The new coronavirus, or COVID-19, is one of the most pressing global issues in 2020. Thousands of people have been infected since the beginning of the outbreak. The new coronavirus poses a threat to humanity, as it is not yet clear how to treat it.

👐  Introduction

coronavirus poses a threat to humanity

Originally it comes from China, and it was first identified in late 2019. As of today, it has spread globally, resulting in a pandemic. The virus is new, so the information about its symptoms, risk factors, and prevention strategies is updated every day. It is essential that we know as much as possible about it. If you need to write a paper on coronavirus, take a look at the collection of topics prepared by experts!

🔬  Analytical Coronavirus Essay Topics

To write an analytical essay, you need to break an issue into parts and talk about each part in detail. It will be easier to write an analytical essay if you start by formulating a thesis statement – the main idea of your work. You will also need empirical evidence to support it.

how to write analytical essay

Here are some analytical coronavirus essay question ideas:

  1. Where does the coronavirus come from? You can study the latest discoveries concerning the origin of the virus and the source of the outbreak.
  2. What are the key coronavirus symptoms? While the disease can occur in a variety of ways, some common symptoms can help us identify it even in the early stages.
  3. Why is COVID-19 so difficult to detect in the early stages? Many infected people don’t realize they have the disease until it’s too late. You can write an essay about it and find out why it happens.
  4. Why is the coronavirus outbreak considered a pandemic? This topic includes the definition of a pandemic and reasons why the current epidemic fits the criteria.
  5. How did the coronavirus spread across the globe? Use maps to outline the scenario of the 2020 pandemic.
  6. Who are the primary victims of COVID-19? The virus doesn’t spread evenly among the population. See why some people are more susceptible to it than others.
  7. What are the most common health problems that can put people at higher risk during the pandemic? Medics say that for the infected people, the outcome largely depends on their overall health condition. You can write about diseases which may cause complications from COVID-19.
  8. One of the essential questions is How can we decrease the risk of spreading the novel coronavirus? It ranges from personal hygiene rules to nationwide lockdowns.
  9. Another closely related topic is Which means of protection from the virus are useful and which are useless? Everybody knows about handwashing techniques and social distancing. However, there remain many myths about means of protection from the infection, which can pose a threat to people’s safety.

useful and useless protection of coronavirus

  1. You can also study Face masks as a means of protection from transmitting coronavirus. There are still plenty of misconceptions concerning the effectiveness of face masks and their correct usage.
  2. Similarly, you can choose to study Truth and myths about COVID-19 transmission. This includes food, pets, and various surfaces such as money as possible means of transmitting the virus.
  3. What is self-isolation, and how can it help? Self-isolation is now being practiced all around the world all around the world, even by those who are not infected. Learn about its effectiveness as a means of slowing down the spread of the coronavirus.
  4. Another interesting question connected to epidemic theory is What is “herd immunity,” and can it help to stop the virus? It is a polarizing topic. You’ll need to study it thoroughly and present good evidence to support your ideas. Include the analysis of the meaning of the term “herd immunity.”
  5. You can discuss Coronavirus and animals in your essay. COVID-2019 belongs to a family of viruses that mostly affect animals. Learn about canine coronavirus (in dogs), feline coronavirus (in cats), equine coronavirus (in horses), and bat coronavirus (the most likely source of COVID-2019).
  6. What is coronavirus in dogs? That is an interesting essay question. Several dogs were tested positive for the new virus. See if there’s any evidence to the claim that dogs can spread the infection to humans.
  7. Coronavirus in babies reportedly occurs not as often as with adults. Also, when infected, very young children usually show mild symptoms. You can discuss all the available theories in your essay.
  8. What are the available treatments for the infected? Scientists all over the world are developing a coronavirus vaccine. Meanwhile, some methods already proved effective in the treatment of the infected. This includes ways of treating the early stages of the disease at home.
  9. Coronavirus in India. Find information about the possible reasons why India is currently testing below scale.
  10. How to diagnose and treat a person with COVID-19? Learn about the first symptoms, screenings, quarantine, and various treatments that have proven effective.
  11. How to interact with an infected individual? Discuss various means of protection, dos, and don’ts, as well as widespread misconceptions about the infected.
  12. You can choose a more philosophical question, for example, Does the new coronavirus divide or unite people all over the world? See if the popular belief that people unite under a common threat holds in the current situation.
  13. Donald Trump famously referred to the coronavirus as a “Chinese virus.” Many found this term controversial. You can choose Does the term “Chinese virus” describe COVID-19 accurately? as the subject of your essay.
  14. How to cope with stress during the pandemic? This topic includes loneliness, panic, and anxiety. See how people in different countries deal with these problems.
  15. A good topic for high school students is How to prevent a coronavirus outbreak in the future? Write about everything we’ve learned about the preventive measures during the 2020 pandemic, and how we can use this knowledge in the future.
  16. One of the most urgent coronavirus essay topics is Coronavirus is Africa.  Show how the countries with fragile health systems cope with the worsening pandemic, and what problems are currently faced by African communities.
  17. How can we increase people’s coronavirus awareness? Here you can talk about means of raising public awareness such as social media, posters, and infomercials.

