Essays on Plants: If You Are not that Good at Biology

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Do you remember the main rule of writing successful essays? Choose a topic that you feel passionate about – this is what the rule says.
Now, let us analyze your situation. You are asked to write a Biology essay on plants. However, you are neither interested in plants nor you are good at Biology.
Perhaps, right now you think that the situation is hopeless, and you will have to discuss in your plants essay all those roots, leaves, photosynthesis, cells that you know nothing about.
Do not hurry to panic and freak out because of your essay on plants. Are you interested in Economics or Geography a little? These subjects can easily be mixed with Biology, and you will prepare an outstanding essay on plants.
How come? Well, what if you write about the most economically beneficial plants and various places they grow in? It will be a good plants essay completed from a point that interests you. This is what we call unusual approaches to completing essays! Each time when you are stuck, try to think of some non-typical ways to prepare your assignment.
Anyway, it is better to concentrate on your essay on plants and start collecting necessary info. First, think about plants that you believe are economically important, make a list. Here are several examples for you:

  • algae;
  • apple;
  • banana;
  • cacao;
  • coffee;
  • coconut;
  • mango;
  • marijuana;
  • onion, and so on.

Then, start gathering information for your essay on plants. This information can be split into biological and economical. Continue reading >

Essays on Romanticism: Wandering above the Sea of Fog

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romanticism essaysIf you are assigned to prepare a college essay on romanticism and you have not the slightest notion of what to write about, there is something common between you and a romantic hero. They face challenges, which are beyond their strength. They struggle in ignorance and are always alone, and there is no one to help them…
The only difference is that you are not alone. We are here to help you prepare your romanticism essay. So, maybe you are not that romantic after all, eh?
Romanticism essay ideas
First of all, romanticism is a very broad topic. So, you have to narrow it. A perfect essay on romanticism can be devoted to a great variety of issues: it can be poetry, music, visual arts, and even the philosophy of romanticism.
But these ideas are very broad as well. After all, you are going to write a highly original paper. So, you need a specific idea to stand out among your classmates.
For example, romantic heroes are usually men. But what can you say about romantic heroines? This will definitely be an exclusive topic to cover in romanticism essays!
Or, what about the peculiarities of romanticism in the USA? We all know about European culture, but what features did romanticism gain upon its journey across the Atlantics?
Romanticism essay tips
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