The Coronavirus Pandemic – Affects and Effects Essay

Introduction In early December 2019, the first cases of Coronavirus were detected. Being discovered in China, it has been spreading exponentially across the globe. Now, there is hardly a country that has not been affected. At first, the Chinese government acted to constrain it within the country while the virus still was not considered a […]

The Commonly Used Expatriate Compensation Strategies

Introduction Globalization is gaining more and more impact on institutions ranging from small companies to multinational corporations. The shrinking of international boundaries among enterprises and their markets has made it necessary for institutions to come up with the possible strategies for dealing with the demands of such diversification. The element of globalization has necessitated an […]

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Internal and External Factors Influencing IKEA

Introduction IKEA is a worldwide recognized home furnishing seller. It has developed quickly since it was started in 1943 by Ingvar Kampard. At present it is the world’s leading furniture retailer, renowned for its Scandinavian mode. The mainstream of IKEA’s products is flat-pack, all set to be accumulated by the consumer. IKEA is offering more […]

Cover Letter for Job

I would like to apply for a position of assistant/apprentice hairdresser in your salon. I have chosen your salon because I recognize and appreciate the magnificent and trendy hairstyles your company offers to its customers and would be so proud to be part of your zealous team. I have recently completed the hairdressing course in […]

Job Satisfaction and Employee Turnover

Introduction The management topic that has been chosen for this study is the importance of job satisfaction and its influence on the staff turnover. Employee turnover has been a subject of interest for many scholars, managerial practitioners, and organizational managers over the past decade. Employee turnover happens when employees willingly depart from their employments which […]

Financial Reform Ethics

Introduction Passed by the Congress on June 30, 2010, Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform is a landmark legislative alteration to financial supervision which was signed into law by President Barack Obama on the 21st of July, 2010 (Paletta). It is expected to address various system loopholes and weaknesses which have contributed to the recent economic downturn […]

International Business Law

Possible legal actions of Chin Wah Metorex The contract signed between Metorex (the shipper) and Chin Wah (the receiver of consignee) contains a clause that practically enables Metorex to disclaim responsibility for failure to provide the specified amount of aluminum scrap to their business partner. In particular, according to one of the contact clauses, “The […]

The Role of HRM in Career Management

Introduction Traditional perceptions of careers are slowly being replaced by new views. Career management was once considered as a role for employers. Job security was a reality, and careers were associated with jobs. However, these factors are no longer true today; off-shoring, mergers & acquisitions and downsizing are new buzz words. Employees are well aware […]

The Influence of the Transnational Cooperations and the Rise of the Transnational Corporate Class

TNCs operate in more than one country and manage production in the foreign nations, or host countries, whereas their management headquarters are situated in one country, referred to as the home country. A TNC, however, fails to identify with one home through employing senior executives from varying nations and decides its undertakings from a global […]

Rhetorical Aspects of a Visual Document

Introduction In this paper we will analyze trade mark Michelin, its new product and will talk about the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Michelin is considered to be one of the leading tire manufacturing companies in the world. There is no doubt that this market is quite competitive and in order for a company like […]

Apple Inc. Business Strategy

Introduction Apple Inc has been a landmark computer manufacture for about 30 years. The company has emerged as one of the well established and highly recognized corporations in computer industry and other IT related solutions (Mcgirt, 2011). The giant multinational company is mostly known for its famous iPhones, iPods as well as other products such […]

Issues in Human Resource Management

Introduction The importance of human resources has significantly increased in various organizations, all the more so in the contemporary business world that is characterized by a high level of competition. In every organisation, human resource plays a pivotal role in determining the success of an organisation. For instance, it influences the performance of non human […]

The Organizational Purposes of Businesses

Marks & Spencer Organizational Responsibilities through Its CSR Policy Marks & Spencer has been an ardent supporter of the community events, and it has generously donated financial and material resources to charitable organizations. To remove poverty in the poor countries, it has provided free food packets. Besides, the organization encourages environmental-friendly practices in its business […]

