An argumentative essay implies that a writer presents his/her idea and provides the arguments to support it. The essence of this type of writing requires much inspiration and mental work. This article gives the hints on working with the examples of argumentative essays as the source of your inspiration and ideas.

Preparing for Writing

Despite your essay will first present your statement and then provide the arguments, the primary work has the reverse order: first, you investigate the subject, and then you develop your statement. The examples of argumentative essays can be a good source for your research.

Using Examples of Argumentative Essays

You can use the examples of argumentative essays as follows:

  • Study the opinions and find the interesting ideas. It may happen that you will find the opinion which you disagree and would like to rebut.
  • Pay attention to good phrasing and the writing style used in the examples of argumentative essays. Reading the others’ writing is a good way to develop own writing skills.
  • Consider the structure and the format of the examples of argumentative essays. After reading the format guideline, you can use the sample essays as the illustration.
  • Read both examples of argumentative essays that support your opinion and oppose to it. When including the counterarguments, you make your argumentative essay deeper.
  • Read the examples of argumentative essays which refer to the same subject area, but to another topic. They may expand your notion about your topic.

Points to Consider

Do not expect that it will be sufficient just to find the relevant examples of argumentative essays and to process them. Follow the instructions to avoid the mistakes:

  1. Do not copy phrasing, as it will be considered plagiarism.
  2. Check the arguments. The information from the examples of argumentative essays should be supported by the books, articles, official sites etc.
  3. Do not copy the ideas, otherwise they will be rather predictable.

The examples of argumentative essays are really worth reading. Getting familiarized with the writing of the other authors, you will gradually become more and more skilled writer.

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  • Julia P. Posted:

    When writing your own argumentative essay, it is very useful to use quality argumentative essay examples. These examples of argumentative essays are excellent patterns to follow to write real masterpieces!

  • Evan K. Posted:

    Thanks for your recommendations! I’m writing my argumentative essay and use some good examples. It really works! Thanks a lot!