Buddhism and Classical Hinduism

Introduction Each religion of the East (classical Hinduism and Buddhism) teaches separate principles from one another. Every religion of the East may be similar in some way, but their rituals, books, and views of a higher being are different. Principles can be found in multiple religious traditions, but each religion has their own set of […]

The Disney Princess Effect in Child Developmen

Introduction The article “Little Girls or Little Women, The Disney Princess Effect” focuses on the impact that the “Disney Princess Culture” has had on the emotional and psychological development of young girls. Its line of reasoning focuses on the princess culture creating an adverse mindset in little girls wherein they become more concerned about their […]

Psychological Therapy of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Introduction Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a distressing condition that leads to brain disturbance due to exposure to dreadful situations. This condition also affects normal individuals who are exposed to stressful circumstances. Remarkable biological and psychological manifestations reveal the presence of PTSD in an individual. This essay explores the situational events that trigger Posttraumatic Stress […]

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Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Concept

Introduction Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD), a type of anxiety disorders, is a mental health condition that occurs as a result of terrifying, distressing or stressful events that are either experienced or witnessed. It is described as a long-lasting consequence of traumatic events that instills intensive horror, fear or a feeling of helplessness. In most cases, […]

Groupthink Psychology: Behavioral Decision Making

Introduction The observation of social behavior can demonstrate how people can adjust to each other and even change some of the views or attitudes. This paper is aimed at discussing the cooperation of students who need to join their efforts in order to achieve certain goals. Such interactions are particularly interesting because they involve people […]

Buddhist Meditation Practices

Buddhism is a form of religion that has three major schools of thoughts including Theravada, Mahayana, and Vihrayana. Mahayana originated from India in the 5th CE under the leadership of the Gupta dynasty. The government valued the teachings of Mahayana traditions to an extent of establishing a public university referred to as Nalanda to teach […]

Psychological Treatment: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Introduction The increased exposure to traumatic events has brought about clinical concerns that affect the health conditions of humans. An exposure to life-threatening situations or tragic events such as natural calamities, serious carnages, terror attacks, physical assaults, and sexual maltreatments may pose serious mental problems to survivors (Lovestrand, Phipps, & Lovestrand, 2013). The universal condition […]

Gautama Buddha Religion: Thoughts Alleviating Suffering

Introduction Buddha whose real name was Siddhartha Gautama is believed to have been born at around 563 BCE and lived till 483. According to a report by Ascension Gateway, he is believed to have been born on Nepal to a king named Suddhodana, his mother died after giving birth to him and thus he was […]

America and Germany Comparison

This paper is aimed at comparing such countries as the United States and Germany. In particularly, it is necessary to focus on such aspects as employment, education, and medical insurance. This discussion of these aspects is important for understanding the policies of the governments and the experiences of many people living in these countries. On […]

Heredity and Environment’ Effects on Intelligence

Introduction Both heredity and environment play a role in the development of intelligence in adolescents. During childhood, the environment influences intelligence test performance by up to 60% while genetic factors influence it by 40% (Carter, 2011). Examples of environmental factors include diet, nature of the family, type of settlement, economic level of the family, and […]

The Cold War and Decolonisation History

The Cold War and decolonisation were global occurrences, and even though each event occurred independently, they ended up overlapping with time. In this context, the Cold War underscores the underlying conflict and tension between the United States and the Soviet Union starting from 1947. On the other side, decolonisation denotes the back down of the […]

Active Professionals’ Self-Care

Abstract This article explores some self-care tips that might be used by professionals working in the field of human services. The article provides three strategies that are useful to human-services professionals especially those in the field of domestic disputes. Introduction Human service professionals reap several benefits from their work but they also encounter obstacles that […]

Grieving Process and Its Stages

Introduction Elizabeth Kubler-Ross argues that human beings go through five systematic stages of grieving. These stages are not static in their occurrence (Klass & Walter, 2001). Sometimes they do not occur in the order she arranges them. She arrived at her conclusion after working with individuals suffering from different terminal illnesses. The stages of the […]

Christian Teaching by Saint Augustine

Saint Augustine was one of the philosophers who tried to explain the role of religion in society by observing that any decision has to be based on the teaching of God in the scripture. For instance, he noted that virtue is a rightly ordered love in the sense that individuals should focus on helping others […]

