speak like an AmericanWanna speak like an American?
We’ll tell you how to get there.
Here are 4 simple steps for either a perfect start or a brilliant continuation of your war on language barriers.

4 Exercises to Speak Like an American

Accent reduction (I’m pretty sure that you’re doing well at this) is all great. Yet, you may want to try out these 4 fun language learning strategies too:

  1. Break the silence. The 3 most common mistakes made by Chinese (and other international) students are the following:
    • avoiding talking to American students, by all means;
    • making friends only among students coming from your native country;
    • never taking part in class discussions.

  2. Staying in your comfort zone, where everyone is like you, can seem cool. There’s bad news, though. Nobody has ever improved language skills in this way (at least, there are no official records of such cases until now). To learn how to speak like an American, you need hours and days of speaking practice.

  3. Learn slang. Learning all the words from a dictionary and all grammar rules from a textbook is good. However, outdated phrases and constructions can be useless for daily talks. Learn some slang instead.
  4. Watch American shows and sitcoms. In this way, you will kill 3 birds with one stone. First, you will hear and learn many real life words. Second, you will get plenty of wonderful topics for future conversations with your American friends. And, third, you will entertain yourself. Shows and sitcoms may seem a bit odd or stupid at first. Try not to give up too early. Hold on and you won’t even notice how you’ll start enjoying them.
  5. Use language learning websites. There are websites that were made especially for you. Everyone who hangs out there has something in common with you. They want to know how to speak like an American (other languages, however, are available too). This can be a wonderful opportunity to discuss any topics with native speakers.
    These are only a few online hubs to go to with this goal in mind:

So, isn’t it the perfect moment to have some English practice?

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