The Color Wheel Move Critique

Introduction Directed by Alex Ross Perry in 2011, the movie The Color Wheel fits well within the confines of the French New Wave films. The movie chronicles sibling war between a sister and brother on their way to Boston from Pennsylvania. The French New Wave aspects portrayed in this film include editing, shooting on location […]

Music Album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action

The band called Franz Ferdinand was first formed in 2002, it is an indie rock group, all of its members are of Scottish origin, and the band initially was based in Glasgow. The four musicians playing in Franz Ferdinand are over thirty years old, yet the music they play is soaked with a young spirit. […]

Renaissance Artists: Palmer Hayden and Jacob Lawrence

Introduction The Harlem Renaissance, also known as New Negro Movement, was an important cultural movement that started in 1918 to 1925. Its effect was felt several years after as the African tried to express their culture differently. The African American writers, painters, and other artists were keen on rewriting their history in this country. Racism […]

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Watching a Movie at Home and in Theatres

Introduction It does not matter whether a person likes action, drama, comedy, or another genre of films and movies. Almost everyone loves watching video materials. There are many reasons for the people’s desire to watch video films and movies. While most people watch videos to release stress or for recreation purposes, others watch films for […]

The Movie “The Boy in The Striped Pajamas” by Mark Herman

People are often inclined to speak about selfhood and identity with references to adult persons who try to find themselves in this world. However, the role of one’s identity can be even more critical for children and adolescents who seem to confront the reality in order to learn who they are. In his short story […]

Vincent Van Gogh Life and Times

“The Potato Eaters” by Vincent Van Gogh Vincent Van Gogh was a renowned artist born in 1853 in Netherlands. He left a legacy of rich paintings that could be easily recognized and appreciated across generations. Since his father was a clergy, he grew up in a religious household. He learned how to trade with art […]

“Rrose Selavy” by Man Ray

The photo of Rrose Selavy (i.e. Marcel Duchamp) by Man Ray in 1921 showcases Duchamp dressing as a woman in order to manifest his alter ego Rrose Selavy. When examining the photo, it immediately just seems like either a very masculine looking woman in a fur coat or a man trying to emulate a woman. […]

Evolution of Pop Music – Hip-Hop Genre

Introduction Hip-hop gained mainstream interest and popularity since the nineties when the MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice music albums topped the Billboard pop charts. The ever-expanding audience of the hip-hop culture has raised the question of the authentic rap music that is available in the market. Some believe that the authentic hip-hop music is associated […]

Michael Jackson Vs Elvis Presley

Introduction Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley are arguably the most influential figures in American music, having contributed to the evolution of the country’s popular music culture in the 20th century. Although the careers and lives of Jackson and Presley are distinct and different, a number of similarities exist within their characters, personalities and contribution to […]

“Young Frankenstein” by Mel Brooks

The film Young Frankenstein is often viewed by many critics as one Mel Brooks’ best works because it eloquently demonstrates the best elements of parody as a cinematographic genre. To some degree, this movie illustrates the way in which classical literary archetypes can be dramatically transformed. In particular, Mel Brooks relies on the motifs of […]

Satire in Francisco de Goya’s and Banksy Works

Examples of artists using the tools of visual media to comment on the current state of affairs in their communities can be found both today and in past centuries. To demonstrate the use of satire in the visual arts through time, I chose The Family of Charles IV, painted by Francisco de Goya. This is […]

Business Ethics and Dilemmas in the Film ‘Michael Clayton’

A Critique of the Dilemmas Presented The movie “Michael Clayton” addresses a wide range of ethical issues faced by corporations and advocates. The movie highlights how situational factors, corporate cultures, and professional business environment can be viewed from different perspectives. It offers an optimistic account of the moral resources that managers and entrepreneurs can draw […]

Fine Art Museum in Belgium

Why the Museum was chosen Museum voor Schone Kunsten possesses some of the largest and permanent collection of paintings and other pieces of artworks from the Middle Age to the middle period of the 20th century (Museum of Fine Arts 1). The museum holds exceptional collections of Flemish Art from the Netherlands and some elements […]