Impact of Depression on a Family

Depression may not top the list of the most traumatizing experiences, but it definitely hits the top ten. It alters a person’s live, changes the pattern of one’s social interactions and blocks one’s way of experiencing positive emotions. However, the family of the depressed person also suffers greatly. In their article, the MNT editor board […]

Fine Art Museum in Belgium

Why the Museum was chosen Museum voor Schone Kunsten possesses some of the largest and permanent collection of paintings and other pieces of artworks from the Middle Age to the middle period of the 20th century (Museum of Fine Arts 1). The museum holds exceptional collections of Flemish Art from the Netherlands and some elements […]

Should Apartments Ban Dogs Based on Breed?

Background For over half a century now, governments around the globe have legislated against specific dog breeds for various reasons, particularly based on the vicious attacks on human beings and other domesticated animals. The increasing dog population up to about 68 million in the United States has escalated the fear of dangerous dog bites amongst […]

Critique of “Epistle to the Galatians” Letter

Introduction The Bible is one of the most influential books in history; the New Testament, having been written almost two millennia ago, still has much to teach people about. To properly comprehend what it says, it is important to see the main principles taught there, as well as to understand the difference between these texts’ […]

“Watch and the Watchmaker” by William Paley

For centuries, philosophers and thinkers have made many arguments for and against the existence of God. One of the simplest and most powerful arguments made by the proponents of the existence of God is the design argument. The basic premise of the design argument is that the complex and functional quality of everything that exists […]

Learning Disabilities

When is a child’s communication considered delayed? When a child has trouble in the generation of speech, it amounts to a serious communication problem in the end. In addition, a child should be fluent in communication after attaining five years. However, there are cases when a learner may lag behind in terms of language skills […]

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What Is Buddhism?

A defining characteristic of human civilization is the presence of religion, which is the belief in and worship of a supernatural being(s) through rituals. Most people in the world practice a religion and their particular faith influences their worldview and affects how they act. There exist many religions with most of them having unique beliefs […]

College Sport Ethical Issues

In the contemporary world, sport has become the source and the target for a variety of social issues of different characters. The popularity of sports in contemporary society, their financial and political aspects triggered a number of conflicts and scandals in different fields of sports. The scholars today explore sports ethics from several perspectives. Some […]

Combating Compassion Fatigue

Introduction This paper is aimed at discussing the condition which is known as the compassion fatigue. This term is used to refer to the detrimental effects of continuous exposure to the suffering of other people. These emotional problems are particularly relevant if one speaks about professionals who work as caregivers, for instance, one can mention […]

What Is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Posttraumatic stress disorder or PTSD is a psychological and emotional response to a traumatic event (Elzouki, 2012). There is a higher probability to develop PTSD if a person went through a disaster, emergency situation, or traumatic situation. However, it is difficult to diagnose PTSD due to several comorbidity issues. It is important to know more […]

Human Sexual Behavior: Sexual Disorders

Abstract Sexual disorders refer to any physical or mental conditions that causes disturbance to the normal functioning of the body, thus preventing one from desiring or enjoying sex. Both men and women suffer from sexual disorders, albeit in varying degrees. Common causes of sexual disorders in both men and women include sex related trauma, depression, […]

Personal Loss Psychology: Bereavement and Grief

Bereavement Bereavement refers to a state of mourning someone who has died, which is usually characterized by intense emotional pain (Boss, 2006). It is an important process of coming into terms with the demise of a loved one. Grief is experienced in several forms that include mental, physical, emotional, social, or spiritual reactions. Common reactions […]

Crisis Intervention Worker

Introduction This paper will provide a detailed discussion on the work done by crisis intervention counselors. It will highlight what the counselors do in terms of their duties and responsibilities. How the counselors help people and the theories they use to perform their duties will also be discussed. In addition, the paper will highlight the […]

Mental Illness History

Early Beliefs In the ancient times, the cause of mental illness was believed to be possession by demonic forces. This concept was prevalent even during the Middle Ages in Europe when demon was believed to have possessed the mad man. The way to treat these mad men was through exorcism. These people were usually those […]

