Religious Essays: We Can Help You with Ideas

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Do you believe in God? It is a good question to discuss with a priest for a couple of hours and try to find the answer. However, it is not the right idea for religious papers, since you will not have so much time and space.
Sure, there is a great variety of religious issues to talk about in religious essays. More likely than not, it is the main reason why you are stuck right now. If you decide to keep on searching for religious essay topics after you finish reading this article, let us give you one advice.
Avoid such general topics as Christianity or Islam. Otherwise, you will end up with a dissertation, not a religious essay. However, we presume that several pointers from us (our professional writers) will help you narrow the focus and prepare a perfect religious essay.
Ancient religions
What do you know about Aztec's or Mayan religions? Are you interested in learning more about these civilizations? You may think that these topics are also too general. Well, focus on the main gods and rituals of one of the civilizations when writing your religious essay.
Do you know atheists? What do they believe in? If you manage to interview some of them, you significantly increase your chances of getting an A+ on your religious essay.
Anyway, you will have to explain one of the main misunderstandings about atheism. Some people think that atheists deny God, which is in fact not really so. Atheists simply lack belief, and you have to provide other explanations in your religious essay.
Revealing some religious secrets
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“Proud to Be an American” Essays: Are You a Patriot?

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“Proud to Be an American” essay

“What is America to me?
A name, a map, the flag I see,
a certain word, "Democracy."
What is America to me?”

The House I Live In

So, what is America for you? Are you happy to live in this country? Are you proud to be a citizen of the United States?
“Yes, I do, I love my country” is, most probably, your answer to these questions. However, it is not enough for a brilliant “Proud to Be an American” essay.
By the way, we know that many students do love their country, but actually, they cannot provide reasonable explanations for that. Are you one of them? Then, making your “Proud to Be an American” essay might turn into a challenging undertaking.
Our writers who also love America are glad to help with your “Proud to Be an American” essay and share some effective writing tips.
So, your major task of writing the “Proud to Be an American” essay boils down to giving reasons for your pride. What you can do is make a list of all aspects about the United States that you love and are proud of. It can be something like that:

  • Freedom;
  • Religious and cultural diversity;
  • Education;
  • Healthcare, etc.

In other words, in your “Proud to Be an American” essay, mention some really winning aspects about your country that no other country in the world has. Do not forget that you need enough supporting arguments for any assertion made in your “Proud to Be an American” essay. Statements like “We have the best education system” will not work.
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How to Write Nationalism Essay: Some Useful Tips

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nationalism essayNationalism is a subject of numerous discussions and various scientific analyses. No wonder, that students often receive an assignment to write a nationalism essay.

At first it may seem like an undoable task to complete. However, if you carefully follow the instructions given in this article, you will manage to complete this task successfully.

Defining nationalism

Nationalism means that the citizens of a certain state should express loyalty to their country and nation. Nationalism is basically a combination of the nation’s culture, traditions religion, language, and even territory. So, nationalism essay should describe broad nature of this term, reflecting the role of nation in the development of the state.

Introduction of a nationalism essay

Your introduction should emphasize the importance of discussion of nationalism as one of the phenomena of the twenty first century. It would be a good idea to show the distinction, or even constant confrontation between state and nation. Thesis idea should be connected somehow with these two subjects, and relationship between them.

Body of a nationalism essay

Good nationalism essay should be developed on the basis of the strong arguments. Historical sources can be of great help to you, because nationalism is tightly tied with the history of humanity. As an example –German and Italian societies are greatly influenced by the phenomena of nationalism, which gave impulse to the start of Revolutions in both countries.

Another interesting idea for your nationalism essay is to compare globalization with nationalism, the proportionate balance between these two terms. So, referring to the history or international issues is almost required while writing a nationalism essay.

Conclusion of a nationalism essay
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The Importance of Research Grants

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research grantsWhen students start the writing process, some of them cannot even imagine that they get an opportunity to be awarded some research grants for their work.
So, our main purpose in this article is to remind you about possible research grants and their influence on your work.
When you start developing your research, you should, first of all, write a research proposal, with the help of which you may get an approval for continuation of your research and getting the necessary research grants.
Example: you have a lot of interesting ideas that need to be implemented, and the level of your background knowledge allows you to make a research, the only thing is left - the necessary financial help for your project.
Try to find all possible ways in order to get permission for getting research grants: write interesting research proposals, prove the committee the worthiness of your research; take part in special university activities and show your abilities for developing your project – all that is very important, if you want to get some research grants.
You should not omit an opportunity to get a research grant for your work. In such case you have driving stimulus for making your project better.
Research grants are very important for those students, who cannot make all necessary investigations financially independently. They need to visit different libraries, laboratories, conferences – all of these costs money. You should think about it, and use any chances to get research grants. Any research grant will never be useless!
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Writing a Will