Music of the 20th Century and Beyond

Introduction This paper is an analysis of two musical pieces from the classical and electronic music periods. The focus will be made to identify why these musical pieces fit into the classical and electronic music categories. A definition of the musical eras will be done, alongside an analysis of how the respective musical categories rate, […]

Comparison of Plays by H. Ibsen, by B. Brecht and by S. Pollock

Henrik Ibsen, Shirley Pollock, and Bertolt Brecht are three of the literary world’s famous playwrights. Ibsen, a Norwegian, is often called the father of modern drama because his works explored subjects that were not normally touched by writers during his time (Barranger 134; Siddall 7). Pollock known as Canada’s female writer is multi-awarded, but not […]

Medical Tourist Documentary

Developed by the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in 2010, the documentary film “Medical tourist” provides a story on the last days of Craig Ewert, a native of Chicago who goes on a tour to Switzerland for physician-assisted suicide. The story is quite fascinating but sad. First, the article attempts to show that patients who go […]

Robert Johnson’ Life and Music

Can’t You Hear the Wind Howl?: The Life and Music of Robert Johnson (1997) is the film directed by Peter W. Meyer in which the unique story of the legendary bluesman is discussed. In his film, Meyer tries to resolve the mystery of Robert Johnson’s life and work while referring to many famous interviewees whose […]

Art Event: World Expo 2020 in Dubai

The World Expo has, over the years emerged as one of the largest worldwide noncommercial events in terms of cultural and economic impact. This is a global exposition which entails an exhibition of art, science, and agricultural products as presented by participants from across the world. World Expos are normally held after every five years, […]

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Comparison of Lyrics “Respect” by Aretha Franklin and “The Evil of the People” by Queen Latifah

In the introduction part of the lyric “respect,” Aretha quickly declares that she is capable of supplying everything that her baby needs provided that there is respect. Aretha expresses the goals and concerns outlined in the introductory section of the lyric in different ways. For example, Aretha assures and promises her baby that she will […]

Romanticism Period: William Blake, John Constable and J.M.W Turner

Introduction The period of Romanticism began in the 18thcentury and lasted until the 19th century in the western cultures. Its origin is closely linked with artistic and intellectual movements that strongly castigated the impositions by the established values. The main concept behind this upsurge was to champion on individuals’ expressions and strong emotions rather than […]

Classical and Baroque Music Differences

The transition from baroque music to the classical period is marked by key cultural trends including the Romantic movement, revolutions in America and France, increasing scientific progress and the prevalence of logical ideas over religious dogma. The manifestation of Man, as the pride and joy of the Universe’s creation, influenced the popular taste in music. […]

Music: Salu International ‘Pedersen’ Band

Salu International ‘Pedersen’ Band, a musical group based in Kisumu (Kenya), started as a church-based musical group in 2014 at St. Stephen Cathedral Church. However, given that the band obtained its members from church, it became difficult for the group to continue offering church services as it plays both gospel and non-gospel music. Alex and […]

Painting “Louise Nursing Her Baby” by Mary Cassatt

The happy, well-nourished mother in the Mary Cassatt painting entitled Louise Nursing her Baby is a New York-born socialite who became a suffragette, and, with her husband, an art patron.1 As a wealthy mother in the 1880s2, her apparently joyful choice to nurse her own glowing toddler reflects serious-mindedness3. Doubtless, she had a housekeeper and […]

“Lone Survivor” by Peter Berg Film Analysis

Introduction One of the reasons why people enjoy watching movies, in the first place, is that, while exposed to the on-screen action, they are able to gain a number of insights into the essence of the surrounding social reality. In its turn, this can be explained by the fact that just about any film contains […]

Music Artist Tupac Shakur

Introduction Tupac Shakur was an American artist who had great influence on the hip-hop genre of music in the United States. He was born in 1971 and died in 1996 at the age of 25 (Johnson and McQuillar 3). His notoriety is evident from the number of records sold before and after his demise. He […]

African Ritual Dance Style

Introduction Culture is one of the main distinctive features which helps consider the differences in countries. Each country has its own culture, and it is essential to consider the peculiarities of this culture to understand people and the trends in art. Cultural significance of people is depicted in the trends in art. Thus, to understand […]