Anthropological Problems: Origin of Human Beings

The article Our True Dawn by Catherine Brahic describes the challenges that appear to modern scientists while trying to trace our relatives. The author also describes the difference in methods used by scientists. For geneticists to determine the period of splitting humans from apes means to specify exactly the time when their DNAs became different. […]

Child Welfare Risk Assessment Strategies

Introduction There are various risk assessment strategies utilized when it comes to child welfare. Some of the most widespread assessments are Child abuse potential inventory (CAPI), Risk Inventory for Substance Abuse-Affected Families, Structures Decision Making (SDM) Safety Assessment, Child Abuse Potential Inventory, Parenting Stress Index (PSI) (Austin, 2013). Each of these assessments can be applicable […]

Bereavement and Grief of the Personal Loss

Personal loss “occurs when someone loses something precious in his or her life” (Leming & Dickinson, 2011, p. 26). This kind of loss occurs after the death of a beloved person. Personal loss is usually associated with deep emotions, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Bereavement and grief describe the emotional responses associated with personal loss (Martzo, […]

Bonobos and Common Chimps Comparison

Introduction To a large extent, common chimps as well as bonobos tend to display characteristics that are similar to those witnessed in human beings. Despite the fact that the two primates are very much alike, it is assumed that there more similarities between bonobos and human beings. Arguably, bonobos and common chimps exhibit behavioral characteristics […]

Is Belief in God Rational?

One of the main epistemological dilemmas, which continues to be faced by philosophers/theologians, is whether one’s belief in God can be considered rationally justified. As of today, the discursive validity of such a belief has been assessed from a variety of different gnoseological perspectives, among which the most ‘proposition-friendly’ appears to be the Foundationalist one. […]

Deviance Definition Theories and Approaches

Deviance is a state of straying from ordinary or accepted standards, particularly in a social or sexual context. Scholars have also defined deviance as a drift from the accepted manners in society. Therefore, the term “deviance” always describes all behaviors that go against the social and moral values of the society or community. Social scientists […]

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Diagnosis

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a psychological disorder associated with high anxiety. It is normally caused by terrifying events in life, but it can also emanate from some biological complications. One of the common causes of PTSD is experiencing life threatening events. People who work in risky environments have a high propensity of developing PTSD than […]

Crisis Model of Institutional Violence Prevention

Introduction Human service professionals help people live their lives effectively. However, these professionals are at a high risk of being subjected to violent behavior from clients. This problem has become so pervasive that the American Psychological Association formed a task force to report on education and training in dealing with behavioral emergencies. The precipitating factors […]

Personal Loss – Bereavement and Grief

Introduction As human beings, we all face moments of loss in one way or another. Drawing from a study by James (2008), it may take several months or even years for an individual or family that has experienced a loss to finally recover. It is also possible that the trauma that is caused by a […]

Bacterial Pathogenesis – Microbiology

Introduction The development of resistance among pathogens such as bacteria and fungi has challenged the development of safe and effective drugs. Specifically, the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria due to excessive use and abuse of antibiotics in the healthcare settings and agriculture is posing a great danger to the survival of humanity. Alanis asserts that, “indiscriminate […]

Religious Parable of “The Three Rings” by Gotthold Lessing

G.E. Lessing created a powerful poem that talks about a father’s love for his sons. The father’s love for his three sons was illustrated through the importance of the ring of power. He will bequeath the ring to his favorite child (Lessing 1). However, he realized that he equally loved his three sons, prompting him […]

Academic Dishonesty and Its Detrimental Effects

Introduction Academic dishonesty is one of the contemporary challenges in the education sector. It is a multifaceted vice that occurs at individual and institution levels. Research findings indicate that cheating in academics has been increasing gradually over the past few years (Carrell, 2007). At present, lack of academic integrity is widespread in all echelons of […]

Music of the 20th Century and Beyond

Introduction This paper is an analysis of two musical pieces from the classical and electronic music periods. The focus will be made to identify why these musical pieces fit into the classical and electronic music categories. A definition of the musical eras will be done, alongside an analysis of how the respective musical categories rate, […]

