Sample Literature Review: Amazing Example and Useful Tips

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Sample Literature Review “No, thanks. I must work on my literature review.” Does this sound familiar to you? If your literature reviews have become your excuse for not going to parties, you definitely need help. Sample literature reviews can save you! Check this amazing example of a literature review and some wonderful tips for writing it rather quickly and with ease.

Sample literature review

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College Application Essay Example to Secure Your Admission

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College Application Essay Example When starting to write your college admission papers, you should bear in mind one simple truth: you deserve this place in college. Don't doubt this for a single moment while you write, or your doubts will show in what you write. Instead, be full of confidence, so that the admission committee does not hesitate for a single moment either.

How to successfully communicate this confidence through your admission paper and secure your admission to the college of your dreams? Check these fascinating college application essay examples and helpful tips to learn the answers.

A good college application essay example: topic and tone

In general, a good college application paper example says to the committee: “Hello! It is me you’re looking for.” Unfortunately, saying this directly is impossible and applicants need to look for indirect ways to convey this idea. Here are some standard topic suggestions for a common application essay: Continue reading >

Easy Recipe for Writing a Brilliant Life Experience Essay

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Life Experience Essay A life experience essay combines the elements of narration, description, and self-reflection. Such a paper has to focus on a single event that had a significant impact on the worldview and values of a person. Writing a life experience essay prompts students to critically evaluate their behavior in specific situations. Students may struggle with such papers because they don’t know how to structure them. So, here are valuable tips for writing life experience essays. Hopefully, they will help you write a better essay.

Writing Life Experience Essay: Main Steps

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How to Write a Persuasive Speech: Shortest Way to Success

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How to write a persuasive speech Writing a persuasive speech can be an intimidating task. It is sad but true: your natural charisma is not enough to convince your audience. Careful planning of every word and every gesture of your persuasive speech is the key to your success.

How to write a persuasive speech? Know your goals

What is a persuasive speech? A persuasive speech is a public performance aimed at convincing the audience to share your views. Politicians deliver persuasive speeches to gain votes. Sales managers deliver persuasive speeches, desperately trying to convince people to buy their products. Students also deliver speeches, to train their skills. The main goals of your persuasive speech can be:

  • To persuade the audience that X is (not) right (e.g., second hand smoking is dangerous.)
  • To persuade the audience that X should be done (e.g., smoking at work should be banned.)
  • A call for action (e.g., say “no” to all forms of smoking.)

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