“Akeelah and the Bee” by Doug Atchison

Introduction “Akeelah and the Bee” is a movie that transcends the limitations of its average plot and linear storyline to reveal valuable and intrinsic lessons that have been forgotten by people at present in their pursuit to be “winners.” In a sense, it is a critique of the current predilection of American society to place […]

Musical Pieces of the Baroque Era

Introduction This paper explores musical pieces of the Baroque era through the works of Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frideric Handel. Two musical pieces produced by the two authors will be compared to analyze their similarities and differences. These pieces will be evaluated to ascertain how they contributed to the evolution of Baroque era music. […]

“Blood Diamond” by Edward Zwick

Introduction The movie ‘Blood Diamond’ is a political story that resonates with African context perfectly. Produced in 2006 by Edward Zwick, the movie features renowned actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Connelly who play their roles perfectly and in line with the major themes of the movie. In particular, the movie attempts to uncover […]

Romantic Era’s Music

Introduction This paper analyzes two musical pieces of the romantic era period to ascertain the characteristics that cause emotive feelings among their audience. The two musical pieces are Symphony number one (produced by Gustav Mahler) and Si, mi chiamano Mimi (a composition by Giacomo Puccini). The latter is an opera, while the former is instrumental […]

Michael Sweerts’ “Head of a Woman” Painting Review

Descriptive Element Created in the mid-1600s in Italy by the artist, Michael Sweerts; the Head of a Woman can be considered as a unique representation of the artistic styles of the era. The reason behind such an assertion is connected to the fact that the subject was a poor woman that Sweerts had encountered in […]

“La Dolce Vita” Movie by Federico Fellini

La Dolce Vita is a very interesting movie directed by Fellini which portrays issues as they are in the real world. The director (Fellini) captures certain characters in the movie to communicate occurrences in real life situations. It is interesting to watch how the director portrays the tabloid media and the journalists who engage in […]

The Film “Die Hard’

Introduction Over the last few years, the entertainment industry has gone through exponential growth. The film industry is among the ever-expanding industries across the entire globe. The rate at which movies are churned out today transcends the production ceilings that could only be envisioned only a few years back. This phenomenon seems to be working […]

“Beauty” by Jane Martin Drama

Introduction Carla and Bethany are the main characters in the play ‘Beauty’ by Jane Martin. Both characters can be regarded as the protagonists in the play. Carla and Bethany share some common traits, most of which are apparent among young American women. For instance, Bethany is a very fun-, loving young woman, ready to say […]

Music of Romantic Era

The 19th century marked a remarkable era in classical music, which is commonly referred to as the Romantic Era. Music of this era was characterized by Nationalism, Expression, and Exoticism (Charlton & Hickok, 2008). Romantic music composers had to strictly adhere to tonality and close attachment to poetry and painting (Charlton & Hickok, 2008). Romantic […]

“Thank You for Smoking” by Jason Reitman

The movie, ‘Thank You for Not Smoking’ has a theme that mainly revolves within the tobacco industry. This industry faces challenges due to the obvious reasons that, tobacco smoking is harmful to health, a fact that has resulted in anti-smoking campaigns, which evoke a decline in the number of young smokers. As the film opens, […]

Drama: “Golden Boy” by Clifford Odets

Actors’ Style, Goals and Major Conflicts The play Golden Boy is remarkable in terms of the performance. Actors have to reveal the emotions of people who need to solve various personal issues. The major issue is the conflict of their inclinations and reality. The actors use realistic acting as the play is concerned with the […]

The Play ‘How I learned to drive ’by Paula Vogel

Introduction Paula Vogel was brought up in Washington, DC. She graduated from Catholic University with a B.A in drama. However, her graduate study was turned down at Yale school of drama thus became very difficult for her to get her early plays produced. Nevertheless, she kept on working towards her craft, thus taking controversial themes […]

Hamlet’s Costume Design

Scenic design is a vital element in every play. The design portrays the style and the mood of the production used in the play. It also enables the audience to draw a clear distinction between a nonrealistic and a realistic theater. One important element of scene design is design of the costumes. A costume design […]