Modern Imperialism and Former Colonies

When colonization of most African and Asian countries ended, the ruling regimes or mother countries did not fully exit; thus, giving rise to neocolonialism. However, while imperialism existed during the colonization era, the current society has coined the word into modern imperialism to fit the current strong economic, social and political influence from the West. […]

Advertising Impact on Children

Introduction In 2004, Melissa Dittmann found out that advertisers spend at least $12 billion annually on messages that target children. Consequently, the media was flooded with messages that bombarded young audiences with messages that intended to persuade them along with a certain desirable behavior as orchestrated by the advertisers. Since 2004 to date, the situation […]

Comparison of Plays by H. Ibsen, by B. Brecht and by S. Pollock

Henrik Ibsen, Shirley Pollock, and Bertolt Brecht are three of the literary world’s famous playwrights. Ibsen, a Norwegian, is often called the father of modern drama because his works explored subjects that were not normally touched by writers during his time (Barranger 134; Siddall 7). Pollock known as Canada’s female writer is multi-awarded, but not […]

Medical Tourist Documentary

Developed by the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in 2010, the documentary film “Medical tourist” provides a story on the last days of Craig Ewert, a native of Chicago who goes on a tour to Switzerland for physician-assisted suicide. The story is quite fascinating but sad. First, the article attempts to show that patients who go […]

Socialism and European Workers in the 19th Century

Introduction Socialism was a new ideology introduced in Europe in the 19th century. It was considered a modern political ideology after conservatism and liberalism, which were dominant in various European societies. Even though liberalism and conservatism were still the main ideologies in Europe, socialism was able to find its way to the society as a […]

Understanding Student Professionalism

It is commonly thought that professionalism can only be discussed or evaluated within the context of work-related responsibilities. While this claim is true to some extent, at least traditionally, the current demonstration of value erosion and breakdown of ethics within the wider society has forced academic institutions to come up with both formal and informal […]

Encouraging Students in Reading and Literacy

Enhancing literacy acquisition in students is a hard task requiring a lot of responsibility, persistence, and skills for adopting a unique approach towards students. Unless a teacher is capable of encouraging students for acquiring new literacy skills, their students will not be able to make any tangible progress (International Reading Association, 2010). To identify and […]

Ukraine’s International Help

The long standoff between Russia and the US on the annexation of Crimea by the former had made it difficult for Ukraine to receive international aid. However, the crisis-stricken nation recently received some motivating financial news – the tentative approval of up to $18 billion by IMF. Even though Ukraine had been in dire need […]

Homeschooling: Argumentation For and Against

Introduction Education is a fundamental component for the development and ultimate advancement of the society, and for this reason, all governments, therefore, insist on the provision of education for the children and youth. How this education is dispersed may vary from school-based education to homeschooling. Homeschooling refers to a form of child education that is […]

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The Folgers Commercial Narrative

Summary of the source text In his essay “On reading video text,” Robert Scholes explains how videos use the visual sense to relay powerful messages to us. As a significant segment of multimedia, video texts are constantly running on television sets and currently, account for a significant part of the American culture. According to Scholes, […]

Presidency in US: Bush Vs. Obama

American society has long been regarded as one of the most democratic and exemplary societies in the world. The three branches of power balance each other, and society is secured from any violations. However, the beginning of the twenty-first century was the beginning of the new era for American society and the entire world. The […]

Natural Sciences: Development vs. Environment

Studies show that human development activities, which occur in different sectors including agriculture, scientific research, oil drilling and mining, building and construction projects, transportation, industrial manufacturing, fishing, and energy are the major causes of environmental degradation. The activities have led to extreme weather conditions, indoor and outdoor air pollution, and water contamination, extinction of rare […]

Obama’s New Immigration Law

Introduction Immigration laws are the policies that governments across the world establish to regulate who enters a certain country and the period that such s person is supposed to stay in the host country. The United States of America is allegedly a nation of immigrants as it is characterized mainly by the large-scale immigration of […]

Robert Johnson’ Life and Music

Can’t You Hear the Wind Howl?: The Life and Music of Robert Johnson (1997) is the film directed by Peter W. Meyer in which the unique story of the legendary bluesman is discussed. In his film, Meyer tries to resolve the mystery of Robert Johnson’s life and work while referring to many famous interviewees whose […]

