Essay4Business Review: Database of 100% Free Essays on Business

Have you ever tried to describe what “Business” is in a couple of words? Any MBA student knows it’s a trick question. Business is an incredibly vast field of study. It might be helpful to get inspired by other people’s works before you start writing your own paper.

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In this article, we’ll review an Essay4Business essay database, discuss its pros and cons, and explain how to use the service.

🤝 Introduction

From banking to management and from logistics to accounting, business is a very complex and vast field of knowledge. It becomes a problem when you need to write research papers and essays. With such complexity, the constant search for writing ideas becomes essential.

An excellent way to find ideas is to look up other people’s works. But finding high-quality papers can be challenging. That’s where free essay sample websites come to the rescue. And is surely one of the best.

👔 What is Essay4Business?

So, Essay4Business is a huge online database where you can find papers on practically every business topic imaginable. All the samples are provided by real students and are free to use.

The picture shows the banner of

The list of topics you can find there grows with every passing day. It covers everything from trademark overviews and stock market predictions to edible shoes market analysis. Well, the last one is probably a stretch, but there are plenty of other, less bizarre market analyses for you to look at.

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Qualified professionals created this website to provide free samples to business students struggling with their assignments. Essay4Business strives to give you the inspiration you need to write a perfect essay. And it sure does well in achieving its goals.

Is Essay4Business Reliable?

Yes, it is reliable. The website’s team checks every paper thoroughly and makes sure you see only the highest quality, non-plagiarized work. Essay4Business relies on straight-A students to extend the database. That’s why the site’s topic coverage can meet almost every demand.

Is Essay4Business Legit?

Yes, it is reliable. The website’s team checks every paper thoroughly and makes sure you see only the highest quality, non-plagiarized work. Essay4Business relies on straight-A students to extend the database. That’s why the site’s topic coverage can meet almost every demand.

Is Essay4Business a Scam?

No, Essay4Business is not a scam. By using this website, you risk absolutely nothing. Besides, the essays here are really high-quality, which is not always true for most online databases. Essay4Business is a real deal, and we stand by it.

Is Essay4Business Safe?

It is absolutely safe. Any personal data you might share with the website (log files, cookies, etc.) is tightly secured on Essay4Business’ servers. You can be sure no data leaks will occur, and the information provided will not be used illegally.

🔍 How to Use Essay 4 Business

We have already established the purpose of the database. But here’s the question: how do you find samples that will be helpful for you? Well, here’s how you can do it:

  • Use the website’s simple but effective search engine.
  • Browse essays by categories.
The picture enumerates ways to find samples on

While searching, remember that the best example is not always the one with a topic identical to yours. Let’s see how it works.

Suppose you want to explore the world of the organic makeup industry. You can type in the search bar something like “The trends and the future of the organic makeup retail industry.” Spoiler: this string of words will find you nothing. But searching for separate keywords (“makeup,” “retail industry,” “trends”) or browsing through Industry category might get you to something closely related.

For example, there’s an essay called The US Cosmetic Retailing Industry Profile and Overview. At first glance, it’s not the same as your topic. But this paper is also about beauty retail with sections about its trends and future. So, you can have a quick read-through and grab some ideas about the structure and content of your paper.

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In most cases, you can find an essay with a topic similar to yours. Let’s imagine you need to write an overview of cosmetic retailing industry, and the sample above is just what you need. What do you do then? In this case, aside from new ideas, you will also have some research data and statistics to cite. Just don’t copy the whole work: it’s illegal, you know!

📥️ Customer Service

If you encounter any problems while using Essay 4 Business, you are free to contact customer service. What is it like? Let’s find out.

There are several main reasons for reaching out to customer service:

  • If you need to submit your work. In this case, the website provides you with a form to fill out. Any format is accepted, including txt., docx., and pdf. Keep in mind that you will need to share your name and e-mail address which won’t be displayed publicly. Once your paper is reviewed, it will appear in the database. Rest assured that its contents won’t be shared anywhere else, as the website will have exclusive distribution rights for your essay.
  • If you want your work taken down. In case your paper is already on the website, and you don’t want it to be there, you can ask to remove it by filling out a short form. The main thing is that you’ll have to provide evidence that you are the original writer. You can do it by providing as many details as possible. Since there is a possibility of false DMCA claims, such precision is understandable.
  • In case you want to suggest something to improve the website. The Essay4Business team has made constant development one of their main priorities. And the customer feedback allows them to do that. If you have any ideas that can help develop Essay4Business further, you are free to share them.

If you are eager to know more about the website and its workings, there’s a FAQ section with answers to most of your questions.

👍 Essay4Business: Pros and Cons

So far, Essay4Business looks excellent. It’s efficient and easy to use, and it provides free essays for students. What other perks does it have? Let’s have a look:

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  1. Massive help with research. You can gather huge amounts of new information from the samples. First and foremost, it’s a huge inspiration source. Anything from scientific facts to essay structure can give you fresh ideas for your writing. Besides, the essays can contain curious information you can use in your work—statistics, facts, research links, all the good stuff. Just make sure to cite the sample properly.
  2. Content diversity. The website strives to diversify the database as much as possible. That means you can find almost every conceivable sample format for your essay, be it an analysis of business aspects, reviews, management guides, and case studies. College, university, and high-school students will find valuable information in these examples.
The picture shows the categories of topics on
  1. Convenient sample storage. The essays on the site are sorted into categories such as accounting, banking, taxation, finance, business communication, and many more. The search can be done by topic or category that it falls into. You will also see info about the papers you find, including word count and a short snippet of the essay’s introduction.
  2. Easy citation tool. The citing rules are strict, but they’re easy to follow thanks to the “cite this paper” feature. At the end of each sample, you can find a reference in all major formats: APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard. Just copy and paste it, and you’re good to go!
  3. Regular updates. As time passes, the database becomes even more extensive. The website’s team makes sure to keep in touch with high-performing students willing to donate their papers. Thanks to that, numerous new essays are added to the list daily.
  4. Complete transparency. As we’ve already mentioned, Essay4Business is far from being a scam. The website is fully transparent about its workings and has nothing to hide.
  5. High quality of work. The essays are donated by the straight-A college or university students and checked upon receiving. Finding a paper containing grammatical or logical mistakes is practically impossible.
  6. Additional information about samples. The search results indicate every model essay’s word count and page number. This means you can locate a sample that suits your needs best. Are you looking for a 100-word essay example or a 10-page research paper? You will surely find them there.
  7. No trouble with cheating. Essay4Business has a strong stance on the subject of academic honesty. Copying or stealing work is unacceptable. Having so many essays to get inspiration from will definitely help you write your own plagiarism-free work.

But of course, nothing is perfect, and Essay4Business is no exception. It has a couple of flaws, and we’re going to have a look at them.

  • They don’t take any requests for essays. It means you can’t ask the website team to submit an essay on a specific topic that you need. However, with new samples being added daily, you may eventually find a paper related to your subject.
  • The website doesn’t offer anything aside from free samples. There is no study blog, and some students may not find it very informative. Still, the website’s team is working on additional education-related features that will see the light of day soon.

👋 Conclusion

Altogether, Essay4Business is an excellent resource for those who need inspiration and fresh ideas for a business paper. If you have experience using the website, make sure to share it in the comment section. Have a stroke of good luck with your studies!

This article was developed by the editorial team of, a professional writing service with 3-hour delivery.

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