The Movie “Good” and the Holocaust by Vicente Amorim

Nowadays, the very abbreviation SS invokes in most people the horrifying images of concentration camps, piles of corpses being pushed down the pit with bulldozers and the black smoke rising over camps’ crematoriums. Therefore, it comes as not a particular surprise that SS officers are generally assumed to have been some kind of monsters – […]

“The Piano Lesson” a Play by August Wilson

August Wilson dwells upon a very important issue in his play The Piano Lesson. He tries to find the best answer to the question concerning people’s past and heritage. Eventually, the playwright decides that people should understand, accept and cherish their past to have their future. The answer is manifested in one of the main […]

Music of the Renaissance

Background The Renaissance era (1400-1600) refers to the period that marked the revitalization of art and rebirth of music. Musicians and artists of this time composed and performed style of music that was different from that of the medieval era due to the influence of the ancient Rome Greece classical models. Research studies point out […]

Teaching Architecture and Freehand Drawing

The experience of Sue Ferguson Gussow in teaching freehand drawing to architecture students is the central theme of the article. The theme was premised on the fundamental approaches to freehand drawing techniques that underline the preliminary stages for understanding architecture. Presented from a simplistic point of view, the article is full of insightful explanations from […]

“The Imaginary Invalid” by Stephen Campanella Drama

Classic plays are extremely hard to stage, mostly because they have already been performed a number of times to the point where they seem to have nothing new for directors to explore. However, every new staging of any Moliere’s play reveals new depth in the author’s genius and provides the director with enough room for […]

Cataloging Street Art

The term “catalog” is quite well known and well spread all over the world. It is frequently used in various fields such as science, economics, sales, manufacturing, food industry, beauty sphere, culture, and art. The word “catalog” comes from the Greek language. Its meaning refers to the categorization and sorting of some items or notions […]

Jane Martin’s “Beauty” Drama

Introduction Beauty is an important aspect in many societies. Many people are conscious of how they look. The reality is evident even in medieval communities, where people used to put marks on their bodies to enhance their physical appearances. In contemporary society, obsession with beauty and physical appearance is manifested in the range of cosmetic […]

“Paris Street: Rainy Day” by Gaustave Caillebotte

To see the Paris of the 1870ies, there is no need to travel back in time; all that it takes is to see Caillebotte‘s Paris Street: Rainy Day. In fact, the picture itself looks as if it was taken with the help of a camera completely by chance and, thus, allowing the viewer to sneak […]

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The Breakfast Room by Pierre Bonnard

Pierre Bonnard was a French painter. He was born in 1867. The painter lived a long life and created a lot of works. He traveled a lot and had a number of exhibitions. The Breakfast Room is one of his most known paintings. It was created in 1930-1931. The painting is now a part of […]

Pablo Picasso’s Art of Painting

Pablo Picasso is one of my most admirable and inspirational artists. Picasso’s accomplishments in art have made him famous throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. The artist was prolific throughout his life. Pablo’s three styles of art include “the Blue, Rose, and African-Influenced Periods” (Sayre 4). Picasso also redefined the aspects of new styles of […]

The Play “Blood relation” by Sharon Pollock

Introduction Blood relation is an epic play that revolves around the life of Lizzy Borden. Lizzy is perceived to have killed her parents in an unpredictable maze of circumstances that Pollock (the playwright) explains were beyond her (Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia 2). This paper analyzes blood relations by responding to its plot. Concisely, this paper explains […]

The Movie Battleship Potemkin

The movie, Battleship Potemkin, is a story about the maltreatment of the crew of the Potemkin battleship, which leads to riots against the use of rotten meat to prepare dinner. Apart from the rotten meat, several other acts of mistreatment such as unwarranted whippings increased the resolve by the ship’s crew to rebel against their […]

Get Real in Northern Exposure

The use of metaphors always makes any art/literary/musical work more interesting, more captivating, and more educative to any person. When a person gets a chance to comprehend the meaning of the metaphor, its intentions, and expected effects on people, this person has one of the most significant lessons in his/her life. Watching the episode Get […]

Chinese cinema: Two Stage Sisters and Yellow Earth

The film, “Two Stage Sisters” is a 1964 Chinese production by Xie Jin, staring Cao Yindi and Xie Fang (Connolly). It is a production made shortly before Chinese Cultural Revolution. “Two Stage Sisters” tell of feminine story, “Yue Opera” practitioners, who happened to be from the same cast, but who end up playing very different […]