Walmart Company Performance on the Market

Executive Summary Wal-Mart Stores is a multinational company that operates retail stores in different set ups across the world. It operates more than 9667 retail units in 28 countries with an employment of 2.1 million associates. Wal-Mart is a leader in employment opportunities, corporate philanthropy as well as sustainability. Indeed, Fortune Magazine ranked it the […]

Cowgirl Chocolates Case

Introduction Today’s business world is very competitive and dynamic. Companies often end up failing because of the lack of good planning. Many businesses end up making losses not because the business ideas backing up the product are poor or weak but simply because the business planning and strategy formulation process was not the best or […]

Payment Incentives

Introduction Pay incentive is a motivational feature that could be awarded in both monetary and non-monetary form and is used for the purposes of encouraging staff and employees to achieve the targets set in the workplace. As the business environment becomes more and more competitive, higher goals are being set for employees to meet and […]

An Issue of Plagiarism

Introduction Literature has been the main source of knowledge and somewhat entertainment. The moment we wish to increase our knowledge or want to refresh ourselves we refer to some sort of literature and get entertained. Still sometimes such type of activity itself faces some, so to say, misuse, and thus it might be necessary to […]

Character Development in Interpreter of Maladies

Most writers rely upon the crucial point, which the stories they create reach, in order to develop fully some characters. Through relating the interaction of characters with others, their dialogues and actions, the readers get a clear picture of their true nature. Without it, there is no other way the author can bring to life […]

Allegory in Disgrace by Coetzee

Introduction The story Disgrace by Coetzee is full of imageries including allegories, which describe a period that marked South Africa’s transition from apartheid. There was no confidence in the police and law because everything was restructuring. Criminals got away with their mischievous ways, especially against the white settlers as power had shifted from the Whites […]

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Freakonomics the Movie

Freakonomics, a movie released on December 3, 2010, originates from the book with a similar name. The directors of the movie are Heidi Ewing and Alex Gibney, among others. Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, the authors of the book Freakonomics, discuss social issues like abortion, parenting, and the impacts they have on the life of […]

Evidence-Based Model and Solving Problems with School Funding

The epic with the Ohio school funding system has been lasting about 20 years. At first, to make the Ohio school funding system constitutional, the cost-based model was offered: it implied calculating an average per-pupil amount and providing schools with corresponding funding (Endicott). Thus, funding was supposed to be equal to spending. After the Court […]

Personal Lecture Results

The main topic of the lecture is the definition and all the aspects of personality as of the complex concept. The first part of the lecture and its purpose were dedicated to different concepts of personality and their description. I found out that we all have our individual differences and behave differently in similar situations. […]

The Civil War. The Letters From the Soldiers

The Civil War of America lasted between the years 1861-1865. One of the causes of the war was Abraham Lincoln’s decision to abolish slavery in America, in particular, in the South (Mcpherson 90). The essay under consideration represents the analysis of the soldiers’ letters within the larger sequence of historical events. Before America joined the […]

The Last Leaf by O. Henry

I have read several short stories but none inspired me as The Last Leaf by O. Henry did. One of the most well-known works of his, this one will always stay in people’s hearts like only a true masterpiece can. Henry dedicated most of his time and energy to literature. His experience and creativity helped […]

The US Subprime Mortgage Crisis

The US subprime mortgage has not only had an affect in the USA but also has spread across the globe. Thus, the direct risk exposure has spread well beyond the USA to Asian and European market. It has become essential to adapt a dynamic risk management tool to contain credit risk from a global viewpoint. […]

Gender is a Role, not a Biological Sex, and it is Cultural

Definition of gender identity Gender identity differs from person’s sexual orientation or biological sex, it is rather a social role which an individual links himself/herself to. In normal circumstances, the gender identity of an individual i.e. man or woman usually resembles their biological sex, which is male or female. However, this is not the case […]

Looming the Tower: Al Qaeda and the Road to 9/11

The Boy Spies Mubarak was the president of Egypt when the events introduced in the chapter took place. Zawahiri who has been also referred to as the ‘brains of Al Qaeda’ had a plan to kill Mubarak together with the Egyptian radicals during his visit to Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), to the Organization of the African […]

