Dorm Roommate Contract: To Share or Not to Share Things?

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living in a dormitoryConflicts are almost inevitable between college roommates. Along with the many other hardships of living in the dorm, your co-existence with a roommate can become a real torture unless both of you strictly follow certain rules. A detailed roommate contract is an effective solution for establishing these rules, minimizing your stress and trouble.
Don't feel embarrassed to discuss the diverse aspects of your dormitory life with your new roommate- and do it as early as possible, as the earlier you do it, the better it is. Don’t wait until the ambiance in your room becomes unbearable because somebody uses your favorite mug or does not like to wash the dishes!
Be prepared to approach the issues like a diplomat would do and write down the results of your negotiations as a contract, signing up 2 copies of it (seriously, this is not a joke!) This “document” could protect you from unpleasant, but otherwise too common scandals: “I told you that!” – “No, you did not tell me!” The question of sharing or not sharing certain things, as well as the terms of their use should be the number 1 issue in the contract, so that you have a comfortable life in a dormitory.
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Beyond No.2 Pencils: The Real Back To School Essentials

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Fall is in the air, leaves are falling to the ground, and we’re all dusting off our old hoodies from (insert favorite college here) and getting ready for the back to school season!

Many schools are already back in session, but some students still have a little bit of time to prepare for the oncoming slaught of pop quizzes, essays, and “hey, do you have a no.2 pencil?” But even if you’re already in the thick of it, there’s still time to prepare for what will turn out to be a great year.

Whether you are sporting the crimson tide or are a Buff through and through (go CU!), there are several back to school essentials you can’t miss. And no, I’m not talking about your trustworthy student planner and graphing calculators – you’ve already got those essentials stuffed into your backpack. Instead, this article is going to help you with those dorm room necessities that are so often overlooked on the syllabi.

And if you think for one second that you’ll get some reassurances that your poster of John Belushi sporting the infamous COLLEGE sweater in Animal House is both unique and an artistic expression of your true self…then maybe this article is for you because, son, that poster is a frat faux pas.
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ESL Student Café: Accent Reduction in 10 Minutes Per Day

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accent reductionUnluckily, even after you study in a foreign country for some time, your accent won’t miraculously vanish. Like thousands of ESL students, you can be embarrassed by your pronunciation and thus afraid of speaking in class. To overcome this problem and find your public voice in English, you can try out the following time-proven techniques for reducing your accent.

3 Simple Tips You Could Start Using Right Now

Include accent reduction into your daily to-do list and allot at least 10 minutes a day to this activity. But use also every opportunity to reduce your accent, by following these 3 tips that you can start using right now:

  • Open your mouth wider. Yes, you’ve got it right, even if it feels and looks a bit strange at first, open your mouth wider. It will make your sounds more distinct and your pronunciation “more English-like”.
  • Speak slowly and make more pauses between sentences and words. This will give your listeners more time to understand you.

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