Top 5 Free ESL Software Tools to Get You Through College

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ESL softwareIf you are an ESL student, the struggle for perfect style and grammar when you have a written assignment to do can be even harder than learning the subject. But innovative technologies come to the rescue! To ease your burden, here are the top 5 free ESL software tools that can help you improve your English and your papers in almost no time.

ESL Software Tools for Enriching Your Vocabulary

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Chinese Students on US Campus: The Art of Crossing Cultures

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Chinese studentsSo, are you on an US campus now? If you are a Chinese student, your culture shock is guaranteed. To understand others, you will need to master not only the English language, but also the art of crossing cultures.
From the bottom of my heart, I wish you to adapt to your new reality as soon as possible. That’s why I prepared the following orientation tips which are meant to help you.

Culture Shock – Welcome to the USA!

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