Data-Based Decision Making in Assessment

Introduction The IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004) and NCLB (No Child Left Behind of 2001) have been added to the US Federal Laws to provide ample support to schoolchildren through evidence-based general and special education (VanDerHeyden and Burns, 2010). General education is sufficient for most of the children. However at-risk children like […]

Gerald Graff and Michiko Kakutani

It does not present a particular challenge to outline the main idea, promoted in Gerald Graff’s article. According to Graff, it is methodologically inappropriate to refer to what he defines as ‘street-smart’ activities (sports, games, fights, dating) and intellectual activities as conceptually incompatible, because just as it is the case with the sports, the metaphysical […]

Articles on Gender, its Development, and Cultural Aspects

Definition of gender Unger and Crawford (1993, p. 122) argue that the definition of gender becomes clearer when one makes a distinction between gender and sex. In their article, the authors review about five definitions relative to different female and male traits, which are either sex- or gender-oriented. Here, the authors note that there are […]

Gender is an Often Culturally-Prescribed Role

Over the years, there were debates about notions of “sex” and “gender”. The recent point of view is that gender roles are not universal for every individual, people regard them as fundamental and build their lives according to rules and standards prescribed by society. The historical background of the gender development theories shows that major […]

Role of Gender in Society

Introduction Gender is a set of unique character traits which create a clear distinction between male and female notions; in most cases, these two concepts are differentiated as man or woman, and boy or girl (Gender roles, 2011). Gender roles refer to a set of socially shared and behavioral patterns which are mostly considered to […]

Gender and Sexuality

Human beings live in a world which is characterized by a variety of preferences and opinions about various facets of life. For instance, people hold different views and opinions about certain aspects of life, such as attitudes towards a given orientation in life. These different opinions impose some limitations to the study beforehand. In order […]

Theoretical Foundation of Gender as a Culturally-Prescribed Role

Vast majority of investigations concerning gender and its characteristics in comparison to biological sex are dated at the beginning of the 1970s, when the necessity to identify the difference between sex and gender turned out to be crucial (Holmes, 2007). Inability to take into consideration all influential factors led to a number of difficulties in […]

The Paradoxical Effects of Time Travel

The issue of travelling in time is not new because it has interested people for centuries and continues interesting us today. However, in spite of people’s high concern and eagerness to uncover time’s mysteries, it still keeps its secrets as it did centuries ago. Even in our time, when a huge progress in science and […]

Modern Issues of Gender Studies

Background of the Study Public responsibility in society and individual domestic set ups have been raising questions about gender. The general social evolutionary trend that has seen women rise up to take up roles that were previously played by men has also been a debatable issue in society. Arguments over stereotyping with respect to gender […]

Effects of Poverty on College Education in the USA

Introduction Poverty entails a collection of several factors befalling an individual, family or a group of people that lead to impossibility for such a person, family or group of people to afford the basic human needs. Prolongation of such a state for at least three generations leads to a cycle of poverty, and according to […]

Transnational Population of Tamils in Sri Lanka

The Transnational Tamils in Sri Lanka are a section of Tamilians pushing for the creation of an independent Tamil-dominated nation in the north and east of the country. They have been agitating for autonomy and secession since Sri Lanka obtained its independence from The British Empire. Significant part of the ethnic group population also resides […]

Is Gender Natural or Acquired?

Introduction Gender may be categorized as both natural and acquired since one has the ability to transform from one gender to another. There is a myriad of theories that have been put forward to explain the two extremes of the argument (natural and acquired gender) in an attempt to support the divergent views. For instance, […]

The Challenge of Healthcare Reform

Introduction Such issue as healthcare reform in the United States has repeatedly been debated by journalists, public administrators, and scholars. The main question is the ability of this initiative to solve the problems encountered by the healthcare system of the country. In March 2010, President Obama signed the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act. Its […]

Media Exposure and Its Influence on Adolescents

One of the most critical and vulnerable stages of human development is adolescence. This period is true for any boy or girl and, factually, is the most susceptible to changes, broadly affecting the psychological level of the human being (Craig & Baucum, 2001). In the modern culture, both audio and visual media exercise a great […]

