The first year of college is exciting but challenging. It's a time of learning to be independent. It's also a time of recognizing how dependent you've been on Mom and Dad for basic support. There are important steps in being successful if you are to survive the first year and continue on toward earning your degree. At the top of the list is making sure that you go to class. College costs are expensive, and not attending class is a huge waste of money.

It's especially important to develop a relationship with your professors. It's easy to avoid going to a teacher's office for help, but the impression made by seeking help may be a determining factor in final grades. Pay attention to deadlines. Whether it's a term paper or spring registration, missing a deadline can seriously impact your continued success and attendance. Make sure that you budget your time as carefully as your finances. Get enough sleep to stay healthy, but be prepared for late night study sessions.


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Tips for First Year College Challenges [Infographic]

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