Fighting a Cold-Hearted Education System…

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Do you agree that “having an education” and “having knowledge” have different meanings today?

Being a student myself, I was trying hard to get my degree and I clearly remember how stressful University period was for me.

I had to spend time on a plethora of things that I would never ever need in my life again. I was simply wasting time and standing still in one place instead of moving forward. I had no time to learn things and gain skills that were really important for me. I wasn’t given an opportunity to do things that would open my potential – one of the most important goals that students have to achieve.

One of the reasons why I had to study hard was that I didn’t want to disappoint my parents who were laid high hopes on me (by the way, you can find here a professional academic help, and you won’t struggle with your studies like I did).

And even when I found a job and had to combine studies and work, I was still doing my best to get high grades.

Lack of sleep, constant stress, and absolutely no time for social or private life – this price I paid to get my hard won degree.

Student calculating blackboard

Math students and their essays…

And how do you find Math, IT and Design students writing essays?

Here is what I think about it…

  • These writing assignments turn out to be ineffective and distract attention from things that matter the most…
  • In fact, they end up to be a total waste of time…
  • And the truth is: no one needs these papers – nor exact sciences students, neither their professors.

Incredible as it may seem:

The final grading at the end of a semester partly depends on these papers evaluation.

It’s sad, but this is an integral part of “acquiring the education” but not “acquiring knowledge”.

The system is pressing students

So, I’m wondering now, whether I needed to write all those essays, research papers, term papers, etc. on subjects that I never needed anymore?

The answer is: I had no other choice.

I had to do what all the other students have been doing for hundreds of years before.

At that time, I was too little and lonely to fight against this giant insensitive system called “education”.

And this system keeps on bringing forth the mentors…

I don’t think it’s fair at all.

By the way, a spot-on idea was expressed by Elon Musk, a famous Canadian-American entrepreneur, engineer, inventor, and investor. He started his own school for his 5 children, and that’s what he thinks about conventional education:

  1. Education should be student-centric. It should match students’ aptitudes and abilities, as they are all different.
  2. Students should focus on solving problems, not learning subjects.
  3. Learning should be fun.

And in this interview, Elon expresses his opinion about education in general.

Good food for thought, isn’t it?

Students working assignment table

And this is how our writing service was born…

The idea of creating a writing service has started maturing since my University ordeals started.

After I graduated, I knew I wanted to help students to pass over this ineffective and unwise system.

My idea was to save their valuable time that they could spend on things contributing their personal growth and future career. The only way it could be done is through prioritizing their assignments and let professional writers help with the tasks that take students’ time.

The idea was born, so the first brick was laid.

In 2006, I found several other people who shared my views and ideas, and after initial arrangements, we started building our team.

Frankly speaking, it was not that easy to find qualified writers who met all our requirements, and who were able to tackle even the most complicated tasks. Moreover, even up till now, our team members go through constant skills improvement training in order to meet your high standards imposed by Colleges and Universities.

According to our requirements, every writer we hire is at least:

  • Highly qualified in a certain field of study (Math, Design, Literature, Law, Economics, etc.)
  • Is exceptionally skillful in researching and writing
  • Professional
  • Responsible
  • Punctual
  • Friendly

We’re proud of people we are working with now, whatever department they are from. They are doing their work thoroughly and with full dedication.

Here are some simple rules that we follow when doing our job:

  • Our top priority is the quality of papers we deliver to you
  • We strictly follow your instructions
  • Our goals are professional integrity and perfection
  • Our efficiency is driven by excellent organization and order

Portrait female architect writing book

Do you see no sense in endless writing? We’re here for you 24/7!

I do understand you more than anyone does since I’ve been in your shoes. At that time, I was overwhelmed and extremely tired from:

  • Doing meaningless things just to get my degree and to comfort my parents,
  • Writing the assignments that were a total waste of time,
  • Juggling my University life and job,
  • Fighting our unfair educational system.

If only I used model papers for some of my assignments, it could have saved me plenty of time!

But at least I can help you with that now.

Our writing service can provide you with model papers on any subject and of any complexity level. Think about what you really NEED, and let us take care of the rest!