📊  Compare & Contrast Coronavirus Essay Topics

Compare and contrast essay is a type of analytical essay in which you compare and contrast two or more things. You compare things to see similarities between them, and you find the differences via contrasting.

You can choose either of these two types of structure for your compare and contrast essay:

  • Topic-by-topic: discuss each subject in full, one after another.
  • Point-by-point: write about different points of comparison, and discuss each subject in relation to each point.

compare and contrast essay

Here are some compare and contrast coronavirus essay topic ideas:

  1. Compare and contrast the novel coronavirus with other coronaviruses. Essays on this topic must include the definition of the family Coronaviridae, an overview of the species affected by different viruses, and ways in which they spread.
  2. Compare the ways of protection from coronavirus according to their effectiveness. Here you can discuss everything from face masks and disinfectants to self-isolation and lockdowns.
  3. Compare and contrast the ways in which coronavirus affects younger and older people. It has been noted that young children tend to develop only mild symptoms, while older people are especially vulnerable to have complications from the coronavirus disease.
  4. Compare the different ways of transmitting the infection, including person-to-person, as well as via air and various surfaces.
  5. Compare the effectiveness of various disinfectants against coronavirus. This topic includes alcohol-based and bleach-based disinfectants. See if there’s any scientific evidence that proves their effectiveness.
  6. Compare the COVID-19 epidemic onsets in China and Italy. Write about the speed of the outbreak and measures taken against it in both countries.
  7. Make a comparison of how the pandemic is perceived in different countries. You can use this analysis to prove the importance of taking the threat seriously and initiating preventative measures as early as possible.
  8. Compare and contrast the policies against coronavirus employed by different countries, including mandatory quarantines, school closures, cancellation of mass gatherings, and lockdowns.
  9. Compare the rates of the virus’ spreading in different countries. Use timeline maps to illustrate your point.
  10. Compare the COVID-19 pandemic with other recent epidemics. Mention Spanish flu (1918), SARS (2002-2004), H1N1 (2009), and Ebola (2014-2016). Explain what these names stand for. Show how the experience of previous pandemics helped to prepare for the 2020 outbreak.
  11. Compare and contrast the symptoms of coronavirus-related with those of other types of pneumonia. Coronavirus infection is often confused with regular pneumonia. However, it has to be treated differently, as it is caused by a new virus. See how you can tell the two types of pneumonia apart.
  12. Compare and the symptoms of COVID-19 with those of seasonal influenza. Study the common symptoms of both diseases, such as headache, fever, and sore throat, and show how to tell them apart.
  13. Compare and contrast the mortality rate of the coronavirus infection and seasonal influenza. See why it is wrong to perceive the disease as just another type of flu.
  14. Compare and contrast the symptoms of coronavirus and allergy. Similarly, the coronavirus infection is often confused with allergy. Study what’s similar and what’s different about these two diagnoses.

Covid 19 or Allergy

  1. Compare the speed with which the virus was spreading before and after the global prevention measures were taken. Use timeline maps and show how global prevention measures such as lockdowns helped to slow the outbreak.
  2. Compare the sources of coronavirus outbreaks in different countries to show how the virus spreads globally. For example, the infection was brought to Italy via tourists traveling from China, and in Germany, 16 people were infected a nightclub.
  3. Compare the information about coronavirus available at the early stages of the 2020 outbreak and today. This way, you can show how far we’ve gotten in our understanding of the virus’s nature.
  4. Make a comparison of the preventive measures on different stages of the epidemic. See what measures were taken at the beginning of the outbreak, and how the situation was changing throughout the pandemic.
  5. Compare and contrast the way coronavirus spreads in big cities and smaller communities. Use maps to show geographical distribution of COVID-19 infection and see if there’s a difference in how the virus spreads in densely populated regions as opposed to less populated areas.
  6. How does the virus affect people with pre-existing health problems compared to relatively healthy people? Study the statistical information and write about the difference in the occurrence of complications in infected people with and without underlying health problems.
  7. Compare the rates of the virus spreading in different climate zones. See if there’s any difference in ways in which the virus spreads in different climate zones. Find out if there’s scientific evidence that supports the correlation.
  8. Compare and contrast the preventive measures taken in Italy before and after the rise of death rates. See what changed in coronavirus policy in Italy, and study the effectiveness of the actions taken.
  9. Compare the levels of contagiousness of COVID-19 and common viruses. Use statistics to show how contagious the coronavirus is, and compare it to flu, measles, and other viruses.
  10. Compare Barack Obama’s handling of Ebola to Donald Trump’s coronavirus policies. Talk about the effectiveness of the measures, as well as the public’s reaction to them.
  11. Compare and contrast the 2008 financial crisis and the crisis of 2020. Use the information on the current state of the global economy, as well as the predictions on the future financial crisis.