Development Project. Avahan: India AIDS Initiative

Introduction The subject of this study is Avahan: India AIDS Initiative which is directly related to the 6th of the 8 millennium development goals: combating diseases like HIV/AIDS, malaria, and others; improving the development in the third world countries; striving for international partnership, and some others (Haines & Cassels, 2004). The project has been created […]

Articles of Confederation

Introduction Events rarely take place in space and only few ideas just get into the scene without prior preparation. Using various ideas here and there, major ideas can be realized and lead to great success. James Madison is one of the people who managed to get ideas from taking notes in the Congress and Constitutional […]

Homeland Security – Immigration Policy

Introduction Every country in the world has immigration laws; they are particularly used to regulate entry of foreign citizens into their respective countries. Moreover, policies are aimed at protecting refugees as well as those seeking for temporary or permanent asylum who may otherwise face abuse in their native countries. Immigration policy has been instrumental in […]

Is Gender a Culturally or Biologically Perscribed Role?

Introduction The concept of gender as a product of culture or as a product of biology has been debated and analyzed by various researchers. The result of this debate has further polarized the topic rather than brought logic to it. The topic has generated into a heated debate with two schools of thoughts whose proponents […]

Feminist Theory

The present paper focuses on radical feminism as a significant step in the development of feministic theories. In order to understand the specific ideology of radical feminism, its history is traced as a basis for the peculiar character of this type of feminism. Further on, the key notions of radical feminism are reviewed, and comments […]

Wild Animals of the United States of America

Introduction Wildlife is always deemed to be of great significance economically, ecologically, environmentally as well as culturally. It includes a wide range of species from amphibians, insects, birds to mammals. Thus, there is no doubt that there are some organisms that are native while others were introduced or re-introduced to their current habitant (Day, Klingler […]

Hospital System Management

Introduction Technology in modern world is increasingly becoming important and necessary in the lives of many people and organizations. For example, use of technology can be cited to be in great use in key areas like education, entertainment, advertisements, banking, warehousing and health (Prakashan 2008, p. 6). Due to this, it can be deduced that […]

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Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 Discussion

General Information Diabetes mellitus type 1, normally known as Type 1 Diabetes, is a type of diabetes that is caused by the lack of insulin resulting from the destruction of insulin-producing cells. Since insulin regulates the amount of glucose in the body, the destruction of the insulin-producing cells subsequently leads to high level of glucose […]

The Budget of Saudi Arabia and the USA

The comparison of budgets of the two super states may be essential for further evaluation of financial potentials of both countries. The paper is claimed to evaluate and compare the budgets of Saudi Arabia and the United States of America. In the year 2007, Saudi Arabia anticipated a budget shortage. It was grounded on a […]

Copyright Issues in a Global IT Market

Introduction This proposal is about the study of copyright issues in a global IT market. It proposes to study how these issues limit and affect both hard and software use hence monopoly by developers and exorbitance in pricing and maintenance. Many software companies like Microsoft use the copyright on their software to exploit their clientele. […]

Marxist and Liberal Theories on Property

Introduction Property can be largely termed as any physical or intangible asset owned by an individual in solitude or in a collective manner (Kilcullen 1). Considering current systems in the society, a property owner virtually has all the rights to a property including selling, renting, exchanging and such like privileges without having to consult anybody. […]

Strategies for Addressing Individual Needs in Special Education

Risk Factors Alice is a four-year-old girl. She has appeared in a risky position, and the symptoms of intellectual disability may be developed for a number of reasons. Alice is raised in a family with two parents. From the very beginning, she was in a risky group. Alice’s mother is 45 years old; that means […]

Political Influence of William Shakespeare in XVI Century in England

William Shakespeare (1564 – 1616) is the most famous English writer, poet, playwright, and theatre actor of all time. This talented author is nowadays admired by millions of people as a genius of literature and theatre, and this title is a deserved one. The heritage of William Shakespeare, consisting of over 30 plays, hundred of […]

Information Warfare and Cyberterrorism

Introduction The last several decades could be characterized by the rapid rise of technologies. They became an integral part of modern society as the bigger part of activities are performed using different devices. They double the efficiency of different processes and result in the digitalization of the environment. Today, there is hardly a person who […]

Why Should We Look at Race When Trying to Understand Fascism?

