"When you finally go back to your old hometown, you find it wasn't the old home you missed but your childhood" ~ Sam Ewing

Probably, it is true, and people miss their childhood all their life long. At least, the happiest moments and some important events from our childhood will always follow us.

Now, you have a brilliant opportunity to plunge into your childhood memories and describe some of them in an essay on childhood. Sit in a quiet room that was probably a part of your childhood, make yourself a cup of hot milk, and take out old photos. This will be a good start of work on your essay on childhood.

Our tips for preparing essays on childhood will also be helpful.

Essays on childhood: what was it like?

Certainly, talking about your childhood is the best writing option. What particularly can you focus on?

  • Write a “My Childhood” essay making a general overview of those old days. Explain why you were happy, what people were around you. Tell about your favorite holidays, some things that you used to do on a regular basis but still was very happy doing them.
  • Write a “My Childhood Experience” essay focusing on a certain event that you remember and that affected you in some ways.

No matter what option you choose, our tips for making narrative essays can be helpful.

Essays on childhood: if something happened to your memory

What can your essay on childhood be about if for some reasons you do not want to tell about your childhood? Well, there are still a lot of issues to cover.

For instance, make a compare and contrast essay on childhood comparing the lives of kids today and 20 years ago. Or, make some sort of a philosophical paper discussing whether it is better to be a child or an adult. Finally, write about the childhood of any famous person if you have absolutely no ideas.

Reading our article about All about Me essays might be useful either.
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