free ebooks So, we live in a post-textbook era. You may still be hunting for cheap textbook deals or joining textbook exchange communities. However, it's way easier to find what you need in one of the following free e-books libraries and search engines:

Free EBooks Libraries

  1. Textbook Revolution is a student-run site storing a variety of free study materials on different subjects.
  2. Affordable Learning Solutions enables free online access to e-textbooks. Importantly, on this site you can search by not only keywords, but also ISBN. Of course, sometimes you'll find just related materials, not the book you’re searched for, but it will make your life easier as well.
  3. EBooks Directory stores more than 6,000 titles of textbooks, documents and lecture notes. You can browse hundreds of different categories to find what you need.
  4. Many Books has indexed more than 29,000 of free e-textbooks.
  5. Open Library is a well-known part of the Internet Archive. We’re mentioning it here just in case you’re not using it yet.
  6. 100 Free Classic Books list compiled by the University of Adelaide in Australia can be priceless.
  7. Bookboon is now the fastest growing directory of free e-textbooks.
  8. Textbookgo is another valuable collection of free online textbooks.
  9. 200 Free Textbooks is a meta collection by Open Culture that can really come in handy.
  10. Open Textbook Library is a network of colleges and universities sharing some of their course materials for free.

Free EBooks Search Engines

If you can't find something, try the following search engines which search through a number of online libraries.

  1. Freebook-s is an engine that helps you find free resources on the web by scanning numerous libraries and directories.
  2. Sciyo is a hub for scholars who want to publish and share their works, connecting to peers. All the materials can be downloaded for free.
  3. Librarian Chick list of e-books resources looks substantial.
  4. Digital Book Index has more than 90, 000 free online texts. Isn’t it what you wanted?

Free E-Books for Pleasure

If you're a real book worm, you’ll probably like the following collections of free books:

  1. Loyal Books will help you find both classical and modern books.
  2. Project Gutenberg is a popular resource with a lot of books to all tastes.
  3. Rare Book Room is the place to go if you want some quality read.

Free Audio E-Books

If you prefer audio books, the following links are for you:

  1. Lit2Go is a wonderful collection of free audio e-books you can download and listen on the go.
  2. LibriVox offers a wide range of free public audiobooks.
  3. Learn out loud offers a collection of free audio and video study materials. Here you can also find plenty of free audio books to listen to before bedtime.

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