Brazil Economy and Policy System

GDP Brazil’s economy ranks eighth amongst the major economies of the world with a GDP approximated at $1.57 trillion. In the year 2010, the country’s GDP experienced a growth rate of 7.5%. This was the country’s highest level of growth in approximately 25 years. This was due to the rise in income in the industrial […]

Political Sciences: Taiwan is Belonging to China

Introduction The official name of Taiwan, which is an independent state in East Asia, is the Republic of China. Initially, Taiwan Island was based in China, the People’s Republic of China that is commonly known as the China Mainland. The countries that neighbor the ROC include Japan, the Philippines, and the PRC. The island was […]

Social Services for Illegal Immigrants

Introduction America is the epitome of civilization, and many people will want to live and work there. Moreover, the dream of getting good employment in developed countries has led to many people migrating in search of better working conditions. The United States has received many immigrants being the largest economy in the world, and still, […]

Political Sciences: Using Guns in Public

In the United States, gun ownership is a common phenomenon. Civilians are allowed to own guns for personal safety (Burke par4). However, the law is unclear as to whether using guns in public is legal. This has been a hotly contested issue among politicians, policymakers, and civilians. It is important for the federal state to […]

Why College Students Drop Out of School?

Most students enter colleges with the aim of increasing their future earnings and having more career options, but not every student manages to successfully graduate the college. Dropping out of college has been attributed to unpreparedness to the life in college and to the level of education, overwhelming work, and under-funding (Kokemuller). For a number […]

Political Sciences: Building Global Democracy

The Coming of the Micro-States by Fred Weir This author claims that the declaration of Montenegro an independent state in 2006 triggered other stateless territories to demand their sovereignty and separation from their mother nations and named Kosovo, South Ossetia and Transdniestria as some of those that were already planning to do so. He claims […]

Communication Networks

Communication networks within a firm include wheel network, chain network, circle network, and all-channel network. Wheel network is a form of communication network where information is acquired from one central point to the rest of the employees. There is minimal involvement of employees in the decision-making process as the source is the final decision maker. […]

Military Medical Assets Usage

Whenever a disaster strikes, it is crucial that the people, who are under the threat of being affected by it, should be able to locate the required resources fast and use them efficiently to prevent injuries and ensure safety. However, it should be kept in mind that in case of an emergency, not only the […]

Political Issues: The United States Military

The United States military is considered to be one of the most respected forces in the world. The treatment that the serving men and women receive there is full of respect, proper training, and many other advantages. One of the primary reasons one would want to become an officer in the army is the patriotic […]

Woodbury Unique Geological Features

Woodbury is one of the places that seem quite ordinary at first but discover several unique geological features at second glance. Woodbury is located in the North of Connecticut, in the Litchfield County, and is surrounded by Bethlehem (south), Roxbury (west) and Watertown (east) (see Picture 1). Therefore, Woodbury shares some features with the towns […]

The United States Policy on Climate Change

Executive Summary The United States environmental policies are a set of federal government acts aimed at protecting the environment from the ecologically hazardous actions of the citizens. Lawmakers in the US have created many policies and federal agencies to handle environmental affairs. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the federal agency tasked with […]

Racism in American Schools

Introduction This paper attempts to review racism in American schools as a social problem.the The focus is on the PSQ that has been adopted to deal with this social problem. The PSQ under consideration is ‘No Child Left Behind’ (NCLB). Like any other program, NCLB has had a fair share of problems. Five such problems […]

Art Event: World Expo 2020 in Dubai

The World Expo has, over the years emerged as one of the largest worldwide noncommercial events in terms of cultural and economic impact. This is a global exposition which entails an exhibition of art, science, and agricultural products as presented by participants from across the world. World Expos are normally held after every five years, […]

Women and Men TV Roles

The roles of men and women in society have always been different to a large degree, and it would seem that women’s movement would change the way women were treated in society, but television and media brought about new problems that are evident in the modern day and age. For the longest time, women were […]