Fascism is traditionally defined as a method of radical authoritarian nationalism, which achieved great eminence in Europe at the beginning of the 1900s. It originally was established in Italy in the course of World War I as an antagonistic form of organizing a nation to liberalism. Moreover, it is a political ideology, campaign, or leadership […]

Comparing Homeland Security Research Products

Analysis: NYPD Radicalization Report-Executive Summary The major goal of the research was to examine the al-Qaeda-inspired threat at the point where radicalization begins and to understand the specifics of the process of radicalization in order to prevent future attacks (Silber & Bhatt, 2007). Silber and Bhatt were eager to identify that moment where the potential […]

The Bernie Sanders Phenomenon Among College Students

This year presidential elections unveiled various issues and trends existing in the USA. Major fears, hopes, and concerns of Americans have become clear as the candidates bring those issues to the fore, and the audience responds to them. This year elections are also associated with a number of scandals as well as unexpected figures, controversies, […]

On Anarchist Squints and the Sociological Imagination

Introduction At first glance, it might seem that the two concepts – the anarchist squint and the sociological imagination – have almost nothing in common. Although both concepts promise to drive humanity to a better future if implemented by people, there is a distinct difference in the main ideas: where sociological imagination aims to teach […]

Roots of the Arab Spring

The Arab Spring has already touched a number of countries around the whole world. Some people, who are not directly involved in the situation, want to know more about the reasons for the events. The native citizens try to understand their possible impact on the development of the events. Academic authors and researchers offer different […]

Zionism and anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany

Introduction Before and during the Nazi regime in Germany headed by Adolf Hitler, there was a systematic- state-sponsored persecution that led to the murder of many Jews. This occurred at the beginning of the year 1933 when the Nazi regime came to power and progressively propagated the belief among the German citizenry that Germans were […]

Biography of Charles Augustus Lindbergh

Charles Augustus Lindbergh is an American pilot, has made the first non-single transatlantic flight. He was born on Feb. 4, 1902, in Detroit. He received primary education in the Little Falls (Minnesota pieces), in 1920-1922 he studied at the University of Wisconsin, where the passion for aviation. In 1924 the school became a cadet in […]

Effects of French Revolution on European Peasantry

French revolution (1789) is one of the greatest events not only in the history of France and Europe but also in the history of the world at large. It gave humanity the message of freedom, equality, and social justice and paved new roads leading towards the protection of human rights and self-respect of all individuals […]

English Colonization

During the year 1754 – 1765, many significant changes took place, which is important in the history of the British Empire. A vast expansion of the Empire was witnessed by the people during this time. The Empire was made up of various heterogeneous colonies with different economic institutions etc. The British government failed to adopt […]

Racism in American Education

Even though we live in a democratic country free from prejudice, there are a lot of cases of racism expressed via pressure and violence. Racism in American schools is one of the most spread ways of expressing prejudice and dissatisfaction as children can be cruel, and the absence of an appropriate explanation is a reason […]

Idealism versus Pragmatism through Symbolism in the Novel “A Farewell to Arms” by Ernest Hemingway

Introduction Most idealists view war as an ideal concept. Idealists support the concept of sacrificing oneself in order that the entire society may benefit. This implies that those who participate in war become glorified and receives dignity and respect. This situation prevailed even at the commencement of the First World War as people sought to […]

“Jayne Eyre” a Novel by Charlotte Bronte

Introduction Jayne Eyre is a world-renowned novel by British writer Charlotte Bronte. Not so well known or indeed remembered is that it was packaged originally as Jayne Eyre, an autobiography with Curre bell shown as the name beneath it on the cover page. Indeed the book is written in the first-person style, the words spoken […]

Promotion and Advertising Strategies Used by Apple and Samsung

Introduction One of the major objectives of the firm is to create and sustain the competitiveness of its products and services in the market (Cole, 2013). In fact, becoming a leader in the market niche requires ingenuity in the tactical approaches the firm applies. In most cases, firms utilize various marketing mix approaches to penetrate […]

