disagreement between two parties of different levels that may be a threat to their existence. Conflicts occur when the parties realize the disagreement will be a threat to their interests, needs, and concerns. Although conflicts are part of us in society and provide opportunities for growth when we understand them, […]

Air Transportation and Its Impact on Supply Chain

Abstract In this paper, the interrelation between air transportation and the supply chain is discussed to explain the impact the transportation industry may have on logistics. The United States increases costs on the air transportation industry. The goal of the article is to prove that air transportation cost changes may be both negative and positive, […]

Certified Nurse Assistant Preparatory School: Business Plan

School Objectives and Rationale The opening of CNA Preparatory School is supported by the necessity to effectively prepare applicants for state examination that has to be passed in order to obtain the license of the Certified Nurse Assistant. The major objectives of the school include: to give students the idea of health care field occupied […]

Lack of Communication in the Change Processes

Summary The report entitled “Lack of communication in the change processes,” describes the various problems that arise if the changes in the organization are not communicated to the employees. The employees must realize that they are given preference within the organization, and any changes that are introduced in the organization will not affect them negatively. […]

Natural Disasters and Their Effects on Supply Chains

Introduction Natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes experienced in China, Thailand, and Japan affected not only people’s lives but also world businesses. A supply chain is the circulatory system of any company (Canis, 2011). It links the manufacturing and distribution departments of an enterprise to the world. In this era of globalization, every company is […]

The Code of Ethics in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice

In any organization, the code of ethics is an extremely important document. The purpose of the code of ethics is to outline the core values to which the organization employees are expected to adhere during the working process. The code of ethics presents guidance for the ethically appropriate behaviors and choices that should be made […]

Financial Regulation by the IMF and the World Bank

Abstract The report provides a connection between the IMF and the World Bank in controlling global finance. The IMF and the World bank use several instruments to regulate the balance of payments problems and other financial crisis that countries might have faced. The report reviews several works of literature related to IMF and World bank, […]

Organizational Culture, Structure, and Leadership in the 21st century

International, as well as local companies of the 21st century, have to change their missions, organizational culture, structure, power division, reward system, and leadership styles. These changes are unavoidable if companies want to remain competitive in the global rapidly-changing market. As the world becomes more and more interconnected and interrelated, the business environment dictates new […]

Healthy Living Social Responsibility in Coca-Cola

Introduction Ethics in decision making has been actively tied to the success and failure of businesses. In a world where social causes are becoming more relevant, the private sector has been forced to adopt corporate social responsibilities as a way of giving back to their communities, and their customers. Kumar (2017a) argues that the private […]

Staff Turnover in Restaurants: Causes and Effects

Whereas for big business, especially for sales and marketing departments, staff turnover is a common phenomenon. Staff changes within the small and medium business (such as a small chain of fast-food restaurants) result in billions of dollars of lost revenue. Fast food restaurants in the U.S. averaged a whopping 145% turnover rate (Halvorson, 2013). It […]

Monopoly and Monopolistic Competition

Introduction Ideally, the market place should be a space where buyers and sellers freely exchange goods and services. However, for most economies, this is not the case because players have different knowledge, expertise, and access to markets in ways that others do not (Dwivedi 2002). Consequently, it is common to find people or companies competing […]

Leadership: Mission and Skills

At any point in life, a person may ask himself or herself about what it takes to be a leader. Such a question can arise in a variety of situations, whether it is in the army during battle training or in the office when working on a new marketing project. But what it actually takes […]

Production as Indicator of Technological Progress

Executive Summary This paper bases on one of the seriously contested industrial topics: the functions of production and inputs in corporations. The study employed a triangulation method where data from various theoretical and empirical studies remained quite significant. Since there was no primary field data collected to validate the existing argument in the economic research […]

Free Markets of the Airline Industry

Abstract From the perspective of organizations in the airline industry in Europe, this paper discusses the extent of competitiveness of capitalist markets in a bid to determine whether the current organization operates in truly free markets. Free markets have a connection with capitalism. In Europe, airline organizations seek to secure the largest market share without […]

The Impact of Globalization

As the borders between countries erode and different economies and cultures start to interweave, the world begins to be more and more defined by globalization. The new technologies and methods of communication and transportation make distances less and less of an obstacle, and it becomes easier to establish commercial and cultural connections and increase the […]

Credit Cards: Safe Method of Payment or Not

A credit card enables you to buy something now and pay for it later. As a result, a credit card can help you when you’re short of cash. Further, carrying a credit card can be a lot safer than carrying cash. Cash can be lost or stolen. Credit can be traced so that you’re protected […]

Taxation of Foreign Nationals by the United State

Introduction In every nation, there is a set system of tax collection. The U.S. is not an exemption to the rule. Their system is self-assessing and presupposes that citizens, as well as foreigners, are liable to taxation. The taxation of foreign citizens is different from that of resident citizens. Every foreign citizen is subjected to […]

Electronic Banking Services in a Qatar Bank

Introduction Research Background Fast growth of information technology and concurrently that of the banking services has triggered a great competition in the market. Electronic banking has been effective in transforming the lives of consumers and changing their expectations (Havasi et al, 2013). The evolution of e- banking relates closely to the neo-classical economic theories of […]

Trends of Foreign Direct Investments in Emerging Markets

Abstract Foreign direct investment has become very popular as corporate organizations try to expand their market share. It is important to understand the current trends in foreign direct investments in emerging markets. This research reveals that unlike before when the foreign direct investment was dominated by large corporations, the mid-sized companies have also become active […]

Democracy and National Economic Performance in China

To examine the relationship between democracy and national economic performance in China, it is necessary to define the two notions. O’Neil et al. define democratic regimes as those “with rules that emphasize a large role for the public in governance and that protect basic rights and freedoms” (30). In democracies, citizens participate in decision-making and […]

Business-to-Business Marketing Practices

Introduction This report focuses on analyzing and synthesizing information about the best business-to-business marketing practices found in seven different articles. The paper will first explore the main themes raised in the articles, then link the articles to the B2B marketing course, and finally, discuss Building long term customer relationships in business markets. Articles Themes The […]

Leadership and Organizational Change

Introduction The efficiency and success of an organization greatly depend on the type of leadership approaches or strategies that are practiced in the corporate organization. According to some organizational change scholars, a leader must be capable of influencing, motivating, and enabling others to contribute to the success and efficiency of an organizational process (Maxwell, 2005; […]

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