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writing a willLife is beautiful but not everlasting. Death is inevitable and may come any time. However, what we can do is to think of our family members and beloved ones before this happens and write a will. A will is a legal document that determines what happens to a person’s property after his/her death.
Everyone, regardless of age, needs to write a will. By writing a will you protect your assets and minimize the chances of contest over your estate.
Who can write a will? A person who is legally competent of, at least, 18 years old can write a will. He/she must have a sound mind, be in good health and free of emotional stress. A person who is writing a will is called a testator.
You can choose whether to write a will by yourself in the presence of an adult witness or use the services of an attorney. But the self-written wills can cause problems and property can be litigated. So, it is better to hire an attorney and write a draft of your will of how your possessions will be distributed after death.
A witness is required to sign a copy of the will, but he/she cannot be a legatee of the will. After the will is written it is to be kept in a safe place that is accessible to others after the death only. If a lawyer prepares the will, he/she should know where the original copy can be found.
There are different types of the will:

  1. A living will is a document which lets you decide whether to agree or disagree to be kept on the artificial life support. Through writing this kind of will a person can appoint someone to make health care decisions on your behalf in case of serious accident.
  2. The money and belongings can be distributed not only among relatives but it can also go to a friend or be donated to charity.
  3. It may define the wishes of a testator concerning who will take tutorship over his/her minor children.
  4. It can be a trust that is created when a trust maker transfers part of his/her assets to another person or trustee, which controls the assets.

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3 Important Aspects to Focus in Essays on Human Trafficking

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essay on human trafficking“People for sale”, by the way, is a kind of hint for you on how to create a title for your essay on human trafficking. You are going to talk about a very serious problem. So, an attention-grabbing title for your human trafficking essay is absolutely necessary.

According to the recent reports of the Council of Europe, human trafficking has reached its epidemic proportions. Billions of people are being trafficked for different reasons, mostly for sexual exploitation, forced labor, and even some forms of slavery. Women and children are the main victims of human trafficking, which makes the problem really acute.

What are some particular aspects of the problem that you may focus on in your essay on human trafficking? If you have not decided yet, we are glad to provide you with tips.

Essays on human trafficking: aspect #1

It seems to be logical to start your human trafficking essay with the causes of the problem: unemployment, social discrimination, political instability, armed conflicts, etc.

Essays on human trafficking: aspect # 2

Tell about the main regions in the world and particular countries that are considered the main trafficking sources: Asia (Thailand, Philippines), Africa (Togo, Benin), and Europe (Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, and some others).

Essays on human trafficking: aspect # 3

Sexual exploitation is one of the major reasons for human trafficking, and too much attention is paid to it. Meanwhile, there are some other forms of human trafficking like agricultural or domestic trafficking. These are also serious problems. Thus, give more details about them in your essay on human trafficking.
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Essays on Buddhism: Is It Your Dukkha?

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essay on BuddhismSo, did the assignment to write an essay on Buddhism turn into dukkha for you? Oh, you cannot answer the question because do not know what dukkha means! Well, then it is pretty clear why the essay on Buddhism causes you some troubles. You do not even know the meaning of some major Buddhist terms.
Therefore, we recommend you start learning the meanings of these terms. Believe us, writing papers on Buddhism without your understanding of some basic aspects is impossible.This is a short list of terms that you should know to create a good essay on Buddhism:

  • Dukkha – very often, it is translated as “suffering”, but it is not the full meaning of this term. Actually, it means an unsatisfactory, unpleasant nature of any phenomenon;
  • Kamma – action;
  • Dhamma – the everlasting truth;
  • Mahayana - “Greater Vehicle”;

What else should you know to prepare an outstanding essay on Buddhism? Well, here is one more list of some important things to check before getting down to work on your essay on Buddhism.

  • Basic concepts like The Four Nobel Truths and The Eightfold Path;
  • Five main precepts;
  • Scriptures: Theravada, Mahayana, Vajrayana.

Finally, after you learn some major aspects of Buddhism, you need to decide on the main idea of your essay on Buddhism. Let us give you some hints.
For instance, in your essay on Buddhism, you may explain what makes this religion different from others. Or, tell about the impact of Buddhism on Asian countries.
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