Strategies for Growth and Managing and Going Global

Starting new business ventures is not always problematic. Nevertheless, new enterprises present challenges that are significantly different from those of established corporations (Longenecker, Petty & Palich, 2011, p. 31). The complexity of a new venture and the entrepreneur’s preparedness to meet the demands of the new business determine the severity of the challenges encountered. One […]

Seven Ways to Find Help in Starting a Business

Most small business directors tend to believe that the best way to generate their business is to find help from the Government. It is true that this structure should be responsible for finding innovative and effective ways of making small businesses in the UK competitive and able to live among large enterprises with good and […]

Employee Motivational Techniques

Motivation refers to a condition that energizes and directs towards goal-oriented behavior (Baldwin & Migneate, 1996). Motivation is used at the workplace to attract individuals to the company as well as retain them there. This is done by applying principles such as total quality management, meritocracy, team building, performance contracting, and reward systems (Baldwin & […]

Leadership Styles in Business

Good Leaders The World’s history has seen a number of great leaders; Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King were a few of the impressive leaders. Each leader had his own style of leading and acquired loyal followers based on his qualities, both innate and acquired. Such were the leaders of countries. […]

Analysis of the Relationship between Strategy and Implementation of Change

Introduction In the 21st century, the global environment is characterized by a high rate of dynamism, which affects the operation of organizations. The sources of change are either internal or external. Organizations are affected by the changes since the factors that result in change are closely interrelated. For instance, amongst the forces of change in […]

Business Management: Cross-Training Theory

Introduction To optimize productivity benefits, businesses today are cross-training their employees to leap the economies of scale that come with such strategies. Cross-training refers to the coaching of employees in a variety of skills and responsibilities in various tasks so as to improve their effectiveness in the performance of their tasks (Entrepreneur 1). Application of […]

Managing Energy Demand in Abu Dhabi: Toward Sustainable City

Introduction The Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates’ capital, is undergoing an ambitious growth plan that is destined to make the UAE one of the regional powerhouses within the gulf area. The growth and development, however, has resulted in a number of challenges that pose a threat to the actual growth plans of the economy. A […]

Buffalo Re Use as a Social Entrepreneurship Endeavour

Social entrepreneurship is an innovative process that responds to market failures through the use of transformations so as to provide solutions to social problems. By use of transformations so as to provide solutions to social problems. This paper focuses on Buffalo Reuse as one of the endeavors in America towards social entrepreneurship. The founder of […]

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility: When Corporate Values Must Be Upgraded a Few Notches

The business realm has always been famous for its competitive and uncompromising environment, as well as the unethical avenues that some businessmen undertake in order to profit within the shortest amount of time. However, in the XXI century, with the advent of corporate social responsibility (Hanson, 2010, October 1), the emphasis seems to have been […]

The Regulatory Framework in United States: Historical Developments and Present Position

Introduction The development of accounting frameworks in any country is part of its evolution process over the years. New vistas of development bring in mandatory modifications into the existing framework. As the entire economic process of a country is dependent upon its financial regulatory structures, the accounting framework is bound to be affected by such […]

Maximizing Profits in Market Structures

Introduction A market structure is the number and size of buyers and sellers who are interested in a product or service. Apart from buyers and sellers involved in the market, market structures for a commodity also include the likely entrants. Because of the differing level of competition within the market, different market structures emerge with […]

Teaching Literacy

Education is an important part of a human’s life. People want to get a good education in order to get a good job in the future. It is not a secret today that the earlier people start their learning, the bigger account of knowledge they can get. From the very childhood, children start to get […]

Inquiry in the Field of Education: Critical and Historical Analysis of Inclusion of Students with Disabilities

Introduction One critical shift in the developments that have been taking place in the field of education is the movement from special education for students with disabilities to the emphasis on the creation of inclusive learning environments. Special education emphasizes the fact that students with disabilities possess physical, psychological, mental, or sociological attributes that are […]

