art history term paperMany students think that writing art history term papers is more challenging than competing assignments in other disciplines. Actually, this is true, since writing about art is really not so easy. Do you know the biggest difficulty that you may face while writing art history term papers?
A lot of students who write art history papers face the problem of formulating the main argument. You are going to write a term paper about a piece of art. In your art history term paper you will write about what you see. It should not be a mere description. A strong argument and your point of view should be present in this description. And this is what a lot of students fail to do.
So, now let us pass to the 4 most suitable methods of writing art history term papers.

  • The method of formal analysis. One of the most creative ways of writing art history term papers. For your project you will have to find a piece of art, look at it and present a sort of discussion in your art history term paper. Yet, in this discussion you have to give a new and fresh vision or question.
  • Sociological method. If you use this method for writing your papers in art history, you will have to explain a piece of art from the point of view of a certain historical era. Along with the historical aspect, you will also have to use the social perspective for giving explanations in your art history term paper. For instance, the impact of the industrial revolution on art.
  • Biographical method – art history papers using this method will have to explain the works of an author from his/her life point of view.

  • Iconographical method – in such an art history term paper, you will have to explain a piece of art using the symbols that are presented in it.

So, these are the most common methods of writing art history term papers.
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