↔️  Cause & Effect Coronavirus Essay Topics

Cause and effect essay is a type of assignment in which you study the reasons why something happened, as well as the consequences of the event.

cause and effect essay

You can simply discuss only causes or only effects if you want to write your essay in a shorter format. If you choose to analyze both causes and effects, use either of these strategies:

  • Write about all of the causes, and then about all of the effects.
  • Each cause that you write about is immediately followed by an effect.

Here are some cause and effect coronavirus essay ideas:

  1. The Corona Virus – Affects and Effects is a topic that encompasses all information about how the pandemic affects society.
  2. A highly mythologized question is the following one: What makes COVID-19 spread so fast? People often underestimate the contagiousness of the virus. See what factors cause the rapid spread of the infection.
  3. What caused the rapid spread of the virus across Italy? Italy is currently the most affected region in the world, with an alarmingly high death rate. Learn about the reasons behind this rapid outbreak.
  4. What are the disadvantages of distance learning during the outbreak? Currently, all university and school students are taking classes in virtual form. Discuss how it can affect academic performance.
  5. An urgent topic is the Effects of coronavirus denial in Brazil. See how the government’s lack of action put Brazil in great danger.
  6. Effects of COVID-19 pandemic on the sports and entertainment industry is an interesting topic for middle school students. Discover how Hollywood, media, and sports industry are dealing with the current crisis.
  7. Similarly, you can write about the Effects of coronavirus pandemic on traveling. With canceled flights, lockdowns, and mass panic, the travel industry right now is facing a major crisis. See how it will affect the global economy.
  8. Another closely connected topic is the Effects of panic-buying on supermarkets. Supermarkets all around the world are facing the danger of shortages due to large-scale panic-buying.
  9. The effects of the coronavirus pandemic on mental health is a very important topic.  Your essay can include information on mass panic, anxiety-related behaviors, and the consequences of prolonged isolation.
  10. You can choose to write about Coronavirus’ impact on the global economy. It’s a broad topic that includes long-term consequences and possible global economic crisis.
  11. Causes of conspiracy theories surrounding coronavirus – study the political reasons behind false rumors about COVID-19.
  12. Impacts of coronavirus on China’s economy. Here you can discuss how the pandemic affected the previously stable economic growth of China.
  13. Impacts of Coronavirus on the transportation sector across the USA is a topic closely connected to the travel industry crisis. See how Donald Trump’s travel ban affected transportation workers in the USA.
  14. The role of social media in spreading awareness of COVID-19 as well as false news, is an interesting topic that covers positive and negative ways in which social media influences coronavirus pandemic.
  15. You can choose the topic of How coronavirus affected the daily lives of people in Europe. Discuss social distancing, work-from-home, panic-buying, and more.
  16. Effects of coronavirus on the human body appear when the virus enters the body through the nose, mouth, or eyes. Learn about severe acute respiratory syndrome caused by COVID-19 and describe its mechanism.

Coronavirus the effects on human body

  1. Effects of coronavirus pandemic on the military include limitations of military operations, restricted access to military bases, cancellation of drills, and many more.
  2. Coronavirus and global recession – see how the pandemic influences the stock market all around the world and show why it can cause a global recession.
  3. Effects of COVID-19 pandemic on small businesses is a very important topic. Learn why small businesses in Europe and the USA are on the verge of closing and how we can make this situation better.
  4. Another urgent topic is Coronavirus and prisons. Find information on how the pandemic affects prison systems as the first cases of COVID-19 among inmates are reported.
  5. Effects of coronavirus on Italy’s health system – see how the pandemic affected one of the best health systems in Europe. Mention the overcrowding crisis.
  6. In an essay on The role of tourism in coronavirus spread, you can write about how tourism influenced the transmission of COVID-19 infection during the early stages of the pandemic.
  7. Effects of weather conditions and change of seasons on coronavirus outbreak.  Some scientists believe that warm weather will kill the virus. See if there’s enough evidence to support this claim.
  8. In an essay on the Effect of coronavirus pandemic on scientific research, you can write about important trials and studies that were placed on hold, as well as those initiated due to the outbreak.
  9. In an essay on Effects of coronavirus pandemic on public transport in Europe, you can discuss critical issues for train, bus, and taxi services in Europe during the epidemic.

❓  Coronavirus: Essay Questions

  1. How long will the COVID-19 pandemic last?
  2. Is it possible to eliminate the novel coronavirus forever?
  3. How do coronavirus myths affect people’s perception of the epidemic?
  4. Can the novel coronavirus be transmitted from animals to people?
  5. Which countries are most likely to decline in economic growth due to coronavirus pandemic?
  6. What are the ways of boosting one’s immunity during a pandemic?
  7. Why is isolation considered the best way to minimize the spread of the pandemic?
  8. What lessons can be learned from China’s successful containment of COVID-19 infection?
  9. How can AI help in detecting coronavirus infection?
  10. What factors can affect the accuracy of coronavirus pandemic statistics?

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