The History of European Alchemy

Introduction The magical notion of alchemy is a modern construction. In accordance to this notion, a serious journal of science a completely wrong place for alchemy. But history believes otherwise. It is believed that the history of sciences is strongly interlinked with the scientific disciplines and the concept of “world-view”. This refers to the image […]

Impact of Chlorine

Introduction Chlorine is element number 17 and is found in group 17 and period 3 of the periodic table. It is a greenish-yellow pungent, poisonous gas, and is very reactive. It has two isotopes, one with a mass number of 35 and an abundance of 75.75% and the other one with a mass number of […]

Case Study for Piaget Project

Jean Piaget has been referred to as the greatest psychologist of his time. In the 18th century, Piaget carried out extensive research in the field of child psychology. His findings are still applicable in today’s society. In fact, Piaget’s work has widely been accepted, and his ideas are used in schools and other institutions. Many […]

Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behavior

Introduction The three main components of the memory are sensory, short term, and long term memory. In this essay, I shall concentrate on how the information travels in the three components and how the brain process this information. I will as well discuss the prototype theory of categorization, analyzing some of the limitations that are […]

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Ptsd)

Posttraumatic stress disorder is simply a disorder that can develop in human beings following a life-threatening event that has occurred in his or her life. Any individual who has ever experienced such an event tends to keep away from things that might remind them of the past traumatic events. Posttraumatic stress disorder has a number […]

Children’s Bullying in School

Child bullying is a problem that has affected many young children and adolescents. It can be done physically or verbally. It may also take the form of cyberbullying in the case of those who use social networks (Kowalski & Limber, 2007) or threatening. A child can be bullied by their mates, or they can be […]

Assessing Juveniles for Psychopathy or Conduct Disorder

Although the assessment of psychopathy and conduct disorders has been performed in the adjudicative process for centuries, it has not been long since it was introduced in the investigation of the juvenile case. The main aim of employing this measure with non-adults is to provide a more profound motives’ understanding, as well as to improve […]

Overcoming Change at Workplace

Introduction Change is a fundamental factor in every organization. This is because it allows the employees to handle competition and technological developments in the workplace. However, most employees oppose the change in their organizations; thus, negatively affecting the productivity of such organizations. According to Leahy (2003), it is vital for organizations to embrace change for […]

Teaching Empathy to Pre School Children

The study of children, though less than 200 years old, has been a fascinating one for developmental psychologists. This is because of the many psychological changes that occur in this stage of life, extending towards the onset of adolescence. Researchers believe that these psychological changes culminate in the optimum psychological and mental functioning of early […]

The Meaning of Life: A Discussion

Introduction In philosophy, it is a good tradition (if it might be said so) to look for answers to very general questions, such as questions about the origin of the universe, human nature, good and evil, and so on. One of these is the question of the meaning of life. While it is relatively new […]

The Modern Prometheus: Analysis of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Almost two centuries have passed since the first publication of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Today, the monster created by Victor Frankenstein is a well-recognized character, and the gothic story of Frankenstein has inspired numerous big-screen adaptations. However, the passage of time did not dim the brilliance of Shelley’s novel; rather, the progression of technology showed […]

Identify the Theodicy and Eschatology of the Catholic Religious Group

Introduction The Catholic religion is one group that has several rituals that distinguish it from other religious groups. The term Catholic Church is derived from the Greek word ‘Katholikos,’ which means “universal.” Therefore the Catholic group can be said to be a body of believers found across all nations in the world and across all […]

The Problem of Free Will

John Searle and Rene Descartes on Dualism Descartes’ philosophy can be represented as an extreme manifestation of dualism since the philosopher believed that a mind does not have any physical properties and, thus, is related directly to consciousness. Searle, on the other hand, believed that there is a strong biological connection between the functions of […]

Understanding Human Rights

Globalization and labor rights Labour rights are human rights that encompass the right to collective bargaining; the elimination of forced and slave labor; the abolition of child labor; and the eradication of any forms of discrimination at the workplace’’ (Mayer et al. 131). Globalization is “the growing interpenetration of states, markets, communications, and ideas across […]

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