birds essayWhat do you know about birds except that they have feathers, beaks, and can fly? Definitely, this information is not enough to produce a thrilling essay on birds. If you want to succeed in completing this assignment, you need several good hints for writing birds essays.
In this article, we will give several ideas that you can develop in essays on birds. However, these are just ideas, and you will have to find additional materials to cover them.
Do you have any idea of how birds emerged? What do you think the first birds looked like? Actually, it is considered that birds evolved from dinosaurs. Of course, it was not a diplodocus or triceratops. It was a small dinosaur called theropods. So, you can trace the evolution of birds and describe it in your essay on birds.
Feathers are one of the main distinctive features of birds. By the way, the origins of feathers are not well studied yet. In your essay on birds, you can introduce at least some common theories.
Songs and Sounds
Do you not think that birds’ songs and sounds they make are one of the most amazing things about these creatures? How do they do it? Why do some birds have really beautiful songs, while others reproduce repulsive noises? You can investigate these secrets in the essay on birds.
Ability to Fly
You certainly know that not all birds can fly. Among the flightless birds, you can find penguins, ostrich, kiwi, emu, and some others. In the essay on birds, try to explain this phenomenon. What are the differences between birds that can and cannot fly?
Find out more about the peculiarities of flightless birds and present them in your bird essay.
Many other issues can be highlighted in essays about birds. By the way, this topic can be covered in a wildlife essay.
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