Natural Disasters Essays: Nature Puts Us in our Place

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natural disaster essaysOn April 13, 2010, the volcano called Eyjafjallajokull erupted in Iceland. Although it was not the biggest and the most dangerous volcano in the history of humanity, it still caused many troubles. Events like this prove once again that nature is so powerful, is much more powerful than a man, and can “erase” humankind easily.
We suppose this recent event will be a brilliant topic idea for your natural disasters essay. There is no need to waste time trying to come up with topics or find free essays on natural disasters. Eyjafjallajokull is a perfect topic for an exclusive natural disaster essay.
What specific points may you cover in essays on natural disasters? We advise you to touch upon not only some “physical” aspects of volcanoes, but also write natural disaster essays from historical and even a bit philosophical perspectives.
Anyway, here are more pointers for writing natural disasters essays.

  1. Start the natural disasters essay with general facts about volcanoes. Provide specific details about Eyjafjallajokull: its location, how exactly it erupted, etc.
  2. Tell about various effects of its eruption in your essay on natural disasters. By the way, this volcano did not cause any deaths. Only 800 people who were living nearby were evacuated. However, you should discuss volcano's impact on air transportation. The ash cloud that emerged because of eruption made it impossible for planes to fly.
  3. In the natural disasters essay, you may compare Eyjafjallajokull with other volcanoes, their effects, damages caused, etc. Look back at history and tell about the Mount St. Helens eruption or the catastrophe of Krakatoa.
  4. At the end of your essay on natural disasters, you may talk about important things that such events as volcanoes help us realize. First, in situations like that, it becomes obvious how globalized and interrelated our world is. Second, it is a chance for us to stop and think whether we are not going too far in our “relations” with nature.

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Easy Guide on How to Write an Impressive “Who Are You” Essays

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If you have to prepare a “Who Are You” essay, we advise you not to take this task as just another written assignment. Actually, it is an opportunity for you to look deeper into yourself, to sort something out about your own life. You can even transform the main question a little and write a “Who Am I” essay.

Anyway, the gist of your paper does not change. You have to explain who you are. But this may turn out to be a bit more complicated than you expect. For instance, what ideas for your “Who Are You” essay do you have at this moment?

Hope you realize that something like “I am John Smith, live in Kentucky, go to high school” is not what a teacher expects to see in your “Who Are You” essay. Besides, let us warn you that the “Who Are You” essay type is frequently used during the college application process. Certainly, a mere retelling of your biography is not what can impress the admission officers.

By the way, here is one more question for you. Do you actually have to impress somebody with the “Who Are You” essay or simply be honest and explain who you really are?

We advise you to choose the second way of writing your “Who Are You” essay. At least, try to be honest with yourself. Answers to the following questions may help you in preparing “Who Are You” essays.
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Essays on Environment vs. Development: 3 Useful Tips

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Environment versus development – what an interesting present days' dilemma! On the one hand, environmental problems are increasing year after year. We have more polluted areas on our planet, more polluted rivers, less trees that produce oxygen.

On the other hand, can we stop development and progress in various fields? Definitely no! Then, is there some solution to the dilemma called environment vs. development? You will have to explain this in your essay on environment versus development.

By the way, taking a neutral position, considering the arguments of both sides, and suggesting your solutions to the problem is one of the ways to prepare essays on environment vs. development. If you do not feel strongly about the topic or have not decided on your position, this will be the right option for you.

However, since you are dealing with a kind of controversial issue, it seems to be logical to write a persuasive or an argumentative essay on environment vs. development, introduce a certain position on the problem, collect evidences, and support it.

Let us present you tips for writing effective essays on environment vs. development.

Tip 1
Start with collecting information about environmental issues and opinions of environmentalists. What, from their point of view, are the biggest threats to environment these days? What are their suggestions as to the solutions to environmental problems? Make necessary notes to use in your essay on environment vs. development.

Tip 2
Then, investigate what the opposing side says. What are their arguments in favor of further progress? What do they say about preserving our planet and environment? What solutions do they have?
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