motivation essayHow do you think, has Frederick Winslow Taylor, the author of the management theory, born in 1856, ever thought that his ideas will be further developed by you, the most talented ever essay writer?
He would have been extremely delighted to realize that his perception of motivation and various subsequent problems would be studied in your motivation essay.
Oh, dear! You don't know what to start with?
First, study the nature of motivation and the basic aspects of its theory. You are sure to find them in your methodguides on management. Then choose a specific field for analysis. This should be the one which present some practical value, it should also be interesting personally for you and your professor, if possible.
Your following step would be to recollect the structure of a motivation essay. Actually, we can do it for you. Three obligatory parts of motivation essays are: the essay introduction, the main body and the conclusion.
In the introduction present your paper, say what you are going to explore, define the thesis statement.
In the main body dwell upon the problem chosen. Start with a topic sentence then give some supporting arguments. For example, if you study employee motivation on the workplace, give some statistics that demonstrates the effectiveness of his work depending on the degree of motivation. Make sure that all topic sentences and supporting arguments are overlapping and accurately present your message.
In the conclusion restate your major points. Analyze briefly the results of your investigation. Evoke the reader's desire to continue your research.
If you still hesitate what topic to choose, here are the most general for you:

  • theories of motivation;
  • workplace motivation and productivity;
  • motivation profiles;
  • employee motivation technologies;
  • study motivation

Of course, they are too vague, but they may turn a starting point for your motivation essay.
Narrow them somehow and start working. Let your motivation be your driving force!
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