ESL Student Café: Stories on Immigration for Students

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immigration for studentsYou probably won’t deny that lots of international students dream of settling in their countries of study after graduation. One of the main problems with doing so is the lack of information on available opportunities. This is why we share here our knowledge on the easiest ways to gain permanent residency after getting a degree abroad.
Here are 2 real stories on immigration for students from those who started as international students, just like you:

Discovering the Gateways to Immigration for Students

Anderson from Brazil: “I came for college in 1998, graduated in 2002, and ended up staying here for good. In my case, I obtained an Optional Practical Training Visa, which allowed me to work for a year before returning to my country. My employers were so pleased with my work that they asked me to stay longer, and I applied for a 3 years Work Visa. I used that time to apply for the green card. My story takes a few extra turns, but I would say the Optional Practical Training path is the easiest way to start the immigration process.”
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Chinese Students, Join Class Discussion in Just 3 Steps!

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class discussionSo, we continue our series for Chinese students on US campus.
And speaking about culture shock, we can’t but mention class discussion.
Class discussion can be a nightmare. Or, it can be your unique opportunity to talk with your teacher and fellow students in class and even get a grade for it.
Use this 3 step action plan and start enjoying these talks.

Step 1: Understand What Class Discussion Is All About

Only listening to your teachers and repeating what they say isn’t enough for getting good grades in USA. Just remember that in America you should do as Americans do – air your views during class discussions.
Class discussion is all about sharing your opinions of the subject matter and any related ideas that come to you.
Relax and take it easy – nobody expects expert opinions from you. Poke your nose out of your comfort zone and comment on something like:
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