College Students Don't you think college shouldn’t be only about cramming, unhealthy eating and partying? Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin were of the same opinion. They never lost time and proved that dorm rooms can be perfect for successful startups.

Here are 5 more examples of businesses you probably didn’t know were started by college students:

5 More Businesses Started by Your Peers in College Dorm Rooms

A college diploma doesn’t guarantee you employment and a decent salary after graduation, but your own business does. Here are only a few ideas that were made true by college students:

  1. TIME Magazine was founded by Yale students, Henry Luce and Briton Hadden, when they were only 23.
  2. FedEx was an idea of a Yale student, Frederick Smith. He described his dream of an overnight delivery service in a term paper and received a ‘C’ for it. The tutor couldn't see much sense in the startup, which later grew into a business with $37 billion in revenue.
  3. Dell Inc. was founded by Michael Dell out of his dorm room. He started by selling IBM computers, but later on this company created its own computer called 'Turbo PC'.
  4. Wordpress, one of the most popular blogging platforms, was started by Matt Mullenweg, who then studied at the University of Houston.
  5. Alcohoot, the world’s first smartphone breath analyzer, was invented by Israeli student Ben Biron and Jonathan Ofir. This app is an attempt to tackle the problem of drunk driving. Using Alcohoot, anyone can test their blood alcohol level, make wise decisions, and call a taxi if necessary.

So, college students are filled with ideas and enthusiasm for their implementation.

Bet, you have some ideas for a good business, too. If it’s not a new Facebook or a new Google (which are the most predictable students’ ideas of startups, with only miserable chances for success), just go for it.

Good luck! We’ll be happy to add your name to this list some day.

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