7 Fantastic Dorm Rooms Ideas for You to Get Inspired

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Your dorm room can be your sweet home, your fortress, where you perform your best essay writing and a perfect basis for your design experiments. The dorm room walls are patient; you can put anything on them. The only problem is that your roommate can put anything on them as well. Only imagine entering your room only to see that it looks like anything of the following:

1. Polaroid


If you're missing your dear and near badly, there’s a way to keep them close. You might simply decorate your dorm room walls with snapshots. Hundreds of snapshots. Note that you might feel uncomfortable drinking beer instead of doing homework when your Mom and Dad are staring at you.

2. Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach
What do you think of the sunsets on the beach? Everyone loves them. But only these guys love them strongly enough to bring all that sand to their college garage. We feel sorry for someone who will clean it out after graduation.

3. Barbie Room

Barbie Room
If you think there's hardly a dorm room anywhere in the world that is more ‘girlie’ than this one, take a closer look at those bags on the wall. Those bags are highly functional. While most dorm rooms are lacking space for storage, these purses might help solve the problem.

4. Poker Love

Poker Love
Here's what happens when something goes wrong with a poker fan. This dorm room is full of poker attributes – cards and chips. To this guy, probably, there’s no such thing as too much poker.

5. An Ancient Temple

An Ancient Temple
Back to the roots! A student from Chicago decided to turn her small college cell into an ancient temple. She spent her monthly budget on fake plants and vines and invested long hours of her life into handmade artifacts. But as you can see, it was 100% worth it.

6. Yellow Page Dorm Room

Yellow Page Dorm Room
Sure, the walls covered with yellow pages do not make your dorm room as comfy as you’d love it to be. However, it might be a good idea for a college dorm prank.

7. A Glowing Dorm Room

A Glowing Dorm Room
A multifunctional dorm room might satisfy diverse students’ needs. It can be a perfect study environment during the day when the lights are off, and a perfect disco room in the evening. The three guys living here even use invisible tape to write some words on the walls. The tape is glowing when the lights are on, and the words become visible only at night.

So, when it comes to your dorm room décor, only your imagination is the limit. Get inspired and make it your dorm, sweet dorm.