Hamlet by William Shakespeare: Summary of the Play

Introduction The play begins with Prince Hamlet going back home for his father’s funeral. The prince feels depressed when he finds out that his uncle, Claudius, had already remarried Gertrude, his mother. Claudius immediately becomes the king after the death of King Hamlet, yet Prince Hamlet is the right heir to the throne. The ghost […]

Death Upon Request Dutch Documentary

In this documentary, assisted euthanasia is the result of the patient’s decision since some people prefer to die in dignity in order not to burden their loved ones with looking after their health. However, this is done for patients suffering from incurable diseases, which cause unbearable pain and prevent the patient from functioning normally. The […]

“The Piano Lesson” by August Wilson

The Piano Lesson is a play by August Wilson, an African American playwright, who was popular for writing plays about the African-American experience in the twentieth century. The play has strong sentiments on the role of history in the shaping of future lives. The play title was encouraged by a Romare Bearden’s painting which had […]

Movie “Joy Luck Club” by Wayne Wang

Introduction The movie, Joy Luck Club, demonstrates the various aspects of Chinese women and their struggles to improve the perceptions of Americanized Chinese women. The movie commences when the mother of Suyan, who is a young Chinese woman, June, dies. The journey that June embarks on after she knows that her twin sisters are alive […]

Pedro de La Blanca Calderon’s Drama “Life Are a Dream”

Staging plays to reinvent the ideas offered by various authors in their plays is one of the trickiest issues imaginable – not because these ideas are so hard to convey with the help of a certain visual medium, but mostly because setting a staged play based on a certain work means looking at these ideas […]

Freakonomics the Movie

Freakonomics, a movie released on December 3, 2010, originates from the book with a similar name. The directors of the movie are Heidi Ewing and Alex Gibney, among others. Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, the authors of the book Freakonomics, discuss social issues like abortion, parenting, and the impacts they have on the life of […]

History of Film Noir

Introduction Film Noir is a term coined in the early 1940s by the French to refer to trendy Hollywood crime movies produced during this period. The term literally means black film in French and the movies were characterized by their black and white visual style, a style generally thought to have begun in the early […]

The Art of Mesoamerica

The tendency to fulfill a row of important of public utility functions including system of communication, being material wealth, displaying one’s power, and expressing religious beliefs through the art works can be well explored in the art of Mesoamerica. This phenomenon is observed throughout centuries in different Mesoamerican cultures such as Aztecs, Olmecs, Huastecs, Maya, […]

The Architectonics of Memory: On Built Form and Built Thought

Architecture has generally been considered as the art of design and construction using unique techniques that are appealing to the eyes. However, some architects have been arguing that architecture is more than this. They consider it as an art and science of trying to make the world a better place for all living things. They […]

Identify World Music Terms

Indonesia Instruments Rebab: It is a fiddle with two strings. It’s mainly found within Muslim nations. Gambang: Is an instrument that resembles a xylophone. It’s made of wood and is commonly used in the Southern Philippines and Indonesia. Suling: A bamboo flute used by Indonesians in gamelan ensembles. Kendang: A traditional Indonesian music instrument that […]

Sounds of Life: The Role of Music

Music is one of the most influential aspects of life in society. I am yet to come across an individual who does not like music at all. Different people listen to different genres of music; a scenario that shows how different we are (Diserens 1939, pp.6). The types of music people listen to differ not […]

Concert Essays: Music

Introduction Nowadays, it would prove rather impossible to find many people not appreciative of music in one way or another. The reason for this is that the activity of listening to music has always been deemed as an integral part of one’s upbringing – something that in its turn is best explained by the societal […]

Music History: Joseph Haydn

Introduction The world of classical music is far-reaching in different masterpieces. Thereupon, the work of Joseph Haydn cannot be underestimated. His The Creation is acknowledged worldwide to be one of the most glorious works in the musical legacy of the mankind. In fact, such idea is supported by the implementation of huge industriousness, perseverance, and […]

