How to write a persuasive speech Writing a persuasive speech can be an intimidating task. It is sad but true: your natural charisma is not enough to convince your audience. Careful planning of every word and every gesture of your persuasive speech is the key to your success.

How to write a persuasive speech? Know your goals

What is a persuasive speech? A persuasive speech is a public performance aimed at convincing the audience to share your views. Politicians deliver persuasive speeches to gain votes. Sales managers deliver persuasive speeches, desperately trying to convince people to buy their products. Students also deliver speeches, to train their skills. The main goals of your persuasive speech can be:

  • To persuade the audience that X is (not) right (e.g., second hand smoking is dangerous.)
  • To persuade the audience that X should be done (e.g., smoking at work should be banned.)
  • A call for action (e.g., say “no” to all forms of smoking.)

How to write a persuasive speech? Choose a topic

The choice of good persuasive speech topics is the cornerstone of all successful performances. These are the main criteria that you should use to make your choice:

  1. Choose a controversial topic. If everyone starts nodding at your words from the very beginning, there is no point in persuading them – they already agree.
  2. Make your life easier and take a position in which you strongly believe.
  3. Speak about issues of certain practical value.

How to write a persuasive speech? Conduct research

persuasive speech topicsWhen writing a persuasive speech, you should become an expert in the chosen field. These are the most important steps to take:

  • Conduct a literature review to know what scholars think.
  • Select the weightiest arguments.
  • Consider conflicting positions, mention and counteract arguments against your position./li>
  • Know your audience and choose suitable words and information for them.

How to write a persuasive speech? Solve 5 problems

After these preliminary preparations, you may start writing a persuasive speech and face several challenges. Here is how to address them, from the beginning to the end of your speech:

  1. Include an attention hook at the beginning of your persuasive speech – anecdotes, statistics, dialogues, relevant quotations – whatever works to make them truly listen to you.
  2. Explain why this topic is extremely important to your listeners.
  3. Make realistic promises at the beginning of your speech.
  4. Keep the promises you made.
  5. Briefly summarize what you said and offer a mnemonic for the main points.

So, these simple truths are enough to answer your question ‘how to write a winning persuasive speech’. Follow these principles and your excellent grades are in the bag.

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