Textbook ExchangeWhen you're in college, the biggest risks to your budget come from where you least expect them. From your textbooks. New shiny books with crispy pages can cost you a fortune (sometimes up to several hundred bucks).

To save your wallet, you may buy used books, search for discounts or go even further, visiting textbook exchange communities.

Bookmark the Sites of Textbook Exchange Communities

In most cases, you can find a local book exchange group on your campus. It can be a pool of opportunities for you. Older students who have taken the same courses might have exactly what you need.

If you occasionally don’t find what you need on campus, you may try to trade your books here:

  1. Student2Student.com connects you with other students on your campus or across the country. You can meet in person with someone who wants the books you offer and avoid the shipping and credit card hassle.
  2. BookMooch.com uses a system of points. When you send your books to someone, you earn points. When someone sends books to you, you spend your points. It means that the actual price of the book doesn’t matter as you earn one point for any book.
  3. PaperBackswap.com is a place to trade your old books and choose something you want from the list of more than 4 million available books.
  4. Tbexchange.com is the place to go whenever you want to buy or get rid of books. You can even send your no value books, and the company will donate them to a charity organization, called Books to Children of the World.
  5. Bookstoop.com is a textbook exchange platform that was launched in 2014. It's a promising network, created by two college students for college students.

A Few Striking Facts about Textbook Market

Here are a few shocking facts about the textbook market as a final argument for textbook exchange:

  • Over the past 20 years, the textbook prices have more than tripled (it’s more than four times the inflation rate).
  • An average student spends $700- $1400 per year on textbooks.
  • New editions of textbooks taking place ever year make students’ old textbooks almost no value.

Become textbook-smart, trade the textbooks you need at the prices you want.

Have you ever used any of the discussed or other groups to exchange your textbooks?

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