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Writing a social studies essay is one of many types of writing assignments. It might seem like a daunting task, but perhaps the most difficult part of the job is choosing from the many social studies topics out there.Sure, you might have a specific topic assigned to you.

But if you’re lucky:

Important tips in choosing the essay topic

You will be able to pick the topic of your choice from the many great social studies project ideas. It might be a tough decision, but you will be able to write about something in which you are interested. However, But before we get into the many social studies essay topics available, you should know some of the specifics about writing an essay in social studies.

essay pecularities

Essay peculiarities                        

When writing a social studies essay, there are numerous writing strategies for social studies that are crucial. These include the following:

  1. There are three primary stages to writing an essay in social studies. These include:
    • Select from the many social studies essay questions
    • Planning and executing an experiment that will help you investigate the question you have chosen
    • Reporting on the results of this investigation
  2. You need to collect evidence in the appropriate manner, including:
    • Questionnaires and surveys
    • Observations
    • Experiments
    • Interviews
  3. Keep to a clear, concise, logical writing format, ensuring you include sections that discuss your methods and results.

For more information on how to write a social studies essay, refer to the University of Southern California, Brock University, and Rockridge School. The focus here is the myriad social studies topics from which you can choose, so let’s take a look at these.

social studies topics

Social studies topics

There is no doubt that there is a seemingly endless selection of social studies topics from which to choose when assigned a social studies writing project. Here you will be given a plethora of topic ideas that you can use on their own merit or that will lead you to other avenues of research that you can use as a topic. They include good social issues topics, law essay topic ideas, history writing prompts, gender essay topics, and more.

So, without further ado:

Let’s take a look at the many topics we have in store for you!

conflict studies

Conflict studies


Yes, there has been plenty of conflict in Iraq that would make for a great essay, but there are so many more options available, including:

  1. What makes Iraq the “Cradle of Civilization”?
  2. The Sumerian civilization — the earliest known civilization on the Earth
  3. Architectural masterpieces, such as Minaret at the Great Mosque of Samarra or to the Great Ziggurat of Ur
  4. Iraq’s culture of violence


Darfur is a region that has been involved in conflict since 2003 and it has a rich selection of essay topics available. Choices include:

  1. Causes of the war
  2. International response
  3. Long-term effects of the conflict


War is just one type of conflict, and since there are so many options, there are plenty of social studies topics from which to choose when writing an essay on conflict. Some of these include:

  1. Conflicts in the workplace
  2. How conflict harms both the powerful and the powerless
  3. How humans grow during the course of conflict

politics and culture

Politics and culture


Writing a political essay is challenging, but again, there are plenty of topics from which to choose. Just watching the news might give you some great ideas, but some topics include:

  1. A discussion of judicial independence
  2. Political culture in the U.S.
  3. A comparison of the models of democracy
  4. A comparison of electoral systems
  5. Authoritarianism vs. totalitarianism


The world today seems to be a playground for terrorists. Since terrorism is a very real threat, especially since 9/11, an essay on terrorism is fitting. Examples of topics include:

  1. Civil disorders
  2. Political terrorism
  3. Non-political terrorism
  4. Limited political terrorism
  5. Expand on the problem of democracy and domestic terrorism
  6. A study of terrorist groups
  7. State-sponsored terrorism
  8. The tactics of terrorism
  9. The history of terrorism
  10. The causes of terrorism
  11. Responses to terrorism and counter-terrorism global policy

For more topics ideas, check out Huntingdon College.

U.S. Army

There are many aspects of the U.S. Army about which you can write. This might be a particularly good subject area if you have ever considered joining the army or at least wondered what it would be like.

  1. How enlistment in the U.S. Army works
  2. The top five army bases
  3. Customs and courtesies in the military
  4. The history of Memorial Day
  5. The threat of homelessness for veterans

For more topic ideas, check out Educate Interactive.


The migration of people is a broad topic, one that can be viewed from two primary perspectives: historical and modern. Potential historical essay topics include:

  1. Turkic migration
  2. Mongol invasions
  3. Great migration of the 1630s
  4. Great migration of African Americans

Cultural diversity

There are many aspects of cultural diversity about which to write and you can get ideas from watching the History Channel or the Travel Network or reading through magazines, such as National Geographic, or other publications. Here are some ideas for topics in cultural diversity:

  1. The difference between European and Western customs and traditions
  2. The traditions of African tribes
  3. Brazilian carnivals
  4. The unity of world cultures

Law and justice

Law and justice


Writing a law essay requires you to be able to demonstrate the legal knowledge you have obtained. Again, law is a broad subject, so here are a few potential essay topics from which to choose:

  1. Government regulations
  2. Socially irresponsible corporations
  3. Anti-trust provision
  4. International business law and legal regulations for international corporations and companies
  5. Business law in the Islamic world and how it differs from that of other countries


Criminology is a common subject area in law and there are many potential topics that can be covered, such as:

  1. Crime prevention
  2. Juvenile delinquency
  3. Penology
  4. Victimology
  5. Deviant behavior


When you write an essay on justice, you have a great opportunity to present your opinion on the subject. Here are some potential topics:

  1. Justice: A Myth or Reality?
  2. Tell about today’s idea of justice. What do people do to establish justice in the world?
  3. Give your reasons why absolute justice is impossible.
  4. How justice is portrayed in “Crime and Punishment” by Dostoyevsky
  5. Discuss the Heaven Justice

business and managment

Business and management


When writing a management essay, you need to decide on a specific branch of management on which to focus. Your choices are risk management, human resource management, or project management. Some topics in these categories include:

  1. Provide real-life examples of how you or someone else plans their studies, controls pocket money, or organizes their working day.
  2. How organizations foster social and civic responsibility
  3. Crisis management post-9/11
  4. The growth of management in developing countries
  5. Conflict management in virtual and global teams


When picking up a topic for an economics essay, concrete problems should be the focus. Examples include:

  1. An analysis of the benefits vs. cost of attaining a post-secondary education
  2. Wealth distribution and the availability of resources
  3. An examination of the trickle-down effect in today’s society
  4. Is the economic crisis of 2008 really over?

For more inspiration, check out this list of thesis topics from Berkeley.


There are plenty of different strategies that you may disclose in your work. You may discuss the possible types of strategy in papers on strategy:

  1. An examination of the existing programs of various politicians
  2. An examination of techniques and military actions that are used in war
  3. Interesting frameworks for the development of a business organization

You can even write about more common strategy problems people face in daily life, such as:

  1. The best and fastest way of finding a friend
  2. How to organize a birthday spending less money


Writing an advertising essay is an exciting adventure. There are many topics from which to choose, such as:

  1. How advertisements can create a sense of separation and association with the feminine identity
  2. The role of censorship in advertising
  3. The image of perfection in advertising
  4. Gender in advertising

gender studies

Gender studies


Writing an essay on gender will provide you with a lot of potential topics from which to choose, such as:

  1. Women and the Taliban
  2. Chinese women as seen through the Chinese culture
  3. Women and Confucian cultures in Korea
  4. Witch hunts in the Western world
  5. The influence of feminism on men
  6. The challenge of feminist biblical interpretation
  7. Gender identity and the particulars of word-of-mouth communication
  8. How leadership styles differ based on gender

There are a lot of social studies topics out there. There is also a lot of information on how to write an essay and how to avoid the most common mistakes, but if you need help, you can refer to this video.

You can also hire a custom writing service to ensure you have a guaranteed winner to hand in to your professor.

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