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Preposition Sentence Examples, Tips and Explanations

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preposition sentence examplesWhat if all prepositions miraculously vanished from the English language? Oh, that would be a complete disaster! These small parts of speech are not as shy as they might seem. You might pay little or no attention to prepositions when they are at their right places, but you will definitely miss prepositions when they are absent. These preposition sentence examples will help you understand the value of every single preposition.

What is a preposition and a prepositional phrase?

A preposition is a part of speech, which shows the relations between other parts of a sentence. For example, in the sentence “The book was read by David”, the preposition “by” indicates the doer of the action.
A prepositional phrase is a phrase consisting of a preposition and a noun or pronoun. For example, “behind the curtain”, “around the world”, “through the wood” are excellent examples of prepositional phrases.

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