A Comprehensive Guide to Writing Rhetorical Essays

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rhetorical essayBefore writing this article, we conducted a survey. Frankly, we expected better results, but it turned out that a great number of students know almost nothing about rhetorical essays.
We presume you are among those students if you are looking for answers in this article. Well, you will definitely get them!
We have to tell you straight away that a rhetorical essay is quite an ambiguous task. The point is that we know at least two ways of completing and interpreting rhetorical essays. Thus, let us discuss both of them.
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Helpful Ideas on How to Write a Documented Essay

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Are you still trying to figure out what a documented essay is?

The answer is closer than you think. Do you know that research papers and term papers are also called documented essays?

So, congratulations! Here's your answer: your teacher simply wants you to prepare a term paper or a research paper!

Of course, this work is going to be a bit more complicated than the essays you have written before. Read on to find out more about the main difference between documented essays and typical essays.

One of the most important differences: assertions made in your previous essays were mostly based on your observations, ideas, and beliefs.

All assertions that you have to make in your documented essay should be supported with evidence from different kinds of sources. Now, let us give you more details about writing a documented essay.
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How to Cope with Theological Essays

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theological essay

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.”
(Luke 19:10)

Even if you are rather a religious person, writing a theological essay might be challenging. Your awareness of Ten Commandments will not be enough to create a striking theological essay. What you need to have is a really good understanding of various religious terms and concepts.
So, if you do not feel confident about your knowledge, better get equipped with Old and New Testaments, look through your class notes, and even talk to a priest.
Now, it is high time to pass to the central idea of your theological essay. Is it another challenge you cannot solve ? Then let us try to cope with it together.
Here is a short list of topics to disclose in theological essays.
Atonement: its meaning and related theories
If you choose this topic for your theological essay, you will have to view it from at least some basic theories:

  • the governmental theory
  • the Ransom theory
  • the satisfaction theory

Besides, you need to give some explanations on the concept of sin and its nature.
Your theological essay devoted to this topic may start with explanations of propitiation given in Old and New Testaments. Then, you should explain what divine wrath and forgiveness mean.
To create a captivating theological essay on this topic, you can look up the explanations of reconciliation in the Greek New Testament. There are two major points that you should focus on:

  1. need for reconciliation
  2. means for reconciliation

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Things You Need to Know about Grade 12 Essays

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grade 12 essayIf you have never done grade 12 essays before, this task might seem really challenging to you right now. Still, we have to say that it is just your imagination that makes you think so.
Grade 12 essays are very similar to those you have completed before. Maybe, grade 12 essays are a bit longer and require more efforts and knowledge of yours. However, we know for sure that grade 12 essays are something you can cope with.
Here are a couple of general facts about grade 12 essays that will help you get rid of your fears and worries.
Grade 12 essays: fact #1
You will have to write an essay on one of those subjects you have studied: History, English, Literature, etc. So, if you attended classes and were attentive enough, you will not face too many problems.
Grade 12 essays: fact #2
To write your grade 12 essay, you will have to use one of those essay types. Please, do not tell you have no clue what essay types mean! Better recollect all the rules of argumentative, persuasive, expository, etc. essay writing. Here you can find tips for writing cause and effect essays and expository essays.
So, there seems to be nothing new about grade 12 essays. Besides, your teacher will definitely provide you with detailed instructions.
What can we add to the above-mentioned facts? Probably, you want to know some typical characteristics of a good 12-grade essay. Here is a short list for you:

  • Your 12 grade essay should be properly organized, have a strong thesis statement, and transitions between paragraphs.
  • Assertions that you make should be well grounded and supported with evidences.
  • You need to choose proper words and vary sentences in your 12 grade essay.
  • Finally, make sure your 12 grade essay is grammatically correct.

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