Essays on America – Writing about Your Country

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essay on AmericaNo matter whether you are a native American or moved here, this is the country you are living in, and will probably live in for the rest of your life.
Do you like living in America? Are you proud to be a citizen of this country?
Yes, for millions of people, America is the best place to live in, to bring up children. It is one of the most developed and powerful countries in the world.
So, your essay on America can be devoted to all positive aspects of living in this country. Look through free essays about America. A lot of students write something like “Why I am proud to be American” papers. So, you can come across interesting ideas that can be touched upon in your American essay.
If you want the essay on America to stand out, you will need some sophisticated ideas. Such idea for your America essay we suggest below.
Central idea of your essay on America: the most dangerous enemies of the United States.
The purpose of writing such essay on America:

  • to define things that threaten the country;
  • to identify some problems of American society;
  • to suggest the ways of struggling with threats and methods of solving problems.

What will a teacher expect from your essay on America?
You have to demonstrate such significant skills of yours as analytical thinking, ability to come up with decisions and draw conclusions.
More ideas for your essay on America
So, if you want to cover this topic in your paper, we suggest you consider the following issues:

  • China - a rapidly developing country and growing economy;
  • Islamofascism – a newly emerged phenomenon;
  • Inner paranoia – an idea within the country that it has enemies, no potential allies, etc.

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High-Powered Ideas for Essays on Japan

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essay on Japan

  • Did you know that Japan means “sun origin”?
  • Did you know that Japan has the second largest economy?
  • Did you know that Japan has the fifth largest defense budget?
  • Did you know....?

We can ask you many other questions about this amazing country. Hundreds of fascinating issues can be highlighted in your essay on Japan. This is why you are stuck with your paper.
So, we would like to offer you some really exciting ideas you can develop in your Japan essay.
Japanese technologies
This is the first idea for Japan essays. Japanese have incredible technological advances. Recently, they have invented a kind of MP3 player that reacts to the mood or some movements of its owner and changes music automatically.
Can you explain why this particular country is so technologically developed? Introduce your opinion in the essay on Japan.
Anime and Manga
What do you know about these pure Japanese phenomena? Do you like anime or manga? Find out more about their creation. Describe their typical features in the essay on Japan.
This phenomenon is also considered pure Japanese, although it existed in some other countries as well. These suicide attacks became widespread during the World War II. Tell more about kamikaze in your essay on Japan.
Sumo is Japan's national sport, which is very popular in the country. It is considered a modern sport. However, the history of sumo is rather ancient. So, give details in your essay on Japan.
These are just a few ideas you can present in essays on Japan. Still, even these issues allow you to create an informative and a captivating Japan essay.
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How to Write a Reflexive Essay – Effective Guidelines

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how to write a reflexive essayYou have heard about reflective essays. However, reflexive essays you face for the first time. By the way, if you have experience in completing reflective essays, preparing a reflexive essay will not be a problem for you. These assignments are very similar.

Anyway, you want to know how to write a reflexive essay. And we are ready to provide basic guidelines. Yet, before that, look in the mirror for a while.

What do you see? Certainly, you see yourself. Is there something you can see behind this image? Can you describe your feelings? Answer these questions before you get down to completing your reflexive essay. It will inspire you a bit.

Guidelines for writing reflexive essays

  1. Why did we ask you to think about your reflection in the mirror? What you see in the mirror will actually be the main idea of your reflexive essay. Particularly, you will have to focus on yourself, your experiences, etc. Let us give you an example of a reflexive essay topic: You have recently completed research and need to tell about this experience.
  2. Do not confuse reflexive essays with informative essays. Reflexive essays should not contain too many details about what you did. You do not need to tell how something happened or why it happened. Reflexive essays are about evaluation. You need to assess your knowledge and experience.
  3. Whether you like it or not, but you will have to stick to all writing instructions specified by your tutor when completing this reflexive essay.
  4. Do not forget to edit and proofread your reflexive essay once it is written. This will help you eliminate minor mistakes that can spoil your hard work.

Besides, read our tips for writing objective essays.

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How to Write a Successful One Page Essay: Quick and Easy Guide

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one page essayYes, you have to get ready for completing one of the shortest assignments! However, it does not mean that it is going to be the easiest paper ever. Writing one page essays has its own peculiarities that you need to know. So, let us talk about them.

What are one page essays all about?

A one page essay can be either another task of your teacher or an admission essay. In both cases, you have to keep in mind one major rule. You cannot exceed the limit of one page.

What challenges will you face when preparing one page essays?

This page limit will be your biggest trouble. Just think about it! You will not have an opportunity to present all the details about your topic. You will not have a chance to introduce all your ideas on the issue under discussion.

What you need to do when completing a one page essay is concentrate and pick the most significant points that reflect your position.

What are the common topics for 1 page essays?

Usually, students have to answer a question in their 1 page essay. This question can be devoted to the issues discussed in class or something else. Here are several examples of questions for a 1 page essay:

  • What is your favorite word and why?
  • Should wearing a school uniform be obligatory?
  • What were the reasons for Mussolini’s rise of power?

See, you may be asked to answer absolutely different questions in your 1 page essay.
How long is a one page essay?

Yeah, you know that your paper should be one page long but have no idea how many words it should actually have. Well, if you type and double-space your one page essay, it will have something like 250 words. If your paper is single spaced, you will have approximately 500 words.
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