History of Leonardo Da Vinci

There are certain individuals in the world that have transformed the word success. They have reached the heights of it and they are known as a legend. Leonardo Da Vinci was among those individuals that are claimed to be the greats of the world. He was a sculptor, a painter, an architect. His numerous skills […]

Relevance of the Bauhaus to Twentieth Century Design

Introduction Bauhaus was a German school that operated between 1919 and 1933 and which introduced a different form of architecture. It was run by talented artists and architects, and although for the first few years it did not have a department of architecture, it made considerable contributions to this field. It taught different forms of […] Company Website Design

Introduction This is a website design report for, a software, hardware, and network product and services company with a steadily growing client base now in several states across the US. specializes in providing hardware, software, and networking products and services at the most competitive costs presently on the market. This report is going […]

Privatization of Public Spaces in Urban Design

Introduction Public spaces may easily be attributed to governance planning and design, although most often than not, have been criticized for failing to consider many aspects of reality: human existence and sustainability, environmental concerns, and other spoken and otherwise contempt for such failures. It is to be understood that public spaces are areas, indoors and […]

Theory of Modern Art

Matisse- Notes of a painter Matisse tries to expose the fact that art cannot be clearly expressed in its pictorial form, without essentially encompassing the artist’s thoughts (in its entirety)1. In other words, it is increasingly difficult for him to express all his inner thoughts in a painting. In this context, he says, “But the […]

The Lessons of Lady Gaga

The article in the wall street journal talks about Lady Gaga, a dance/pop singer who was named the Best New Artist at MTV’s video music awards for her hit song “Paparazzi”. Lady Gaga is the singer to watch on the music industry as she has attracted many fans within a very short time who even […]

Post-Impressionist Period, Its Features and Movements

The artistic period which I would like to visit is the Post-Impressionism period as it is very different from the other periods of its time due to the use of unnatural, arbitrary and vivid colors, typical brushstrokes and thicker coating of paint thus, emphasizing more on geometric and distort forms for better effect. The artists […]

Impacts of Internet on Print Media and Journalism

Introduction It is not a contention that the Internet has created a single medium where millions of people from different parts of the world can share information. However, its accessibility means it is not business as usual for players in the media and journalism industry. Over the past few years, much has changed in terms […]

Responsive Website Design Technique

Responsive Website Design is a technique of creating websites whose main objective is to provide the best viewing experience for the user who owns a wide range of devices. The website’s use should include; easy navigation and reading for the customers, minimum panning, scrolling, and resizing. The main aim of a responsive website is to […]

Evolution in Modern Indian Music

Introduction The Republic of India is the second most populated country in the world and the seventh-largest geographical area. A multitude of ethnic groups with distinct cultural traditions, languages, and dialects comprise the South Asia subcontinent, and such a factor is reflective in the music. Rich and diverse, Indian folk music is utilized for special […]

Music History and Development

Different Cultures all have there owned a specific way of communicating through music. Music is basically broken into two specific groups Eastern Music and Western Music. Eastern music is mainly derived from the orient and India. While western music first emerged from Europe. Western music has developed in many ways since the middle ages through […]

Reality Music Television Shows

Forewords Often, advancement in technology has been attributed to the great transition of the music industry. As such, the role of reality television shows in the advancement and growth of the music industry has tended to be underestimated. In effect, the reality television music shows and their central role in the growth of the music […]

Effect of Music on Education

There has been a rising concern over the effect of music on education. Some scholars have conducted research and have reported various effects of music on education. One such scholar is Allan Bloom. According to Bloom, music has a direct impact on the education of children. He states that music influences negatively the lifestyles of […]

Legalizing Free Downloads Of Music And Movies

File sharing has had a profound impact on the economic gains of the various stakeholders in the music industry. The practice entails providing access and the distribution of information that has been stored digitally. This information could be multimedia (video or audio), computer programs, electronic books, or documents (Zentner, 2005, P. 3). By declaring file-sharing […]

Photography as a Cultural History

Pictorialism is often called photo-impressionism, as long as effects on photos, which were achieved thanks to back lighting, and shooting in mist or under a rain, and with the help of soft-focus lenses, as well as with the help of further manipulation, reminded about. A famous American photographer Emerson created in the genre of naturalistic […]

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