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These days, students at all levels and all universities are under way too much pressure. It’s no wonder that so many of them go online and search phrases like “write an essay for me” or “write my essay.”

Just check out this chart:

There is simply not enough time in your day to do homework!

Assuming that you take five 3-credit courses like most students do, on average, you have 2 classes a day and spend about 2.5 hours in class (given that one class lasts 75 minutes).

How much time do you then spend on your homework?

About 48 minutes. As much as you spend taking a shower or having your breakfast.


What about high school students?

High school students are under as much—if not more—pressure as college and university students. This issue really is universal—even teenagers are calling for a “homework revolution”!

What problems does all this pressure lead to?

It comes as no surprise that all this increased pressure invites an array of problems for students, most notably, mental health issues.

In fact, 1 in 4 students have some sort of mental illness, and nearly half of all students in the United States report having symptoms of depression.

Maybe you, like most modern students, are just lazy?

Sure, if you ask the baby boomer generation, they’re happy to explain that millennials are “needy, self-centered,” “too spoiled for the workplace,” “lazy, narcissistic, addicted to social media,” and generally “entitled moochers.”

Right. So you must simply be spoiled and entitled.

But are you?

Let’s look at the facts.

In 1970, only 34 percent of all full-time students worked, but that number has jumped significantly. As of 2013, approximately 71 percent of full-time undergraduate students work—and about 20 percent of them work at least 35 hours a week.

Why do modern students have to work so hard?

The exponential rise of college tuition and fees is far from being a myth.

Since 1978, when records of consumer prices began, college fees have gone up by 1,120 percent (!).

In comparison, as of 2012, medical expenses have increased by 601 percent, and food prices have climbed by a mere 244 percent.

So what does this mean for the modern student? If you’d like to cover your tuition fees by yourself, you will need to work year-round full time.

All the way through the 1980s, a student could work about 13 to 14 weeks to earn enough money to pay off a year of college. The number has been climbing steadily since then.

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