Ulysses Grant’ Leadership Type

Introduction Ulysses S Grant was the 18th President of the United States. He was born in 1822 in Ohio and died in 1885. The alumnus of the United States Military Academy was a career soldier. Ulysses is mostly remembered for the role he played during the American Civil War (Gardner, 2013). He was highly passionate […]

Five Words For Easier Communication

It is very difficult to become acquainted with new people. The problem is that a person knows nothing about you. That is why it is possible to create the list of five words which can give at least a vague idea of your character. Of course, these five words cannot show all peculiarities of your […]

The Role of History Learning in Society

History is the gathered information of the occurrences and people that have got us to where we are at present. Our civilization thrives on the historical occurrences. The study of history is, therefore, important in giving us direction to take in life. In spite of the essential role that history plays in society, many people […]

The Nuclear Power Usage in the UAE

Abstract At present nearly 20% of the U.A.E’s entire oil production goes immediately towards supplying its various power plants into order to meet the energy requirements of its populace. The inherent problem with this lies with the fact that the oil reserves in the U.A.E are a finite resource and eventually with the increased demand […]

The Art of Writing and Storytelling

Introduction Composition writing is an integral part of learning the art of writing and storytelling in different aspects. Also, apart from enabling students to move from one academic level to another, composition writing is important for students because it allows them to learn how to present ideas and real-life events in logical and well-organized short […]

Argument Against the Great Wall of America

The building of a wall between Mexico and the United States was meant primarily to prevent illegal immigration. Over the years, the government of the United States has grappled with problems arising from the porous southern border. Eventually, the government resolved to build a wall and entrench this development into the country’s laws through the […]

Comparison of Lyrics “Respect” by Aretha Franklin and “The Evil of the People” by Queen Latifah

In the introduction part of the lyric “respect,” Aretha quickly declares that she is capable of supplying everything that her baby needs provided that there is respect. Aretha expresses the goals and concerns outlined in the introductory section of the lyric in different ways. For example, Aretha assures and promises her baby that she will […]

Romanticism Period: William Blake, John Constable and J.M.W Turner

Introduction The period of Romanticism began in the 18thcentury and lasted until the 19th century in the western cultures. Its origin is closely linked with artistic and intellectual movements that strongly castigated the impositions by the established values. The main concept behind this upsurge was to champion on individuals’ expressions and strong emotions rather than […]

The Mars Planet Reaching

Introduction Recently, there have been growing interest from astronauts on the whole issue surrounding a manned maiden trip to the planet Mars (Red Planet). Meanwhile, researchers are gathering vital information concerning the planet thanks to robots and satellites that revolve around the planet. Therefore, in order to understand what to expect we take a quick […]

Oprah Winfrey and Network TV

Introduction Modern technology has enabled people to communicate effectively and this aspect has revolutionized how they conduct their daily activities. The entertainment industry has benefited from improved technology and television stations have earned public recognition through their programs. Media personalities have advanced their careers and this move has created room for them to expand their […]

Classical and Baroque Music Differences

The transition from baroque music to the classical period is marked by key cultural trends including the Romantic movement, revolutions in America and France, increasing scientific progress and the prevalence of logical ideas over religious dogma. The manifestation of Man, as the pride and joy of the Universe’s creation, influenced the popular taste in music. […]

Music: Salu International ‘Pedersen’ Band

Salu International ‘Pedersen’ Band, a musical group based in Kisumu (Kenya), started as a church-based musical group in 2014 at St. Stephen Cathedral Church. However, given that the band obtained its members from church, it became difficult for the group to continue offering church services as it plays both gospel and non-gospel music. Alex and […]

International Relations: Korean Conflict and US Economy

Introduction The Korean Conflict was a domestic and armed war that took place in the Korean Peninsula. The conflict was between North and South Korea. It got to its peak between 1950 and 1953. The conflict emanated from the partitioning of Korea after WWII. As a result, industrialist and socialist nations divided the country into […]

Planning Disaster Management in the Urban Context

As it always occurs with management processes, one of the major problems with the principles of handling disaster issues is that they are hardly applicable to large cities. Simplifying the problem of disaster management for megalopolises, one must admit that, the bigger the city is, the harder it is to control and direct its population […]

Painting “Louise Nursing Her Baby” by Mary Cassatt

The happy, well-nourished mother in the Mary Cassatt painting entitled Louise Nursing her Baby is a New York-born socialite who became a suffragette, and, with her husband, an art patron.1 As a wealthy mother in the 1880s2, her apparently joyful choice to nurse her own glowing toddler reflects serious-mindedness3. Doubtless, she had a housekeeper and […]

Education Impact on Life Quality

There is an old axiom which says that good quality education is the key to a successful and fulfilling life. This axiom could never be further from the truth, especially now in the 21st century when competition for existing career positions is increasingly high. The intense competition has triggered a paradigm shift in the way […]

Guns Control in the US

In the US, the gun control debate is usually revisited when a tragedy related to guns occurs. Accordingly, the Connecticut massacre, once again, ignited this debate. In this tragedy, twenty children and six teachers were killed (Jam). Subsequently, many people, including President Obama, were drawn into this debate. In one of his latest speeches, President […]

Social Justice and Equality in America

The modern principles of American civil society are based on the ideas presented in the Declaration of Independence. The principle of the people’s equality is stated in the preamble to the document. However, there is no single vision of the idea of equality in American society, especially with references to the concept of social justice. […]

“Lone Survivor” by Peter Berg Film Analysis

Introduction One of the reasons why people enjoy watching movies, in the first place, is that, while exposed to the on-screen action, they are able to gain a number of insights into the essence of the surrounding social reality. In its turn, this can be explained by the fact that just about any film contains […]

The Impact of Social Media on Super Bowl Ads

Introduction This paper will delve into the changes that the social media landscape has brought upon Super Bowl ads and how this has translated into the present day brand awareness strategy that various companies have been utilizing. The Super Bowl is one of the most watched events in the U.S. and, as such, companies often […]

Environmental Studies: the Chernobyl Disaster

The Chernobyl disaster, affecting all of Europe to some extent, was a tragic but perhaps inevitable result of decades of government policies that affected plant design, regulation, transparency, governance, training, operating procedures, and the value placed on human safety, and which all permitted inadequate practices to persist without being challenged. The impact of the 1986 […]

Natural Sciences: Cessna vs. Piper PA-28 Cherokee’s Fuel Systems

Executive Summary The purpose of the report is to compare Cessna 150’s fuel system with that of Piper PA-28 Cherokee in terms of performance, efficiency, and cost. Both systems use the same working principles. Fuel for the flight is initially stored in the tanks located in the right and the left wings of both aircraft. […]

Music Artist Tupac Shakur

Introduction Tupac Shakur was an American artist who had great influence on the hip-hop genre of music in the United States. He was born in 1971 and died in 1996 at the age of 25 (Johnson and McQuillar 3). His notoriety is evident from the number of records sold before and after his demise. He […]

Effective Business Communication

Effective communication is one of the most important prerequisites for business success. This is because, not only does it help to pass on important messages from top organs in an organization, but also in some instances, it can help to solve organizational problems, which may arise because of ineffective communication between the customer and management. […]

India’s Solar Installations

The Indian solar installation program has slowed down year-after-year according to Mercom Capital Group. The consultancy and communication firm had predicted the installations to reach 1,000 MW by the end of this year. Between 2012 and 2013, solar installations in India increased by 12 MW; so elusive was the growth that the firm’s comprehensive survey […]

African Ritual Dance Style

Introduction Culture is one of the main distinctive features which helps consider the differences in countries. Each country has its own culture, and it is essential to consider the peculiarities of this culture to understand people and the trends in art. Cultural significance of people is depicted in the trends in art. Thus, to understand […]

Archeological Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls

In 1948, William Albright, who is one of the popular archaeologists claimed that the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls was one of the chief breakthroughs in the 20th century (Berg, 2009). The scrolls were found in a cave in the neighborhood of Khirbet Qumran. There were a number of artifacts in the cave, which […]

Education: Internet Courses Versus Traditional Courses

Introduction Since the widespread availability of personal computers, people have found more ways to access life-altering educational opportunities. The field of education has been a major beneficiary of technological advancement. Universities have been expanding these technologies to increase the availability of classes in the form of online and distance learning, where a student can attend […]

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